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    My Main Interests are Photography, Astronomy, Gaming, Tinkering, RTR, and especially walking my dog.


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About Me

I've been into Photography for as long as i can remember, since being younger that's for sure lol,

That being said i along like many other people around the world have been on and off through various reasons of life/family/problems Etc. Etc.
However it wasn't until i was older and better off that i could buy my own DSLR Camera which is a NIKON D5300,  I have used various point and shoot cameras but never really got the full enjoyment of using them and being able to go into full manual mode where i can change the settings to my liking or for what the scene will allow, hence the reason why i purchased my own DSLR which i am well and truly more than happy with.


I am also a keen and interested Astronomer and Astrophotography taker, although i am still getting used to all the ways that we can shoot Space/Planets/Galaxy's/Nebula/DSO's and there is a hell of a lot to learn, i feel i am getting there in my own time, after all there's no rush, if anything i have found that you actually have to be very patient when it comes to Astrophotography and getting "THAT" right shot/image.


As to my gaming, "WHY NOT", after a stressing day or shoot there's nothing better than letting off some steam now and again by having a blast on Fallout 3-4 or even a session on 7 Days To Die By The Fun Pimp's, a brilliant game in Early Access on the steam client and now i believe they have a separate team working on the Console versions of the game, check it out if you are into survival and or zombie slaying lol very good game and quite a blast having to build a base and defend it, although you can do whatever you want.

Although i must admit i have been playing a more to my liking kind of game In' Empyrion - Galactic Survival, an off the charts brilliant space and build survival space game which is totally awesome.


So in a Nutshell, this is me and who i am, i am a happy person who will help anyone when i can although i am NOT gullible "Learned Through Life Experiences" i can still have a laugh and know when i need to be serious.


So now you know about me and what i like to do i hope you like reading my little bit about me.

Peace & Cheers To You All & I Wish You All Success In Your Image/Photo Sales.

Mark Harrison.

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