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  1. Worldwide perpetual licence all media types Gross 22 cents, my share 9 cents or 6p as i’m in the UK. Sigh.
  2. From lockdown in England when i was bored and we weren’t allowed out. I looked around the house for things to photograph. I’ve had a few low value sales then today this - 2x licences, PU, mid $$ each.
  3. Difference between absolute value (50-40=10) and proportional (10/50 = 0.2 ie 20%) You’re not wrong to say its a 10 point drop because it is, just needs context.
  4. Marketing licence, mid $$ River Orwell, Ipswich UK
  5. Novel use $ licence for 1000 postcards. A nice reminder of a brief covid compliant trip to Brighton this summer.
  6. And here’s the other one, also $$. Educational, editorial use. I waited around for a while for someone to climb on a lion but noone did.
  7. Retail book, inside, $$. 2nd sale of a Trafalgar square lion in a week. The other one wasnt orange.
  8. No they’re not that was the point I raised. They are now though so happy weekend all.
  9. I’ve got three batches loaded in the last week all passed QC, tagged and captioned but still not appearing for sale. Anyone else? Any info from Alamy?
  10. I agree with spacecadet. Also what about the importance of documenting what we’re going through for historical purposes? That’s important surely.
  11. Nice reminder of sunny days in Barcelona when i’m laid up with a cold in the wet and windy UK. PU licence, $
  12. I have the G9x MK II and have hundreds of images through QC and they account for about half my sales including several at $$$. (The other half of my images are from a Canon 6D MK II). With the G9 I mostly shoot in Aperture priority F8 or F11 and i keep the ISO at 125 or 200. I shoot jpgs. I’m really happy with the results i get.
  13. Ian’s earlier post on Orphan Works Puzzlement ..But Alamy puts them up for sale. Plenty of “photographer unknown”, and ‘`copyright not claimed” images like this one - J0R23N. Is that because “orphan works” is only a thing in UK law so if the purchaser is elsewhere the original copyright owner has no remedy?
  14. I’ve bought some boxes of amateur 1960s transparencies which i’m copying with a mind to selling here via archive/ reportage. They’re all of London - trooping the colour, state opening of parliament etc. My question is about copyright - are these images now mine to sell?
  15. $$$ gross -70% (30+40 distro - ouch). Calendar use, Japan. Still it makes up for the $1 NU sale yesterday.
  16. Decent $$ Calendar inside and front cover, 20,000 print run. Worldwide.
  17. $$$ Calendar front page, I’m delighted, i walked a few hundred metres from my house looking for anything to photograph when I was shooting weather for live news. I saw this in the otherwise empty car park. The car was the only thing around that had any colour and I liked how it stood out from the snow.
  18. I’m interested to know why that doesnt breach Microsofts copyright? Also thinking i should take images of my laptop screen which has multiple software company logos at any given time.
  19. I could never do a wedding, or portraits for that matter, ,<shudder> - too many people, too much pressure. if i take 1000 images and drop my card somewhere i’ve noone to answer to except myself.
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