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  1. I really don't know how you can overcome the language issues, it's going to be very difficult. Here's another one: Your keywords are: aethiopicus, african, ancient, animal, bird, birdwatching, black, branch, carrier, carrying, construction, egyptians, flying, god, good, head, house, ibis, in, industrious, luck, mouth, natural, nature, nest, sky, symbol, symbolism, thoth, threskiornis, venerated, white, wildlife I see where you're coming from with some of these keywords, but not others. The Egyptian god Thoth is indeed sometimes shown with an Ibis head, but the bird isn't a god, nor is
  2. Goose / geese is wrong: it's a duck. Shouldn't have family; I wouldn't call that a portrait. It hasn't ever been recorded wild in the UK, so I wouldn't put UK, but if you photographed it wild in Europe, that's fair enough. (There may be an argument that if you saw it in a collection in the UK, you should keyword it UK, but I wouldn't do that. I sympathise with the horrors of having to keyword in a language other than your own. I couldn't do it with my rusty schoolgirl French. If I were keywording that file, I'd put "Ruddy Shelduck", Shelduck, Tadorna ferruginea, Shelduck, duck, bird, "
  3. Depending on your country, whatever you spend on a program or subscription could well be a valid expense against tax.
  4. Agree to invest into cameras and lenses. For software I disagree and find that open source software is competitve at least if not better than software you actually pay for. (take Libre Office for instance - I personally do not know any better) My daughter, who does a lot of editing went from Gimp to Photoshop two years ago and now is back at using Gimp. Also a matter of preference, I believe - switching from one system to another is not effortless once you got used to one. I started now my first steps with Darktable, a free raw editing software and find it very pleasing and intuiti
  5. When i submitted images, i checked "editorial" under "restriction" tab. If you clicked 'editorial' in the restriction tab, that indicates that the file is restricted from editorial use.
  6. I was many months and around 900 files before I had my first sale. Back then, it was almost worth the wait!
  7. I left the UKNS for a while, which raised my rpd, but sales/total income went right down. They have us by the short and curlies. That won't affect contributors outside the UK anything like as much, obviously. I think your $ averages are similar to mine too ($20.47 gross for 2016). I can see that leaving the UK newspaper scheme will have an effect on sales for me also, but hopefully I shall feel better for it. .............. By the way, just had a look thru some of your pics...... I'd add the keyword 'dray' to image C89236, as it's a dray lorry/truck. Wow, thanks. I have n
  8. OK, here it is - the gross average rpd since I joined Alamy (it would take a lot of work to calculate the net): 2009: $49 2010: $136.83 2011: $61.12 2012: $52.17 2013: $42.63 2014: $39.66 2015: $33.18 2016: $22.55 I left the UKNS for a while, which raised my rpd, but sales/total income went right down. They have us by the short and curlies. That won't affect contributors outside the UK anything like as much, obviously.
  9. Whaaaa...? 1/3rd 2015 $$, 2016 1/3rd over, half 2015 #s = DOUBLE DOLLARS PER IMAGE RATE MATE, in 2016 vs. 2015...????? Did you confuse me or did I confuse you??? :wacko: Nope; at this point I have half of my total sales number that I had in 2015. However, my $$ is only 1/3 of last year's. Therefore my return per sale is down. Soon I may do an average annual rpd investigation. I don't think it will be pleasant.
  10. 10 sales, $97.47 net. So far I have about 1/3 of last year's cash, so holding steady, but 50% of last year's sales, so dollars per sale well down again. Zooms best of year; 20+ infringements reported in early Jan still to be processed.
  11. Really? I can 't see that on mine (not counting where I've set restrictions myself)
  12. After several months of increasing sales, if not rpd, in March I had a very disappointing month: 4 sales totalling $36.80 net. The least of these, $1.28, wasn't even via the UKNS. Country: Germany Usage: Editorial Media: Editorial website Industry sector: Media, design & publishing Image Size: Any size Start: 09 March 2016 End: 09 March 2021
  13. Good luck with that. I'm waiting for over 20 infringements to be resolved from the Usual Suspect in these non-reporting cases. The last time I reported them, it was for a file which had been used over two years previously, and not reported/paid for. I did get a payment, but it was for much less than it would have been at the time it was used. I questioned this and was told it's "Alamy Policy". I can't understand that policy at all. They don't pay, hoping they won't be caught, and if they do, they'll pay less than they would have paid for it had they reported it at the time they used it. N
  14. Of course, it's the way it ought to be*, but far too often, it's not how it is. I've seen lots of searches where spammed or wrongly keyworded images are above many properly keyworded images. Same as with searches for Joe Bloggs often having photos of Joe Smith and Jane Bloggs above actual Joe Bloggs (type examples, not a literal search), or photos correctly captioned "crowd waiting to see Joe Bloggs" (without JB actually in the photo) above photos of Joe Bloggs. It's the way the system works. *and even if it did work that way, it would take months or years for the images to rise to the
  15. That and deliberate spam. I recently found a contributor who on all their photos had multiple species and multiple locations for animals seen on safari. I can assure you that that annoys potential buyers no end, and makes them not take an agency seriously.
  16. My desktop has been at the repairers for a week. Huge change in the way Google reverse image search works since then. thisismoney: http://www.thisismoney.co.uk/money/news/article-3460035/Brexit-debate-puts-pound-pressure-FTSE-100-bosses-campaign.html I am a total failure: can't find this under Ann Summers shop or even Ann Summers. There are loads more on thisismoney, as usual, but I'm having no luck with any of them, and GIS is just ridiculous at the moment.
  17. Just a thought… Could images be well positioned and make sales here on Alamy if they are already available at much lower prices elsewhere? Presumably yes, if the buyer doesn't want to take out a subscription elsewhere. Mind you, some 'subscription' sales (UKNS) sales here are very low, and RM files are reused by at least one UKNS buyer many more times than are reported, and we need to check these up ourselves.
  18. Thanks, all. It's doing a Karma Chameleon act, but your experience is giving me heart!
  19. Thanks, Michael. I did a few refreshes before posting, without success. I refreshed both pages again just now, and it's back on the Balance of Payments page, but not the Summary of Items Sold page. I'll assume that it's OK, however. Thanks again.
  20. Earlier today a sale dropped in. I have a screenshot of it on my Summary of Items Sold page. Now the sale isn't being shown in either my Balance of Payments or my Summary of Items sold, whereas it was on both earlier. Note, there is no note that the file was refunded, it has just disappeared wthout trace. I've had refunds before , but I've never 'caught' a disappearance. Is this common? TIA
  21. thisismoney http://www.thisismoney.co.uk/money/news/article-3449022/Inflation-edges-0-3-January-low-living-costs-boost-disposable-income.html D77AX9 RGB ventures (hundreds of in-uses of this RM file) AM1G4F Roger Bamber (hundreds of in-uses of this RM file) http://www.thisismoney.co.uk/money/markets/article-3448413/Britain-better-outside-EU-hedge-fund-backs-Brexit-claiming-UK-flourishing-Brussels-unwelcome-political-ambitions.html CRTY4B Zoonar GmbH (RF) http://www.thisismoney.co.uk/news/article-3448636/Why-buying-bigger-home-better-pension-Osborne-goes-ahead-tax
  22. Thanks losdemas and SShep. 'eyeglasses' but not spectacles - I suppose that must be an American term? I tried glasses, and checked jacket, but always had young woman, and 'young' isn't in the keywords (though 'years' is).
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