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  1. Well, he tootled off to his classic car club meeting last night and got me the names and years of some of them. The unfortunate thing is, with the embargo still in place in Cuba, getting spare parts is next to impossible, so a lot of the cars are 'hybrids' - patched up with parts cannibalized from other old cars, right down to the logo and hood ornaments, so they're not all identifiable. Still, some are in great shape and taking a ride in them (they're mostly taxis) was a great experience!
  2. Well done, Lisa! Some of those are images many people wouldn't even think of submitting! The toothbrush under the tap, for instance.
  3. Good point! Thanks. I've been going over my submissions, adding key words and fleshing out the captions.
  4. Good hints - thanks! I'll get my husband to name the cars...that's right up his alley!
  5. I wasn't expecting anyone to do my work for me. I thought my question was quite reasonable. If I'm posting images that don't sell, I'd like to know that. Conversely, I'd like to know what does sell, hence my question. If images similar to what I've uploaded in subject matter and composition are selling, I'd like to know that I have a chance too with my images. If my question is seen as intruding on others' turf, then sorry I asked. I was being genuine, I can assure you.
  6. Thanks John. I've added a bit to the caption now.
  7. Hi Everyone! Thanks for the advice, John. Can you elaborate a bit more? Do people search for captions or for key words?
  8. Hi, I'm in New Brunswick, Canada, and hope to be able to provide images of the region here, which includes the lovely Bay of Fundy. I've also just been to Cuba, and got lots of really interesting subject matter there. I hope someday that some of my images will sell...any constructive criticism will be very welcome. Thanks!
  9. Hi, I'm wondering if there's anywhere on the site where we can see how well other contributors' photos sell. It would be interesting to see how well subject matter and composition similar to my own are selling. Is it possible to see information such as this?
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