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  1. 3 hours ago, spacecadet said:

    Oh, come on.....any port in a storm. Those whose income depends on it have to make the best of it


    I agree with spacecadet. Also what about the importance of documenting what we’re going through for historical purposes? That’s important surely. 

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  2. On 28/01/2020 at 16:30, spacecadet said:

    Further, the contributors who do use compact cameras here didn't usually start out using them. They earned their spurs with DSLRs.

    A quick search doesn't reveal a reference on the forums to anyone actually getting through QC with G9 images. The various G models seem to be very different. You may be on a hiding to nothing, but do post some images at 100% first. I have to say the jpegs in the review Harry pointed out are marginal at worst but you might get through with RAWs.


    I have the G9x MK II and have hundreds of images through QC and they account for about half my sales including several at $$$. (The other half of my images are from a Canon 6D MK II). With the G9 I mostly shoot in Aperture priority F8 or F11 and i keep the ISO at 125 or 200. I shoot jpgs. I’m really happy with the results i get. 



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  3. Ian’s earlier post on Orphan Works Puzzlement

    6 hours ago, wiskerke said:


    Not entirely true. You cannot publish them, but you can do almost everything else. Like buying and selling; hang them on your wall; show them to your friends; show them in your classroom to your students; throw them away; print and send them as Christmas cards; wait until the copyright runs out and publish them then. It's entirely like a piece of art. Or like when someone buys a print of one of your images.




    ..But Alamy puts them up for sale. Plenty of “photographer unknown”, and ‘`copyright not claimed” images like this one - J0R23N. Is that because “orphan works” is only a thing in UK law so if the purchaser is elsewhere the original copyright owner has no remedy?

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