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  1. 8 hours ago, MichaelG said:


    that explains it... my path was exactly the same. Got discouraged for exactly the same reason few years back by another agency and never looked back until this year... 


    anyway good luck ACC! hope you will get your first sale soon and more soon after that!


    all the best 






    thanks 😄


  2. 34 minutes ago, NYCat said:


    It looks like he originally only uploaded 9 photos and waited years before doing more. I suspect it is not as bad as it seems and he will sell. My opinion.




    You’re right. I passed start up QC in 2013 then put in a few submissions which all failed and I didnt understand why so I got disillusioned and gave up. I decided to try again this summer and all but that first set have been added this year. 

  3. 23 hours ago, MDM said:


    Photobox is a consumer lab offering cheap products so I don't think they will be offering proper colour management. I would suggest trying One Vision or Loxley if the OP wants good to excellent results. Both offer initial test prints and colour management all still at very decent prices.


    I was basing my initial answer on the question of whether the Alamy set were too dark or not. Getting the colour right is another thing altogether and I think hardware calibration is essential for that. 






    Last time I used Photobox I was disappointed with the product - too dark and poor generally. I have used Art.com recently for a largish print and I’m very happy with that. 

  4. 25 minutes ago, RedSnapper said:



    But there heve been 11 searches in the last year for terms that include 'reindeers'... (and there are 3000+ images with that keyword)

    Sometimes gramatical correctness can work against real world effectiveness




    Reindeers sled 1 0 2 97 2.06
    reindeers in the woods 1 0 1 35 2.86
    santas and reindeers 1 0 1 41 2.44
    reindeers with blue eyes 1 0 1 2 50.00
    Reindeers sleds winter 1 0 1 21 4.76
    reindeers yorkshire 1 0 0 0 0.00
    reindeers harrogate 1 0 0 0 0.00
    reindeers uk 1 0 0 164 0.00
    reindeers 3 0 0 300 0.00
    Reindeers sled winter 1 0 0 66 0.00
    santas and reindeersf 1 0 0 0 0.00
    blue eyed reindeers 1 0 0 0



    Interesting. Anyone know Alamy’s position on this? Correct grammar and spelling only or should we tag anticipating common errors like this? What about US versions of English words eg colour/color?

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  5. Hi

    I’ve read an article by an Alamy contributor who includes in tagging words such as “copy space left”, “copy space top”, “DPS” (double page spread). The idea is that makes it easier for picture editors to find what they need. This is the first I’ve heard of this approach. I’m not sure I’d want to attempt it - how do I know how my picture will be used? I’m not a picture editor. I think i’ll just stick to tagging for the picture subject. What do you think?

  6. On 14/11/2017 at 11:41, Phil Robinson said:

    Thankfully I find I am having to identify apartment blocks and fire hydrants a lot let these days but I do find that I am having to sign in to the forum twice before I get full access.

    Is it just me?



    Just happened to me though may have been because I didnt recognise at least two pictures were “apartment buildings”. Tedious.

  7. Hi

    I’ve found some photos I took in London in 1988 (with my Olympus OM40 which was my first “proper” SLR camera ). Anyway, prints, obviously, and the city skyline is very different to how it looks now. There’s nothing notable between St Pauls and what used to be called the NatWest tower.  It occurred to me I could photograph them and submit to Alamy as archive. Is that the kind of thing Alamy archive is for? Quality wouldn’t be great - the prints are a bit faded. Also I don’t know the exact date, only that it was 1988/89 because of the boyfriend who’s in some of them 😄.

  8. 54 minutes ago, losdemas said:

    Taking my customary look at Alamy measures first thing in the morning - and it appears to have gone berserk! The reports are all over the place and bear no resemblance to previous data. Both current and previous information provided no appears to be incorrect. I take it that this is not just me seeing this?! 



    Same here, everything’s at zero. Bit of a shock - glad to see this thread and its not just me. Hope Alamy have a backup strategy.

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