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  1. Hi Alamy, I’d like to see my Stockimo account in the same view as my Alamy pseudonyms so that I can track all my views, zooms and sales in the one place.
  2. Hi, email from the Alamy team this morning confirms they have a distributor type relationship with this site. If our images get used we will be paid for them. Angela
  3. My thoughts exactly - i’ll report back when I get a response from Alamy.
  4. http://www.customwallpaper.net.au/size-positioning/?imgid={11A3D093-3F6C-4E8B-B62B-6C66D0F64ED4}&ar=PAK8J6&searchfield=alien&pn=366 I found a couple of my images on this site which sells actual wallpaper (not pc wallpaper). Helpfully they say the Alamy watermark will not appear on the final product. I’ve not sold a licence for this or the other image. I’ve reported to Alamy as potential unauthorised use. Maybe I’d get a licence fee IF someone bought wallpaper based on my images? Anyone else seen their images on this site?
  5. I’ll second that on the Canon G range. I’ve had the Gx9 mkii for a couple of years and about half my sales are from it, the other half being from a Canon 6D. The quality’s great and its neat and compact. I recently got a second hand one for my teenager for £200ish.
  6. PU, $$, taken 18 months ago when i was recovering from eye surgery. 😊
  7. I’m in the UK. I gave up trying to load during working hours, it’s just too slow. After 10pm at night though its a different story so that’s now when I upload.
  8. I didnt know I could search AoA like that - thanks Wim.
  9. Hi, I’ve been uploading kaleidoscope / abstract versions of my images like the one below. I notice there are lots of this type of thing on Alamy. Wondering if anyone has had any sales? Do people buy these?
  10. When it’s pouring with rain outside and you’re trawling ebay for interesting things to shoot.
  11. When you keyword(tag) everything you see in your head when you don’t even have your camera with you.
  12. Yeah that’s me except i check for sales on my phone before I even get out of bed.
  13. Hi, I’ve used a kaleidoscope filter to modify a few of my photos and submitted them to QC. Some are going through but others are rejected. The reason given for rejection is along the lines of you can’t call a photo editorial and add something which alters it (the filter?) . If you want to be creative ie use a filter you need to submit as commercial but then you’d need a release from the property owner but only if the property is still recognisable despite the effect of the filter, Can anyone help me out with the rules on this? Thanks
  14. Sold to Brazil, perpetual licence, any media, decent $$.
  15. Happy to see some of my summer holiday “work’ getting picked up.
  16. Licensed for German editorial media, 1 page inside, print run up to 5000. Via distributor. I took this just over a year ago at Felixstowe in Suffolk and loaded to Alamy as a news/ weather image. I guess this is a “normal” sale given the 12 months time lapse.
  17. I can’t get a header photo to load on my portfolio page. Using Safari on iPad. Is it just me?
  18. https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2018/nov/02/flickr-delete-millions-photos-reduce-allowance-free-users I’ve had nothing from Flickr / Smugmug directly but I saw this in The Guardian today. If you’re using Flickr for storage - look out. 1000 images is a low threshold for pro/ semi pro photographers.
  19. I thought I was going to get to the end of the month with no sales but this saved the day for me, or should I say month.
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