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  1. I think it depends on what Software Bjorn uses, I use PS, and it never gives problem of sizing. Open your file normally in Ps, then click Image on the Menu bar, an Image Size pop up will show, click Image size, change the cm by the image size area to inches and it will show you the exact dimension that will determine whether your image will be rejected on size or not. Hope this helps.
  2. Hi Everybody!!!, Alamy has replied that they are aware of the sales yesterday, they acknowledged that the sales is from one of their distributors. I never knew I have such a great family out here, I appreciate your concerns and will stay close to this forum. Stay blessed, Ayodele.
  3. @ arterra and spacecadet, Well the credit didn't go to Alamy either, as for the Mail usage, it has been reported.
  4. @ arterra, I also noticed the photograph wasn't credited to me. Could that be a case of plagiarism or outright test? Happy New Year everyone!!! Ayodele.
  5. What more can I do concerning the unreported sales?
  6. Katty, the image was never reported as part of my sales, thanks for the notification. I wrote complaining to the Alamy Member Service. hoping to hear from them soon. Thanks a lot. Ayodele
  7. Well, I am happy to receive such a varied critique. Will take time to go through each comment. It shows that two heads are better than one anyway! Thanks @ Steve UK, John Morrison, am definitely looking for new angles to Ebola. Hey Doc, am going to re-edit those pix. Geoff Kidd, its been great reading your comment. @ Kathy deWitt, I did included those wordings in the caption, but I have re-included them in the caption. Arletta, I am shocked that I goofed that much, I have removed the extra images. I will definitely be back.
  8. Can Somebody help critique my Portfolio, I have been too chicken-hearted to speak up, but I realize it will definitely make me better. Ayodele.
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