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  1. Only if you are using very large monitors, over 30inch. Or, have a standard monitor to QC work. I say this as a Macbook Pro Retina user. This uses high resolution on a smaller screen which results in near zero pixels visible. This is great to look at but causes problems in determining image sharpness. You can review an image on a Retina screen and it will look good but, when viewing it on a standard screen (of normal pixel density) it will look SoLD. And most agencies will not be using Retina type screens.... so you could end up with unwanted declines! I use a couple of 27inch monitors that are 2560x1440 and that seems the right pixel density for that size screen. I process images from Sony's 42mp sensor on them and they seem fine to me. Edit. Other than QC image sharpness though, I love the retina screen for colour accuracy etc (after calibration) so you coul use a 4k screen for working on and a 2nd for QC.
  2. I pay £8.57 p/m for Photoshop and Lightroom via the cloud but only really need Photoshop. I use C1 9 Pro for processing and it's a standalone app that is updated each year. For me it's no brainer. It represents 20mins or less of earnings for a full months use! I don't need to worry about it working and they're adding new stuff and improvements all the time. I'm not a fan of the CC system, especially at £18-£50 p/m but £8.57..... good value and it's tax deductible anyway.
  3. There are that many good cameras now that we can become very critical when something is not perfect, which it never is. I loved my Fuji's but I'd never use them for video but I find it hard to believe that Canon has taken such a big step backwards in terms of video that the 80D video isn't worth showing. Anyway, with video you don't want it too sharp.... it's not like stills. Of course you don't want it soft either but I normally dial down the sharpness setting a lot and then apply it in post if necessary.
  4. It's very good. I bought one from Clifton Camera's while they had a pre-order for £899. It's a backup for my A7rii and I've found it rather nice to use. It feels very responsive AF wise, the viewfinder is really nice, not as big as the A7rii but it has lovely contrast, very clear, and zero blackout when shooting at 8fps with tracking etc. It's weaknesses aee the A7rii strengths so I've found it to be a useful addition. I've been a little surprised at how much detail this thing can capture (using FE lenses) very good. The high ISO handling is also rather impressive for an APSC camera Downsides.... handling isn't as good as the A7rii, it would have been nice to have a couple more dials and buttons. I never thought I'd say this but, IBIS. I guess I'd taken it for granted on the A7rii and only really noticed how well it works when using the same lenses on a camera that doesn't have it. Ones that I'm not bothered about. Rolling shutter with 4k, A7rii works great and my Osmo is great for run-and-gun style of footage. No problems at all when shooting from a tripod. Overheating - Only a problem if you shoot clips of 20 mins or more ( as stated in the manual). Stock footage is a mile off that limit. Batteries.... turn on Aeroplane mode and that will make the batteries last longer but.... anyone who uses mirrorless knows to expect 300 shots per battery. They also only weigh a few grams and are the same as the ones in the A7rii. I would never use it as a main camera, I've been spoilt by the A7rii but it's an impressive camera. Very snappy AF and feels nice and solid! Edit.... Anyone using the Nex6 would like this camera...... just missing that Nex7 dial though..... that would have been nice!
  5. Duncan are you saying the Fuji will take power from the USB? If so I'm just about to order some packs thank you The X-T1 doesn't support charging/power from the USB connector. The X100T does but not the X-T1 or T-10. I've amended the post above to make that clearer. It's one of the features I like about the Sony cameras, you have the option to switch this on and it means you can run the camera for hours with screen on etc.
  6. I regularly shoot 800+ images on a 5D2 in a three to four hour period all done with live view and barely make a 25% dent in a pair of batteries in a grip. I would love to get a smaller camera but battery life is one major negative for commercial jobs. The battery grip with the XT-1 is supposed to give you about 700 shots all in but a friend also complains about it not living up to 'spec'. I use the battery grip for the X-T1 and the A7rii when working in the studio. They do take you to a good 600+ shots. The Sony one is better for one reason alone, the two batteries are in the grip whereas the there is one in camera and one in the grip for the X-T1. This means you have to remove the grip to change the battery in the camera for the X-T1. This is a bit of a pain. The Sony A7rii grip has a quick release tray that comes out of the grip even when attached to a tripod / magic arm etc which means it is only a couple of seconds to change them both. Saves a load of hassle when you've taken the time to get the camera into position. Edit. Just as a side note. When I'm shooting clips or for prolonged shoots (Sony cameras) where you don't want the hassle of changing batteries (footage is battery intensive), I use a Anker battery pack that attaches to the camera via the usb socket. This is like attaching 10-15 batteries at once. Works great for studio work and footage if the camera is on the tripod / magic arm,
  7. Could it also have something to do with back issues? People can request back issues for copies they have missed?!?
  8. I can take it out hiking for a day and normally only use one battery, 250-300 shots. I carry a one spare but do have up to 5 for multi day walks. Camera = 400g, battery 50g approx. The difference in weight between a DSLR and the X-T1 means you could probably carry 6-8 batteries and still weigh less. Of course, I always used to carry a spare for the DSLR as well so no change really (other than weight). Same with the A7rii as well...... DSLR would last the same time if you had it on live view all the time I guess.
  9. Sorry Christian, I was referring to the volume not the $'s . The dollars would of course be greater than the 2k
  10. But of course, that is not a problem for Alamy (and other libraries). Very true...... it's ironic though that the action of bringing in many more contributors with a sales pitch of, "We are good to contributors" would result in a "poorer return" for those contributors if they are not able to lift volume of sales significantly. I can live without the "Niceness" if it means high volume of sales There are certain agencies out there that are not as good as Alamy, in terms of communication, commission % and some sale prices but, they do give me 2k+ (vol) sales a month. If they hit 3k(vol) I might even let them be a little rude at times, or even obnoxious if they reach 5k(vol) sales . Yeah, it's all about the money & paying those bills Edit..... stuck (vol) to make it clearer I was talking about number of sales rather than value. Average value per sale tends to be around the $1.2 - $1.5 net based on stills and footage.
  11. My concern would be a large increase in volume of contributors without an equally large increase in volume of sales will end up with a reduced level of income per contributor as there will be more contributors battling over smaller pot of cash.
  12. Really?!? I thought it was a rather balanced community...... *cough* not!
  13. Hi Duncan! long time no speak. Been on holiday? I agree but the trad-agencies, all of them still have some way to go. Its still lots of fumbling around in the dark how to tackle the industry, business-plan, etc. Yeah, trip to Scotland again.....nearly defrosted now :-). I've been spending time learning about colour grading in FCPx, using Motion5 and Nodes2. More or less up to speed now (still plenty to learn though) so this year will be a year for Footage for me as well as maintaining momentum with stills etc! Been busy then?!?.... The sale of CI has saved me the job of joining G, new contract arrived the other day! Things changing fast at the moment but I guess that's just the way it is..... some things will never change
  14. Last month was a little quieter here but overall, I'd say they've improved quite a bit over the last 4 months or so. Long may it continue! Might not be as much as some others but they seem to be moving in the right direction!
  15. Yeah, sometimes it's best to be open and make decisions based on your own findings rather than reacting to others (including myself). Before discounting anything, try it and see if the work you produce fits the market you're playing in and if it works great, if not.... get out and do/try something else! There was a point in time, about 18 months ago, that I nearly listened to a particular group of people and I'm so glad I didn't. I decided to ignore the proclaimed truth and follow my heart and gut instincts..... that decision paid off and allowed me to go full time photographer. Keep pushing, keep believing, don't be afraid to try something new and don't go flogging a dead horse..... unless someone offers you a lot of money for it
  16. I'd forgotten I had got them They're very good profiles as well, look almost identical to the in camera ones and you keep all the fine detail in raw
  17. Some but not all. My Micro inc is still over 10x that of Alamy so I guess it depends on your content and is increasing on avg, 10-20% p/month. So, it'll be a while before I pack up my micro bags to move here exclusively. BUT, don't read that as Alamy is not as good, they're just a different market selling (more often than not) a different and unique product that can't be had elsewhere. Remember, agencies are not football teams, you are allowed to follow more than one. Edited quote content to match OP edit.
  18. I quite like chrome but haven't used it much. That reminds me, I managed to get a hold of C1 Pro Fuji Film profiles that can be used on raw files rather than their jpgs. A quick renaming of the profiles and you can use them with any Camera If you haven't seen them, check out this link for them.
  19. Maybe some sort of "Age of Image" check is being applied when deciding on ranking?!? Maybe more of an "Image Rank" and not just a Pseud rank. A lot of variables to choose from to change the images appearing in front of the customers to keep it fresh. Who knows (alamy of course) but I guess we'll never know!
  20. That sort of confirms that the BHZ is not reliable given new Pseudos are given a medium rank. To be at the back would suggest everyone else is greater than medium. I just use as a way to tell if there has been a change and then to check specific searches.
  21. +1 I use it as a rough guide before heading out and carrying out some set keyword searches to see where my actual images are appearing within the library.
  22. Slight drop from near the top to middle page 1. Checked other keywords searches and still there for key subjects. Down a little on popular subject matter but not to far thankfully.
  23. Example http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/3689049.stm Note the part about the privacy laws being confused And the major one http://www.out-law.com/page-4663 1st links dead for me. The 2nd.... well, I think it has something to do with who it was but you can never tell. That said, the average Joe blogs is unlikely to go to that extent and is more likely to be happy for their 15mins of fame. Unless of course they were with someone they shouldn't have been with
  24. I respectfully disagree. The public sphere is just that. In the UK we have that right- I prefer to call it a freedom. Mark Are you sure about the right to photography in the UK? I just browsed the streets of London in Google street view, and even the mighty Google has obscured faces and license plates enough to make them unrecognizable. We have the right to photograph in public unless in areas where it's unlawful (criminally - court room for example), there's no rights of image to the subject as per France, We have no real privacy rights (in public) in statute law AFAIK but there are judgements about invasion of privacy in a public setting which have been handed down from the Euopean Court. So whilst anyone can sue you, they now have court rulings in favour of privacy in certain circumstances. Right to photograph and consequences of publication are two separate issues - for stock, the two are however interlinked. Yes. If you take a shot of someone in their garden and you're in a public street, then it would be reasonable to expect them to be able to sue (technically) for Invasion of Privacy. However, they are unlikely to succeed if they were walking down the high street as it's unreasonable to expect privacy in a non private place.
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