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  1. 5 sales for $47.42 net. Zooms and CTR well down on last four months.
  2. I think you should force them to give you an explanation. It's unlikely to be an explanation you or the rest of us would find acceptable, but at least force them to explain. There can surely be no good reason for a refund after four years.
  3. And unbelievably, after three years, the OP didn't bother to change the totally irrelevant captions!
  4. No surge here. An above-average June for me, but only two smallish sales this month, and my CTR has dipped considerably.
  5. I am, i.e. my Alamy images are exclusive to Alamy, but I'm not a good performer. But I'm not in Live News.
  6. 11 sales for $91 net. Best month for a while. 🙂 Year so far: 36% of total 2019 sales; 34% of gross income.
  7. It's impossible to advise. Everyone's port is different so everyone's experience is different. All my pics on Alamy are RM and exclusive (though some are only de facto exclusive as they are pictures of artworks). I also have a port on one of the micros, about 10% smaller than my Alamy port, but every month except one I have earned more there and my overall earnings there are considerably more than my earnings via Alamy. I will say that I don't do Live News on Alamy, and that probably makes a big difference. Both agencies are falling in sales and especially in rpd, and what will happen rou
  8. Our First Minister suggested donating to an anti-racism charity as a possible alternative to attending a protest.
  9. I'm going nuts (again!). I know there was a sticky about the importance of accuracy when labelling files as exclusive, which I wanted to link to for someone - but I've lost it. I think I've checked each forum twice, and I'm sure it was at the top. Can someone please save my sanity and point me to it? Thanks.
  10. No, we dont' know at all, but it would be logical and fair. Alamy's standard justification for the delay in payment doesn't apply to payments upfront.
  11. If Alamy earned me the same as my microstock agency, I'd be delighted! Still, as image packs are paid for 'up front', we will presumably get getting paid as soon as an image is downloaded by image pack buyers.
  12. 6 sales, <£30 net. Best value sales (it's all relative) were one each for PU and presentation. CTR and zooms relatively good, but relatively my CTR has been good since November, and it doesn't seem to have made any improvement to my earnings.
  13. Back to this: I see reports of this sort: Country: Worldwide Region: UK Country: e.g. France, US, whatever Region UK Region UK, Country: Italy, whatever And actually very few Country: UK, Region: UK, Is it the region or the country which is where the book/magazine was published? Maybe the Region, as how can a book be published 'worldwide' unless it has such a huge print run it's being printed in two or more countries?
  14. Audience at Glasgow's West End Festival in Kelvingrove Park The Lions of Punjab, a Bhangra dancing troupe, perform an energetic routine to an appreciative audience in Birmingham's Bullring Shopping Centre. Antemoro farmers with their bullocks at the Wednesday Zebu cattle market in Ambalavao, Haute Matsiatra; the largest cattle market in Madagascar.
  15. Meanwhile, Boris has tested positive. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-52060791 Oops, Ed beat me.
  16. Not true.That may be the case in England, I couldn't possibly comment; but here in Scotland it's far clearer: "if staff cannot work from home, employers should ask themselves whether their business is "essential" to the fight against coronavirus." https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-52017771 Iain appears to be trolling, and I've just bounced into the thread to correct a half-truth and am leaving again.
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