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  1. The really do that! That's quite impressive bent_bach.jpg
  2. > I don't know my reply to you looking like a posting posted by you. (or that just the way it is posted here on Alamy) If you start your answer underneath the quote-box, it will come out OK. > Samsug wb350f Yes that's unfortunate: this sort of cameras with tiny sensors is not accepted by Alamy. Some other stock agencies may have different criteria though. The exception on Alamy is the already mentioned archival route. > Wikipedia You could of course self-publish on a website or blog, but th
  3. Do they at all use humans to sort through all these thousand of photos they receive daily or some clever algorithm? It must be very dishearthening to get otherwise highly acclaimed photos rejected.
  4. I don't think resizing alone will do the trick and there are limit to how much you can upscale the photo before it becomes blurry. I am looking for the Goldielocks spot, where the upscale is just right, as many MB's as possible while not being too blurry. When that spot has been reached manipulate the 10 - 15 photos I have of the villa to their Sundays best and then see what Alamy says.
  5. My God 5000 to 6000 photos! I have read up on photography the last week or so and start realizing there a bit more to take quality photos than just push a button. A photographer is like an artist but painting with his camera. Lots of respect.
  6. Yes I have done keyword search on Alamy and other photo stock companies. There is perhaps 30 or more photos of Lawrence Durrell, where he lived around the world but non of the villa where he stayed in Alexandria and soaked up the atmosphere that eventually became his most famous work the Alexandria Quartet. Someone is writing a new biography of LD and would most likely want photos of where he stayed in Alexandria - at present my photos are the only ones (including the interior) known to exist.
  7. The villa in it self is architecturally quite interesting but what makes the photos of the villa of historic / literary importance is that Lawrence Durrell lived there while staying in Alexandria and started writing the Alexandria Quartet and where he met many of the characters ending up in the books. There were plans to turn Villa Ambron into a Lawrence Durrell museum but a housing developer bought it and bulldozed it a few month ago. There are many Lawrence Durrell photos of totally nondescript houses where he otherwise lived like in Corfu or Cyprus. There are no photos
  8. Hello Some years ago I took some photos of a villa of great historical value. The kind of photos many people would want to see well into the future. The villa has just been bulldozed. Unfortunately the setting of the camera was 1920 + 1080 not shot in raw but jpg. This means about 2.1 mp or A5 at 300 dpi. The photos would find use mostly in books and magazines. I am willing to get professional involved (photoshop) and spend a reasonable amount of money to get through Alamy quality control in the category which doesn't live up to Alamy's normal standard.
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