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  1. Wow congratulations. I’d be over the moon with that, but then I am a newbie. (5 in June, 10 for the year to date).
  2. Thanks for the info. And to answer your question- no idea but I seem to have the market on Walton beach huts at the mo, this is the second sold from the same shoot both for decent fees. I guess I got lucky 😄.
  3. This sale landed this morning. Licence is for a UK national newspaper print run up to 2 million copies. I don’t know which newspaper so if you spot it please let me know. It’s not appearing on Google search so I suspect its one of the paywall papers - Times, Telegraph?
  4. I took Wim’s string and added to it, which has worked eg Angela Chalmers Alamy - site:alamy.com -site:alamy.de -site:alamy.es -site:alamy.pt Needs a bit more work to exclude all the alamy derivatives but you get the idea. I tried using &&& as a wildcard but that didn’t work. I was trying to get to syntax which would exclude any alamy domain without having to list them all. Thanks Wim 😄
  5. Really pleased with this one. Decent licence fee for calendar usage. Taken about a year ago in Brighton with my little Canon Powershot just after I bought it. Also this was the point I decided to try again with Alamy after giving up several years previously,
  6. Great picture 😍. The licence sounds like its for TV and they’ll use the image over and over.
  7. Oh wow thanks for that Mandy. I guess it only counts as one sale though, for use by the article author, not one for every website it’s on though that would be nice!
  8. This shot of my friend’s Vizsla has appeared in an online article about the top 15 best dog breeds for families. Per Google images its on at least 6 websites but I can only see one. They’re all US based and mostly blocked to me as I’m in a country where GDPR applies, ie the UK. That’s going to limit the reach of Alamy’s infringements team.
  9. email from alamy - tech issues with their db and my images should be visible later today
  10. Hi yes same here I have three batches passed QC 8th June but still not appearing in searches. I just emailed contributor services for advice.
  11. Ian geogphoto is that you sitting by the cafe? He had a camera. I looked at your port earlier and spotted we were there the same day. Wouldn’t that be funny 😄
  12. https://www.nomnomnow.com/blog/the-best-dog-breeds-for-families 15 images of dogs on this webpage all from Alamy contributors.
  13. Because i’m not keen on Adobe’s subscription licence model.
  14. Hi Julie I use an iPad pro and the IOS Photos app which is a bit limited so i’m thinking about buying something else. I want to improve the quality of my pictures and be able to see the RGB histogram alongside my images as i’m working on them. Also see and edit metadata / tags alongside the image i’m working on. I’m looking at Affinity, Pixelmator Pro (rather than the £5 version) and Photoshop. There’s loads of tutorials and reviews about I just wanted an opinion from this group. Lots of the tutorials focus on major image manipulation which i’m not interested in. thanks Angela
  15. Hi All, Looking for your opinions on best photo editors for use with iPad pro. There’s a lot out there - Photoshop, Pixelmator, Affinity etc etc. I’m finding it hard to decide what to go with. I think i’m going to need an Apple pencil too. Thanks, ACC
  16. Excuse if this is a silly question but how do you track usage - Google search your name?
  17. you have to wait for overnight alamy database update.
  18. EXIF shows ISO 6400 f5.6 and shutter speed 1/13. Not a burst but pictures taken over the course of a few minutes. They were the first shots of the day. I guess at those settings on a bright day the images just burnt out. Next step = interview my young daughter to see if she can remember why she had taken the camera off auto and what did she think she was doing with an ISO 6400 setting and also what caused her to switch back. The shots following the blanks are fine and all at ISO 100. Thanks for all the comments.
  19. It was a hot day. 29 degrees and we’d walked for a couple of hours. My daughter had the camera on a neck strap so it was completely exposed to the heat. Are you thinking the heat caused the aperture blades to stick then after a while they spontaneously unstuck? I’ve had the camera on manual and a range of apertures while i look into the lens. There’s no sticking or failure to close that I can detect. Should I get the lens serviced/ cleaned?
  20. Hi thanks all for suggestions. Can’t see any problems with lens, shutter or EXIF. Next step = upgrade the software.
  21. Hi This is odd. I’m wondering if anyone has ideas as to what happened. Canon 600D, 200 shots taken on holiday. Amongst them about 40 where the image created is completely white. All pixels = 255. Either side of the 40 “blanks” are plenty of normal properly exposed images. None of the camera settings were altered. Images were all shot outside in a park on a pleasant sunny day. Anyone seen this before? Any ideas?
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