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  1. Hi

    I sold a picture 12th Jan and haven’t been paid yet. I understand buyers can change their mind but there hasnt been a refund. I understand also about the monthly pay run so I expected to get paid end of Feb. Then I read that alamy only pay when funds from buyer have cleared, I guess that makes sense. What I dont know is alamy’s credit terms for buyers. How long do buyers get to settle up? I’ve read everything on the FAQ cant find the answer.



  2. 1 hour ago, geogphotos said:


    Best of luck! :D


    Perhaps I better edit that 'best of luck' now that I've seen where you pics are of! 


    I spotted the Kesgrave Jubilee hall straight away but lots of other familiar places. 


    Congratulations on your first sale!


    Thanks 😄. Looking at some of your recent stuff (aviation heritage museum, Ipswich docks) I’m surprised we havent bumped into each other.  I’ll be looking out for you now!

  3. 48 minutes ago, geogphotos said:


    9 years.


    More what I was thinking was how much harder it must be to do so now.


    How it would take longer starting from zero images to get $100k sales than it did in the past.


    Hi Ian,

    I just had my first sale so I’ll start the timer and let you know when i hit $100k. Don’t hold your breath. 😉



  4. I’m recovering from cataract surgery and have had lousy vision for about 6 weeks now. I ‘ve been going out nearly every day with camera set to F11, evaluative metering, AF, +/- 1 bracketing and 125 ISO and I’ve got a lot of decent shots. The camera can see well even though I can’t. I never really know what I’ve got until I’m home and uploaded. It’s giving me something to focus on (sorry obv pun) before I’m fixed and back at work,

  5. 8 hours ago, MichaelG said:


    that explains it... my path was exactly the same. Got discouraged for exactly the same reason few years back by another agency and never looked back until this year... 


    anyway good luck ACC! hope you will get your first sale soon and more soon after that!


    all the best 






    thanks 😄


  6. 34 minutes ago, NYCat said:


    It looks like he originally only uploaded 9 photos and waited years before doing more. I suspect it is not as bad as it seems and he will sell. My opinion.




    You’re right. I passed start up QC in 2013 then put in a few submissions which all failed and I didnt understand why so I got disillusioned and gave up. I decided to try again this summer and all but that first set have been added this year. 

  7. 23 hours ago, MDM said:


    Photobox is a consumer lab offering cheap products so I don't think they will be offering proper colour management. I would suggest trying One Vision or Loxley if the OP wants good to excellent results. Both offer initial test prints and colour management all still at very decent prices.


    I was basing my initial answer on the question of whether the Alamy set were too dark or not. Getting the colour right is another thing altogether and I think hardware calibration is essential for that. 






    Last time I used Photobox I was disappointed with the product - too dark and poor generally. I have used Art.com recently for a largish print and I’m very happy with that. 

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