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  1. 1 hour ago, Joseph Clemson said:


    It is either a very elaborate hack or an authorised outlet for specialised POD images, with which Alamy has cooperated. I suspect the latter. 


    The site seems to have access to the vast majority of Alamy images and using a search term (I used 'Bolton') the search returns largely the same images in the same order on both this site and the Alamy site. In addition, no attempt has been made to curate the images available through the customwallpaper site; images which are really not suitable for anybody's wall are returned in the search. If I was nicking images to create a site such as this I would at least made sure I nicked images which made saleable wallpaper!


    I will be interested to hear what Alamy say in the morning, and even more interested to hear if anybody has sold any images used in this way and how much they got for them.

    What’s POD?

  2. http://www.customwallpaper.net.au/size-positioning/?imgid={11A3D093-3F6C-4E8B-B62B-6C66D0F64ED4}&ar=PAK8J6&searchfield=alien&pn=366


    I found a couple of my images on this site which sells actual wallpaper (not pc wallpaper). Helpfully they say the Alamy watermark will not appear on the final product. I’ve not sold a licence for this or the other image. I’ve reported to Alamy as potential unauthorised use. Maybe I’d get a licence fee IF someone bought wallpaper based on my images?


    Anyone else seen their images on this site?



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  3. On 27/04/2019 at 18:41, Chuck Nacke said:



    I am not a fan of SONY, even though they make most of the sensors in modern digital cameras.

    I would suggest a 12+MP Canon g series pocket cameras.  I started with the G-2 and currently keep

    a G-9 in the glove compartment of my car.  The G series are great "grab and go digitals" they can

    also be had for very little money.



    I’ll second that on the Canon G range.  I’ve had the Gx9 mkii for a couple of years and about half my sales are from it, the other half being from a Canon 6D. The quality’s great and its neat and compact. I recently got a second hand one for my teenager for £200ish.

  4. 7 hours ago, Marianne said:


    I once waited for an NU sale that was under $1 to clear so I'd finally make payout. This was when payout was still $250.I think I waited two months just 40 cents shy of $250... It drove me crazy.  


    8 hours ago, Mr Standfast said:

    ...when on monday you stare at your cleared balance of 47$. Humorlessly it stares back at you.

     ...on tuesday you stare at your cleared balance of 47$. Humorlessly it stares back at you.

     ...on wednesday you stare at your cleared balance of 47$. Humorlessly it stares back at you.

      and then, oh joy, oh happy day, the next licence in the pipeline clears, at last, at last!  It's an eastern european distributor sale.

    ... on thursday you stare at your cleared balance of 49$. Mockingly it stares back at you.

    ...on friday you stare at your cleared balance of 49$. Mockingly it stares back at you....



    Oh this made me laugh so much thank you 🤣

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  5. Hi,

    I’ve been uploading kaleidoscope / abstract versions of my images like the one below. I notice there are lots of this type of thing on Alamy. Wondering if anyone has had any sales? Do people buy these? 



  6. Hi,

    I’ve used a kaleidoscope filter to modify a few of my photos and submitted them to QC. Some are going through but others are rejected. The reason given for  rejection  is along the lines of you can’t call a photo editorial and add something which alters it (the filter?) . If you want to be creative ie use a filter you need to submit as commercial but then you’d need a release from the property owner but only if the property is still recognisable despite the effect of the filter,


    Can anyone help me out with the rules on this?



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