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    Hello All

    Hi John. Thank you for the welcome and the excellent info about tagging and labeling my images, i was at the time trying to find out what the petunia actually was, it was our lass that suggested it did look similar to a pansy, after all that's where i took the image from on our lass's mum's back garden "Very Vibrant Come Summer Time lol". A good friend of mine on Facebook though suggested to me that it was actually a petunia and he only knew this because he showed his mum and in return thanks to his mum said straight away its a Petunia, luckily my mates mum actually used to run a flower stall in our shopping mall in Mansfield. I have now labelled them correctly and appropriately and you have given me some real insight and thought into how i should be really labeling my images. Again Thank you for the constructive criticism as through this i will surely learn and make lesser mistakes and strive to get better. Cheers Mark.
  2. mark117h

    Hello All

    Hi Everyone. Cheers for the warm welcome, My initial 3 Submissions have actually passed so i am well happy with this and thank you to Alamy for passing them. Uploaded 3 more that got passed earlier too just getting used to the image manager and reading all the guides you can download, Again cheers to all and i wish all of you luck/success in your sales. Cheers Mark
  3. mark117h

    Hello All

    Greetings to you all from England
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