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  1. 45 minutes ago, TABan said:

    I restrict personal use sales and in one case it resulted in an FAA sale. The customer contacted me asking about buying a print of one photo of Hellgate Canyon in Missoula, Montana. Turns out she’d just bought a house in the canyon. I uploaded to FAA, sent her the link and bingo. Made more than $20.

    Sorry, not sure what FAA sales are? Is this outside of Alamy?

  2. On 08/02/2019 at 12:08, losdemas said:


    Country: Germany ; Usage: Editorial ;  Media: Television (editorial) ;  Print run: up to 1 transmission ;  Placement: Use within body of show ;  Start: 01-January-2019 ; End: 01-January-2020 ; Additional Details: Bulk Discount, Flat Rate


    Anybody else had a recent German TV sale with similar terms?  Would be interesting to get an idea of what Bulk Discount means in terms of licence price agreed.






    I had exactly the same this month:

    Country: Germany
    Usage: Editorial
    Media: Television (editorial)
    Print run: up to 1 transmission
    Placement: Use within body of show
    Start: 01 January 2019
    End: 01 January 2020
    Bulk Discount, Flat Rate

    Mid $$

    A young female Pug dresses up as Santa Claus puts her paw up whilst playing in the snow, England, UK Stock Photo

  3. On 27/07/2018 at 09:08, AlbertSnapper said:

    I did a random image search about a month or so ago, and found the image being used in a newspaper website article, dated July 2015. It hadn't been reported as a sale before, so I contacted Alamy who have now invoiced their customer (the newspaper), so only now appears in my account.

    It often happens, publishers who self report have gaps in their reporting. So unless you find it yourself.....no sale.

    That's really annoying that we have to search for it ourselves to report unclaimed sales.

    What if you have thousands of images, how do you choose which ones to search for?!

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  4. 5 hours ago, AlbertSnapper said:

    Here's some rain......      The picture was used in 2015, by a UK newspaper.  Found during a random image search (and only now reported as a sale)....


    A rainy day in London, with the Houses of Parliament in the background. London, UK.

    What do you mean by 'found  during a random image search'? Do you mean to say it took about 3 years for it to report as a sale? Blimey.

  5. Yes, the dangers of photography! Yet, I'd love to be a sports photographer, it's one of my dream jobs. 


    I wouldn't know how to start though. With landscapes and some other types of photography anyone can go and take photos, whether you sell them it's another matter. 


    With professional sports, however, it's definitely not as easy to get into a position where you can even take the images. Which then makes it difficult for you to have a portfolio to show to prospective employers, etc... Catch-22

  6. I no longer seem to be able to insert the image from the URL, I only get an option to 'save a preview' when I try? Has anyone had the same issue? I have tried different browsers with no success. When I copy the URL it won't accept it.


    Anyway, it's my first sale of the year, second sale of this image and my only ever third sale!


    The image is KAKWJ7

    Country: Worldwide
    Usage: Single company - multiple use editorial onlyEditorial print + digital use.
    Industry sector: Media, design & publishing
    Start: 10 July 2018
    Duration: Unlimited

  7. 4 minutes ago, spacecadet said:

    So now we get red arrows for trying to be helpful? Come on, folks!

    Would someone else mind having a look at my recent images? Some of the skies on the AFV images look blown out but it could be me.

    That wasn't me. I don't use the arrows as I don't see the point in them.


    I had a look at your recent images as requested and cannot see any issues. I agree with NYCAT that, unless it's obviously under/over exposed, then it's more of a personal taste.


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  8. 6 hours ago, funkyworm said:

    Google the registrations and you will normally find enlightenment.


    Top . 479878 Piper L4H Grasshopper G-BEUI)
    second Piper Super Cub L-21B R151 Dutch airforce markings.

    Thanks, I did try but did not know what site to search them on. I tried a few with no results, but it does confirm that they're L-4 Grasshoppers , thanks :)

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