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  1. Good news that it is now working. I immediately updated my tags after the first advice. I’m now on the Costa Brava for a week. Bearing in mind previous comments I hope to find something a little more abstract than beaches and sunsets.
  2. Thanks to all your advice, I have spent the last week editing my descriptions. I have tested out my new wording. When I put "Mayan elder Mexico" my pic came up second on the page. However when I put "Sinclair C5" neither of my images were listed at all. Despite both having the phrases "sinclair" and "C5". Of the 2 pages shown as results half where of abandoned factories. Where am I going wrong?
  3. Aylish Im pretty new to selling photo's. I made the initial mistake of mislabelling and am in the process of correcting them all. One point you made is about marketing of your pics. What do you mean by that and how is it done? Steve
  4. I there were no people getting into stock photography, then there would be no stock photography business so you wouldn't be here either. Likewise if it was just junk. A good quality industry is what keeps you selling images.
  5. Thanks, I can cope with constructive criticism. I am going through my images and deleting words, but will take a while. Next job is to weed a few pictures out. I have booked on a LR course which will hopefully make a difference.
  6. Thanks for the advice. I am still uploading pics at a good rate. I am also being more careful with the wording. Unfortunately its going to take a while to go over them all to get the right words, the wife is helping to delete all the wrong descriptions. Im editing every day. So far my views have increased by 150% and I am also getting zooms now. Hopefully sales will start soon. Another question, as a hobby photographer (done the usual handful of weddings, does that make me a pro? Probably not). Im generally happy with my pics from a distance, but when I zoom in I can se
  7. National Trust Scotland let me take pictures in some properties but not others. National Trust England/Wales allow photo's. Does that mean they are copyright to me or NT?
  8. Thanks. I think it was batch processing as I have put so many pictures on in such a short space of time. I need to go through individually. Not sure I can think of 50 words for each picture though.
  9. Thanks for the feedback. HMS Belfast was taken middle of the night hence the noise, but I see your point. I have only ever taken photo's for myself and never had to think about what sells before so maybe it's time to re assess. I will go back and look at my descriptions. All advice is most welcome. Steve
  10. I have been reading this thread with interest as a newcomer. I am semi retired with a decent pension and part time job topping up my income. Photography has been a hobby for a good number of years. I have decided to put some images on here as my health is not good and I don't know how much longer I can keep working at the day job. Im slowly working through my back catalogue and have uploaded 1500-2000 pictures in the last couple of weeks since I joined, with a good number more to come. Everything is passing quality control. I have low expectations as Im my own worse critic. My pic
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