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  1. Why should we not discuss Stockimo here? It’s another arm of Alamy isnt it?
  2. I’m 53. I did O Level photography at school and have loved it ever since. My daughter is doing GCSE photography and has spent the afternoon preparing “contact sheets”. . She looked blank when I explained how negatives (wot?) used to come into CONTACT with the photographic paper. Her teacher might not even remember that. Started on stock 6 years ago failed and gave up. Restarted when Alamy relaxed on which cameras were acceptable. I work full tine, this is just a hobby, and when I get a sale (1 or 2 a month) it feels like a small lottery win 😄.
  3. Worldwide unlimited usage multi media mid $$. Women’s Tour of Britain in Suffolk 2018. https://www.alamy.com/thumbsImages.aspx?url=https://c7.alamy.com/comp/P1NHB5/kesgrave-uk-13th-june-2018-uk-news-ovo-energy-womens-tour-stage-1-passes-through-kesgrave-suffolk-this-morning-credit-angela-chalmersalamy-live-news-P1NHB5.jpg&imageref=P1NHB5
  4. If you’re in the Uk lots of buildings usually closed to the public open their doors temporarily from 13th. Photo opportunities galore. more info at the link below. https://www.heritageopendays.org.uk/visiting
  5. Haha looks like John and i should start a consultancy 😄
  6. Ian i’ve just done it in Numbers. Different to Excel but I got there, same COUNTIF function. Unfortunately no way to attach a screenshot. Email me if you want to take this offline before Alamy notice we’ve turned this board into an IT helpdesk! (sorry Alamy) ange.chalmers@btinternet.com
  7. From a data analytics point of view it’s very easy. I think the question is whether or not Alamy think thats a service they want to provide. If you want some XL type coaching I’m just across the river! I don’t know the Numbers spreadsheet though.
  8. In Excel i’d say COUNTIF function on the column holding the identifying values. Then a simple filter for results >1. I don’t know Numbers but assume it has a help index and a similar function? =COUNTIF (A:A,A1) A:A = range, A1 (the value in A1) = criteria
  9. love this! happy as a pig in ....
  10. Warwickshire countryside - mixed feelings seeing this pop in today. I was out for a walk just after my Dad died, this is near where he lived. A typical bit of English midlands countryside and I’m delighted someone likes it enough to buy it. Marketing package, mid $$.
  11. Yes I agree, having to load 1 by 1 is tedious too, It’s almost as if these are deliberate tactics to make people really selective about what they post. Having had alamy upload rights for a long time I find that a bit annoying. Anyone from Alamy going to comment here?
  12. On an ipad in Safari go to the image in Alamy (not your dashboard) . Pick “Download preview” and copy the link that comes up in the address bar. Paste the link into the forum post. You’ll get the image appear not the link. That’s how i do it.
  13. Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam in April this year, Nice start to the month for me after a quiet June. Mid $$ magazine distro 2500.
  14. clicked on other meaning “any”, don’t mind. i’m 50/50 for being able to go - middle of school holidays childcare responsibilities kick in 🙂
  15. City of London around Lloyds building/ Gherkin and also there’s a free rooftop garden at 120 Fenchurch (not to be confused with the skygarden at 20 Fenchurch which is also free but you have to book.). City good for old and new buildings, skyscrapers, leadenhall market. Tends to be quiet at weekends as the workers arent there.
  16. Hi Alamy, I’d like to see my Stockimo account in the same view as my Alamy pseudonyms so that I can track all my views, zooms and sales in the one place.
  17. Hi, email from the Alamy team this morning confirms they have a distributor type relationship with this site. If our images get used we will be paid for them. Angela
  18. My thoughts exactly - i’ll report back when I get a response from Alamy.
  19. http://www.customwallpaper.net.au/size-positioning/?imgid={11A3D093-3F6C-4E8B-B62B-6C66D0F64ED4}&ar=PAK8J6&searchfield=alien&pn=366 I found a couple of my images on this site which sells actual wallpaper (not pc wallpaper). Helpfully they say the Alamy watermark will not appear on the final product. I’ve not sold a licence for this or the other image. I’ve reported to Alamy as potential unauthorised use. Maybe I’d get a licence fee IF someone bought wallpaper based on my images? Anyone else seen their images on this site?
  20. I’ll second that on the Canon G range. I’ve had the Gx9 mkii for a couple of years and about half my sales are from it, the other half being from a Canon 6D. The quality’s great and its neat and compact. I recently got a second hand one for my teenager for £200ish.
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