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  1. Hi

    I put two groups of photos up for live news yesterday carefully IPTC tagged with city (town), country etc. I did two groups because the location info and themes were different. Live news published them initually in the two groups then later merged them to one group. At the same time the tagging got altered so that the town names aren’t shown only the county. The single heading for the merged groups no longer makes sense because it says ‘xxx at Suffolk” rather than “xxx at Felixstowe, Suffolk”.


    Live news have emailed me in the past when I failed to include a town name, now they’ve removed the town name. Anyone understand what’s going on? Different Alamy people with different views about how live news photos should be presented?



  2. 2 hours ago, Southpole said:

    I have not failed QC for about 4 years until today with excessive similiars I only uploaded 3 images

    Similiar - 4 shots of a seagull on a post but each framed differently - post on left right or centre of shot, gull looking in different directions. Failed for excessive similiars which didnt seem right. “Sticker” also said “noise” which I could maybe just about see. Interesting to see these other comments though. Someone new/over zealous in the QC team?

  3. 20 hours ago, MircoV said:


    Also dont forget that you work is already spread to 80 other agencies through Alamy if you are opted in. So do indeed some good keywording and your images will appear on relevant searches in Alamy and on the distributors. 



    Hi Mirco - how can I see if I’ve opted in to multiple agencies? Does that happen by default or do I need to do something to my account? 

  4. Yesterday I submitted 18 photos to live news. Half went straight through the other half got put into QC in batches of 1. Today the half in QC all passed and went into my main portfolio, the others are still available on the news desk. Why did Alamy split the batch? I didn’t get an email explaining and the half that went into QC are all similiar/ relevant content so I don’t understand what happened. 


    Any suggestions?

  5. 24 minutes ago, TeeCee said:

    Just wondering, do images uploaded as stock have greater long term sales potential than those submitted as live news, which ultimately transfer into stock?

    In other words, as live news images are not subject to the strict quality control governing other images, are clients less likely to trust one?

    And if that were the case, is there any value in deleting live news images that haven't sold within three days (or choose a suitable period here), then resubmitting the same images later as stock?

    All thoughts gratefully received...



    Just jumping in to follow this thread. Noob trying to learn.

  6. On ‎29‎/‎08‎/‎2017 at 19:06, Steve Hyde said:

    I was following a thread in the another topic in the forum over the weekend. It was about getting out in the recent good weather, here in the UK, to take some stock photos. Long story short, someone mentioned it had started to rain on his 'good weather' shoot putting an end to that days fun. That was followed by a comment by someone else, that bad weather was no excuse to put the camera away. 


    I whole heartedly agree agree with that. I'm not to precious over my equipment and some of my favourite photos, in my small portfolio, have been taken in some awful weather conditions. Here's an example I took of a couple on a beach at. T4 event a few summers ago. It still makes me smile and was printed in The Sun newspaper. I wondered if anyone else felt the same, with some examples of course 😊








    That's a great image, very funny and somehow very British - the weather, the "we're going to sit on the beach regardless" attitude. :) 

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