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  1. Sorry to hear that. 😞 (My brain does things like that all the time.)
  2. Well done, Betty! I got 7 sales for $31.89 net. Even my gross was considerably lower than the last few months. CTR was really good at the beginning of the month, but an almost total lack of interest in the past week brought my month's average to 'normal for me'. Still waiting for a notification of a sale from an unreported sale published in TLS in September, notified to CS on 11th June, reminded on 20th July. How hard can it be to chase this up? They're supposed to have an 'account handler'. What is PA doing for its 20% steal/clawback?
  3. Ooops, sorry, wasn't thinking about Live News. Thanks for the correction.
  4. Did you get $$$ for a newspaper sale (as you mentioned in the OP)? I doubt if that would be any well-known UK newspaper like the Times, which has the usual heavy discounts.
  5. I'm guessing you're not a native English speaker (however, your English is better than my Spanish, though I've been trying to learn for a few years now). I looked at your photo #RE0WYM. You have a typo (I'm the Typo Queen) which should read 'aquatic bird', also the species is currently known in English as Western Swamphen, though you could keep the older name Purple Gallinule (formerly regarded as wide-ranging, it has been split into six species, the Western keeping Porphyrio porphyrio. I only discovered that last week while watching a live video about southern Spanish birds). You co
  6. It's automatic when you have fulfilled all the criteria, including all the optional information. But note the other thread where Alamy says discoverability doesn't affect ranking. The sooner they get rid of the orange/green bar, the better, after all if you typed the, quick, brown, fox, jumps, over, the, lazy, dog, and, Cwm, fjord, bank, glyphs, vext, quiz, hubble, bubble, toil, trouble you could turn most keywords sets to green, but it wouldn't help buyers (Unless it was an image created to illustrate all of that) and could affect your ranking by getting a lot of irrelevant images s
  7. It's correctly keyworded as Red-headed Bullfinch, but the mistake is in the caption.
  8. Maybe they just wanted the blog post to be "polpular". It seems particularly useless that they didn't post the photo the keywords refer to (I know it's been identified above, but really, a post which claims to demonstrate good keywording should at least show the image. (I thought dogs have 'hair' rather than 'fur'?) 'Bulldog' is an interesting one. Usually for wildlife, I'd put e.g. "Common Greenshank" and Greenshank, etc etc, so no doubt I'd have keyworded Bulldog as well as French Bulldog. I'm not sure what you meant by 'Bulldog' as a different breed: English/Br
  9. Maybe they've discovered that Alamy customers love wading through irrelevant images in their searches. Sarcasm apart, I hope they never factor discoverability into ranking. It also makes ranking uber important. As a good proportion of buyers only look at the first page, and a good proportion of files in many searches are irrelevant, a lot of relevant files are not being seen by many buyers. Shame on you, Alamy. (Again)
  10. Yes, I'd put property: yes, releases: no and also tick editorial only, to be doubly sure under the new contract.
  11. Yes, it will be over-written, and yours should have changed by now.
  12. And already you're falling prey to trying to 'push' your keywords to reach 'discoverability*', for example D374YF, a lovely photo of a Song Thrush, you have tangential keywords like Bird-watching, ornithology and zoology. Again, we have to ask (and I don't know for sure) if someone searching Bird-watching, ornithology or zoology expects to see a photo of a bird (wouldn't they just search 'bird' or the species name?). I'm not sure that a Song Thrush is really a 'hunter' though I suppose that's debatable. (would someone searching 'hunter' expect to see a photo of a Song Thrush?) You could,
  13. Don't worry about it. It's a very ill-thought-out Alamy 'thing' which only encourages spam by people putting in irrelevant keywords which can only pollute searches with irrelevant photos, thus annoying potential buyers. Even in Alamy's own 'good practice' keywording video, they have only put 14 keywords, so 'orange', and IMO one of them, 'island' isn't great for that image. Yes, apparently the photo was taken on 'Fraser Island', which is a keyword, but how likely is it that anyone looking for a generic photo of an island would be hoping to see that image? FF to 1:54
  14. Luss near Loch Lomond. Population: 450. People on any day when it's not raining: about a million! Riquewihr, Alsace, population 1140: Buhoma, Uganda, population 850:
  15. Still, we have to be super-impressed that she'd "sacrifice a lot of money" if she made these ten images non-exclusive! She could give underachievers like me tutorials to make up the difference. 😉
  16. You contradict yourself right there, 1. "G. do not licence a valuable image for pennies." 2. "I did have a problem with occasional low fee licences from G." It could well be that the sort of bulk buyers who have use for hundreds of images per month seldom have a need for very specific historical niche shots (but sometimes do), while niche publishers seldom need a large 'premium' deal. Both G. and Alamy will sell unique photos at the buyer's negotiated bulk discount rate.
  17. Not the contract, the manufacturers who are famously litigious. https://www.techdirt.com/articles/20160823/12030235318/little-tree-air-freshener-company-sues-non-profit-making-tree-shaped-ornaments.shtml
  18. I tend to agree. Though it must be very difficult to keyword in another language (I couldn't do it), it seems that most times someone's keywords are consistently wrong, it's because they're using some sort of auto keywording system. Too risky, IMO.
  19. I just clicked in to #2G4WFW5. It looked to me like a juvenile Black-Crowned Night Heron, and your caption is Garza bruja, which I looked up and found is indeed Black-crowned Night Heron. But in your keywords, you have written 'Green Heron', 'cormorant' and 'phalacrocorax', all of which are wrong. In our contract there's a clause saying we are responsible for the accuracy of the information we append to our files, so we need to be careful. Anyway, there's no point in attracting a buyer who wants a photo of a Cormorant, or a Green Heron, to a photo of a Black-Crowned Night Heron. En cambi
  20. That's old-school microstock, Betty. What's selling nowadays on micro is released images of multicultural groups of people doing 'real' things. (Note: I'm not saying it's easy [or even possible, for most people] to break even with these expensive shoots.)
  21. 49% sales volume of 2020; 68% of 2020's gross income.
  22. 10 licences for $161.32 gross, $81.18 net. Side note: wonder how much Alamy makes each month simply by rounding odd numbers on individual sales in their favour? Mony a mickle maks a muckle.
  23. They soon learn that there isn't the same volume of sales here, as evidenced by many posts on the forum. (OTOH, the glory days are well over on microstock for most people now.)
  24. You're fine for editorial if you mark them as advised above. It's seldom the owner* of the property who could give you a release, but the manufacturer. For example, even if I wholly-owned a Ferrari (for example), I couldn't give you permission to use it commercially, only Ferrari could do that. Ditto a Marks and Spencer sweater, or anything which could be recognised as being by a particular brand, manufacturer or designer - it's not just brand names or logos. *unless s/he made it themselves, to their own design.
  25. I may watch it, if I've got nothing more pressing to do at the time. It could have some ideas I hadn't considered before. But it should be entitled Alamy makes more money from your photos.
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