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  1. Ha! Geoff, you could say that again. The polls, almost all info gets warped at that place. You have about a hundred people, same people all the time who decides what's it to be and should you by any chance happen to speak well of the RM/RF agencies, you get a warning followed by a ban. Worse! should you mention you had a good month, Oh boy! then youre a lier, sick in the head and completely off your rockers. :D


    Really?!? I thought it was a rather balanced community...... *cough* not!  ;)   :D


    Last month was a little quieter here but overall, I'd say they've improved quite a bit over the last 4 months or so. Long may it continue! Might not be as much as some others but they seem to be moving in the right direction!

    Hi Duncan!  long time no speak. Been on holiday?


    I agree but the trad-agencies, all of them still have some way to go. Its still lots of fumbling around in the dark how to tackle the industry, business-plan, etc.



    Yeah, trip to Scotland again.....nearly defrosted now :-). I've been spending time learning about colour grading in FCPx, using Motion5 and Nodes2. More or less up to speed now (still plenty to learn though) so this year will be a year for Footage for me as well as maintaining momentum with stills etc! 


    Been busy then?!?.... The sale of CI has saved me the job of joining G, new contract arrived the other day! Things changing fast at the moment but I guess that's just the way it is..... some things will never change  :P


    Don’t listen to gossipers, or complainers. They will lead you astray. They are like vampires sucking your blood.

    One microstock company is adding 3,200,000 new images per month, so it looks to me as if their photographers are not going anywhere. Yes that figure is correct 3 million 200 thousand images per month.
    The best thing we can do is to not compete on numbers, but to compete on image quality



    Yeah, sometimes it's best to be open and make decisions based on your own findings rather than reacting to others (including myself). 


    Before discounting anything, try it and see if the work you produce fits the market you're playing in and if it works great, if not.... get out and do/try something else!


    There was a point in time, about 18 months ago, that I nearly listened to a particular group of people and I'm so glad I didn't. I decided to ignore the proclaimed truth and follow my heart and gut instincts..... that decision paid off and allowed me to go full time photographer. Keep pushing, keep believing, don't be afraid to try something new and don't go flogging a dead horse..... unless someone offers you a lot of money for it  :D

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    I quite like chrome but haven't used it much. That reminds me, I managed to get a hold of C1 Pro Fuji Film profiles that can be used on raw files rather than their jpgs. A quick renaming of the profiles and you can use them with any Camera  :D


    If you haven't seen them, check out this link for them.


    I'd forgotten I had got them :)



    :D They're very good profiles as well, look almost identical to the in camera ones and you keep all the fine detail in raw

  5. Hello folks,


    It looks like more, and more microstockers and ex-microstockers are joining Alamy. There is the gossip going on that Alamy is doing very well while micros are giving contributors less and less revenue. Next to that many microstockers feel screwed by the agencies like SS, IS.


    The results is that we are getting more and more escapers  :) and protesters coming from the country of Microstock. Will the Alamy Island be large enough for all those newcomers?.


    What you think?


    Some but not all. My Micro inc is still over 10x that of Alamy so I guess it depends on your content and is increasing on avg, 10-20% p/month. So, it'll be a while before I pack up my micro bags to move here exclusively.


    BUT, don't read that as Alamy is not as good, they're just a different market selling (more often than not) a different and unique product that can't be had elsewhere. Remember, agencies are not football teams, you are allowed to follow more than one. 


    Edited quote content to match  OP edit.

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  6. If you ask me, Alamy took a big stick and gave the "pudding" a few stirs. It doesn't make sense that photographers with large archives - like me and Jeff who have steady, regular sales - suddenly don't find their images back in "real" searches. While others seem very surprised to find their images in the first pages while they hardly had sales.

    Strange way to reward those who do great efforts  :angry:  :angry:



    Philippe (NOT amused!)


    Maybe some sort of "Age of Image" check is being applied when deciding on ranking?!? Maybe more of an "Image Rank" and not just a Pseud rank. A lot of variables to choose from to change the images appearing in front of the customers to keep it fresh. Who knows (alamy of course) but I guess we'll never know!

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  7. I'm thrilled!


    Before Christmas I split off several collections of images into three new pseudos and for the first time in 3 years my primary pseudo jumped from page 25/26 to page 13!! The new pseudos are still languishing at the back but I expect at least one of them to move up next time since it's getting a disproportionate share of my zooms. I might even start uploading again after a hiatus of a year.


    That sort of confirms that the BHZ is not reliable given new Pseudos are given a medium rank. To be at the back would suggest everyone else is greater than medium. I just use as a way to tell if there has been a change and then to check specific searches.

  8. I don't take the BHZ too seriously, with only 3,155 images in total, except as an indication of direction in a re-rank. But I just did some searches on subjects I have more than a few images of, and the story there is grim. My placement has worsened considerably.  :(



    I use it as a rough guide before heading out and carrying out some set keyword searches to see where my actual images are appearing within the library.






    Example http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/3689049.stm Note the part about the privacy laws being confused


    And the major one http://www.out-law.com/page-4663



    1st links dead for me. The 2nd.... well, I think it has something to do with who it was but you can never tell. That said, the average Joe blogs is unlikely to go to that extent and is more likely to be happy for their 15mins of fame. Unless of course they were with someone they shouldn't have been with  :ph34r:  :D






    With the exception of news, we should not have the right to make money by featuring people in images without their permission, even if they are in public. Notice I said feature.

    I respectfully disagree. The public sphere is just that. In the UK we have that right- I prefer to call it a freedom.






    Are you sure about the right to photography in the UK?


    I just browsed the streets of London in Google street view, and even the mighty Google has obscured faces and license plates enough to make them unrecognizable.



    We have the right to photograph in public unless in areas where it's unlawful (criminally - court room for example), there's no rights of image to the subject as per France, We have no real privacy rights (in public) in statute law AFAIK but there are judgements about invasion of privacy in a public setting which have been handed down from the Euopean Court.  So whilst anyone can sue you, they now have court rulings in favour of privacy in certain circumstances.


    Right to photograph and consequences of publication are two separate issues - for stock, the two are however interlinked.



    Yes. If you take a shot of someone in their garden and you're in a public street, then it would be reasonable to expect them to be able to sue (technically) for Invasion of Privacy. However, they are unlikely to succeed if they were walking down the high street as it's unreasonable to expect privacy in a non private place.





    With the exception of news, we should not have the right to make money by featuring people in images without their permission, even if they are in public. Notice I said feature.

    I respectfully disagree. The public sphere is just that. In the UK we have that right- I prefer to call it a freedom.






    Are you sure about the right to photography in the UK?


    I just browsed the streets of London in Google street view, and even the mighty Google has obscured faces and license plates enough to make them unrecognizable.



    Yes, you have the right to take photographs in a public place. I've a letter from the Chief of Police that was sent out to the police force advising so and that they cannot confiscate cameras, delete images or ask for images to be deleted. Nor can anyone else, provided you are in a public place. 


    Google is a commercial enterprise and Street View is a commercial product therefore without a model release the pictures of people cannot be used.


    Edit. Just to clarify Google. You and I many not pay to view but companies do pay in order to use the functionality on websites etc. Basically it is a product and not editorial.

  12. I was happy enough with the A7ii but before Christmas I bought the A7Rii and absolutely love it.  I'm getting consistently excellent results handheld in very low light conditions.  I shoot principally with the Sony 28mm f/2 prime and the 24-240mm zoom and the ibis works flawlessly with them. I couldn't be happier. I'm saving up my pennies and intend to get the 50mm f/1.8 and maybe the 90mm f/2.8 macro primes at some point, but those new lenses they announced today are extremely expensive so I won't be buying them any time soon.


    That A6300 looks like a great little second camera to carry when a larger DSLR isn't convenient.


    Yeah, I agree. The A7rii is a beast of a camera. The amount of cropping you can do and still come out with a 20mp image is ridiculous. The 55mm lens turns into a 50-100 zoom more or less!


    Hows that 24-200 on the A7rii. I'm looking at a longer lens for my A7rii, mainly for video and hiking. If I get an A6300 as a 2nd camera it would probably be on that camera for hiking so if the edges are a little off on FF it should be good on the APSC crop! 4k video in Super 35 is the same as crop as well.

  13. Thanks for this, Duncan. Tempting but my trusty NEX-6 still looks brand new, and I'm on a limited budget these days. Then there is the rapidly sinking Canadian dollar (loonie) to consider...


    Too bad Sony or someone else still hasn't dreamed up a rationally priced replacement for the 16-50 kit zoom.


    I too am happy that the 36 MP sensor was just malicious gossip. B)


    Yeah, 24mp seems a sensible size for the APSC body!


    If using a7rii + 24-70mm GM,

    will one get IS from body?

    Or no IS at all with this combo???!!!!!  :(  :(  :(


    & if IS from body, what disadvantage,

    if any, vs. lens with IS?




    You would get the IS from the body IBIS. It doubles up with lenses that also have IS.


    As to how effective it will be on it's own at 70mm I'm not sure but, it wouldn't be the first standard zoom with no IS so having IBIS is a plus in this instance! IS in lens can be tailored to the lens and as such, be more effective. From what people say, IBIS is good for about 2 stops where some lenses can squeeze 4-5 stops.




    Looking around the net, there are quite a few that say the A7rii IBIS is good for 4 stops. I guess it's going to come down to technique as to how much you can squeeze out of it. I know with the 16-35 & 90mm, it does very well when  combined with lens IS. I have a habit of knocking the IS off on the 90mm and I don't suffer from many blurred shots from it.

  14. Thanks for that Duncan.


    Thank goodness they have limited the pixel count to 24.2 MP, and not the rumoured 36 or whatever. Hopefully a super sensor.


    I'm not seeing any reference to in body stabilisation, which is a pity.


    The EVF appears to have a similar resolution to the NEX6, better than the a6000, but no mention of a built in level indicator.


    There are improvements on the autofocus front, but I rarely use autofocus!


    Similarly a better video performance, but I primarily want a stills camera.


    There doesn't seem to be any new lenses specifically intended for this format. The new introductions are for FF, which will be large and heavy, while the standard offer appears to be the rather underwhelming existing 16-50. 


    Not sure that there is enough here to tempt me at this time, but at least they are keeping faith with the format. Maybe when the price drops.....


    Oh they are. About 800g for the 24-70 f/2.8. Later this year I'll be updating my X-T1 that I use along with my A7rii and it's going to be between the X-T2 (when out this year), A6300 or maybe the A7sii. Plenty of time to see how things develop. As it's going to be a 2nd camera, I might go with the A6300 as it seems to be a bargain compared to the X-Pro2 that has the same sensor but also 4k video. Cheaper, takes my FE lenses.... could be a good choice!




    You should get hired by Alamy immediately... ;)





    Haha....  ahhh the days of graphic design, a2 pads, magic markers and storyboarding..... all changed of course, but after using the Wacom 27 cintiq & iPad Pro with the Apple pencil, I'd say it's for the better  :D


    Web design can be tricky these days though, so many changes to take into account it can be a headache and as such, sometimes it's easy to lose sight of the design aesthetics when trying to workout the technical problems. One thing Alamy has done in the past, and that's listen. They tend to make changes afterwards (sometimes a little slowly) but often they do make the right corrections.


    Personally, when carrying out graphical changes to a site, I'd be tempted to create 1-3 mini test sites (basically 1 test site with 3 alternative CSS Style Sheets for different designs) that can be used by testers, photographers and customers and for them to provide feedback on the look and feel etc. A bit like Beta Testing but you do need to involve quite a few people and not just a dozen. But, I don't envy them the job of managing the database behind it all...... that must be quite a job! Respect.


    Edit..... although I do miss the smell and feel of using magic markers....there was always something special using them!

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  16. Yes, Betty,  it's inconsistent . . . and so mysterious. I rank this with the red flag as a major Alamy mistake. 


    Done well it can be good but, as we often see at Alamy, they haven't spent enough time testing it or, thinking about how it looks. A few observations, from a design PoV... constructive criticism you may say. 


    1. Too many similar images displayed.

    2. Similar Thumbnails look too big. They're often the same size as the image the client WANTs to see. Very distracting.

    3. Metadata for the zoomed image appears way down below the similar images, completely detached from the image it relates to.

    4. The partial caption under each image adds nothing but clutter. If you can't see it all why have it. It's not enough to understand what the image is.... "A something at......" "A plane flying across......." ?!?

    5. Often there is a random image stuck on it's own line. Just lucks untidy and adds to the feel of clutter. 

    6. While we're at it, the pricing on the right of the zoomed image. There is large space between image size and price. If you reduce the column width you can give the Zoomed image a bit of a size boost. It is what the customer is most interested in so make it clearer. As it stands, visually, the image looks small against the payment info block



    1. Two lines tops of similar images. Whether you have 1x8 of Similar images from same artist plus 1x8 from alternative artists is up to them but, I feel it would be a fairer way to split it.

    2. Drop the text on the thumbnails and make sure a higher % of keywords match between the two files. At the moment I feel they may be relying on too few or only Essential keywords to determine a similar image. Either way, they need to be more relevant / accurate!

    3. Make changes as suggested in (6) to give more space to the Zoomed Image.

    4. Bring the metadata cut off at the bottom back up to the top where it should be.

    5. Add a break/space between the last section of metadata on the zoomed image and the start of the similar images.

    6. 2 lines of similar images, one from the same artist one from other artists using the current <h4> header settings separating the two lines.


    Yeah I know it will probably be dismissed as ideas coming from "A photographer" but it's just a thought, input from someone who used to spend a lot of time as a graphic designer / illustrator. 

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