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  1. you have to wait for overnight alamy database update.
  2. EXIF shows ISO 6400 f5.6 and shutter speed 1/13. Not a burst but pictures taken over the course of a few minutes. They were the first shots of the day. I guess at those settings on a bright day the images just burnt out. Next step = interview my young daughter to see if she can remember why she had taken the camera off auto and what did she think she was doing with an ISO 6400 setting and also what caused her to switch back. The shots following the blanks are fine and all at ISO 100. Thanks for all the comments.
  3. It was a hot day. 29 degrees and we’d walked for a couple of hours. My daughter had the camera on a neck strap so it was completely exposed to the heat. Are you thinking the heat caused the aperture blades to stick then after a while they spontaneously unstuck? I’ve had the camera on manual and a range of apertures while i look into the lens. There’s no sticking or failure to close that I can detect. Should I get the lens serviced/ cleaned?
  4. Hi thanks all for suggestions. Can’t see any problems with lens, shutter or EXIF. Next step = upgrade the software.
  5. Hi This is odd. I’m wondering if anyone has ideas as to what happened. Canon 600D, 200 shots taken on holiday. Amongst them about 40 where the image created is completely white. All pixels = 255. Either side of the 40 “blanks” are plenty of normal properly exposed images. None of the camera settings were altered. Images were all shot outside in a park on a pleasant sunny day. Anyone seen this before? Any ideas?
  6. wow, that’s impressive and good to see that there is money to be made doing this. congratulations 😄
  7. I cleared my browser history and that’s fixed it. Thanks all.😄
  8. Looking at alamy home page on an iPad. Past couple of days the big search box that was in the middle is now over on the left, very small, and doesn’t work. Anyone else or is it just me?
  9. log into dashboard, scroll down, alamy measures for views and zooms. Your ranking is 1/2/3 stars top left of dashboard page.
  10. A lot of my pictures are taken with a Canon G9x mk II including my best three figure sale. Also I’m just back from Budapest which was stunning, I’m working on my pictures now. It’s a beautiful city, enjoy 😊.
  11. https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2018/jan/11/country-diary-sandy-bedfordshire-sleeping-swans-float-down-river Guardian Country Diary. Two,pictures of juvenile swans both from Alamy. First one is mine. 2nd by Zizza Gordon. Mine = KF9FA6
  12. I’ve been wondering about something similar. PU cost looking with my iPad = £9.99. My last PU sale = USD 15. None of the licence fees I’ve earned match any of the costs advertised. Is there a lot of bespoke/ individual negotiation pricing goes on? ??
  13. I’m curious about repeat sales for those of you selling volume and regularly. Is it the same pictures selling over and over or a different pattern?
  14. That’s really interesting thanks Julie. 🙂
  15. I’ve only got an iPad pro, no pc or laptop. Upload to Alamy is easy just log in. I use the standard Photos app for cropping, colour/ light adjustment and MetaGear for tagging. I suspect both Photos App and MetaGear are limited so I’m very interested on others’ comments on this thread.
  16. thanks for comments all 🙂
  17. I don’t know why i never noticed before but I spotted today that my two cameras are set up differently. One is 3:2 the other 3:4. I’ve sold pictures in both formats but just wondering is one better for stock than the other. Any views?
  18. Personal use licence. Taken at one of my favourite photo spots that I visit often, only 5 miles from home. Shows you don’t have to go far I guess. 😎
  19. I think i might have asked alamy about that one. So did you have to repay the money or did your account just go into deficit/minus?
  20. Ok so I need to be patient. Can the buyer change their mind during the 45 days? I think I read the limit on that is 30 days. thanks 🙂
  21. Hi I sold a picture 12th Jan and haven’t been paid yet. I understand buyers can change their mind but there hasnt been a refund. I understand also about the monthly pay run so I expected to get paid end of Feb. Then I read that alamy only pay when funds from buyer have cleared, I guess that makes sense. What I dont know is alamy’s credit terms for buyers. How long do buyers get to settle up? I’ve read everything on the FAQ cant find the answer. thanks
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