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  1. Hi From Oklahoma

    Thank you Betty! Nice to meet another Okie! I do have images on other micro sites, but have not made much money. I was thrilled when Alamy accepted me! And I realize that I will have to have several hundred images in my gallery before I can expect to see results. Thank you for the keywording/captioning tips. Always appreciated! I see you've been at this for a long time. Is this your only income from photography? I hope you don't mind my asking, but just roughly, how much do you earn from your stock sales? I would love to make photography my only job, but for now, I have to work full-time in retail to pay the bills. I get out and shoot when I can, but struggle with time management. Hopefully, one of these days, I can quit my day job and focus on my photography full-time. Thanks again for the advice!
  2. Hi From Oklahoma

    Thanks, Geoff! I actually DO HAVE some images of cows! And I will be uploading them soon. Hopefully, they will be worthy of inclusion to the Alamy cow gallery. Thank you for your advice with keywording! This is one area that I struggle with. I never thought about googling the subject - duh! Definitely will add this step to my workflow.
  3. Hi From Oklahoma

    Thank you for the advice! Sometimes when I'm trying to think of keywords, I forget the obvious. I will try to take more time when I am keywording my photos.
  4. Hi From Oklahoma

    Thank you everyone! I see my images are for sale now. I am looking forward to this new adventure. I have had some photos accepted on other stock sites and have even had a few sales, but this is HUGE to me! Want to do well here so any critiques and constructive criticism will be appreciated. Thanks, again!
  5. Hi From Oklahoma

    I'm Stephanie and I live in northeast Oklahoma. Had my submission accepted in May and just had my first set of 25 photos approved the other day. I just finished adding captions and keywords and all photos are showing as for sale but not showing up in the searches I have performed. I am wondering why?