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  1. 2 minutes ago, vpics said:

    Having to pay for links - great. But this surely doesn't mean sharing a link, as a link in itself does not contain copyright information. But if you look at blogs and internet sites linking to articles by displaying the whole article this would make sense. 

    I don't think it will apply to news or editorial photography. Overnight ALL images of stars wearing designer outfits, politicians getting into a Merc outside a meeting or opening a bottle of water would disappear. 


    Agree. The law is being introduced to help Copyright owners not destroy them. I wouldn't get too worked up until the new regs are reviewed by legal bods who can work it all out. From initial glances, it could be a good thing but I'll reserve judgment until the experts are let loose on the details.

  2. 23 hours ago, Bill Brooks said:


    I have the Canon 70-200 F4 as well, because I do a lot of hiking and I want a lightweight lens. I also find at least F5.6 necessary for depth of field at 200mm, so I do not miss F2.8. The F4 lens is also very sharp and comparatively cheap.


    I once had a Nikon film system with a 80-200 F2.8 but never used the lens at F2.8 because my shooting required that extra F5.6-11 depth of field.


    I have a Canon 400mm F5.6. I rarely use it because it has less depth of field than 200MM, is heavy, and I like to shoot quickly handheld.


    With a 50 megapixel camera you can always “tel extend” 200mm to 400MM and gain a greater depth of field by cropping the 50 megapixel file to 20 megapixel size, like this vertical cropped from an actual 200mm horizontal shot here.




    +1 I use the 24-105 on a a7riii and with the 42mb gives me the reach of approx 150mm + but in a smaller and lighter package.


    The 100-400gm gives extremely thin DoF but thankfully the focus tracking is spot on.

  3. On 17/04/2018 at 12:43, Martin B said:

    Why anyone would pay $2,500 for a relatively slow, variable aperture zoom lens is beyond me. The 70-200 f/2.8 is a much better design, and a lot faster.


    Sony FE 100-400 GM.


    If you had it and used it you would know. It is without doubt the best long zoom lens I've ever used. It's sharp from wide open across the frame at all FL's and is very fast to focus. Shooting action is a breeze with it and it tracks very well. It also has superb micro contrast and has lovely OOF rendering. It is one lens I'd buy in a heartbeat again if I had too.


    My main goto lenses are the FE 12-24 G f/4, FE 24-105G f/4 & the 100-400GM. I save the primes for working in the studio now and the zooms for high quality convenience.


    As for OP. Save your money on the Sony FE 70-200 f/2.8 and go for the A6500 and pair it with the 70-200 f/4 . It has IBIS and will help with stabilise all lenses inc which ever long lens you go for. The 70-200 F/4 is a very capable as well and unless you're shooting a lot in low light, the constant f/4 will be more than enough. It's also a lot lighter to carry around. 


    (duh, misread and thought you said a6000 :-) and you've bought the f/2.8 ....I need new glasses I think )

  4. 18 hours ago, Ed Rooney said:

    I've seen a couple of expats down here in San Miguel de Allende cafes happily using the 13". If you are traveling by car, the 15" should work out, but getting on and off aircraft these days, with all the various security, the 15" would have been a major problem. 


    And by the way, I have the Nik collection up and running on this machine, where it would not on my iMac. I suspect that has to do with the fact that I have Sierra running the iMac and High Sierra on this 13". 




    I've used the 15 on a flight but it\'s a bit more of a squeeze. Still using Sierra on the Laptop as there are a couple of apps I need that won't run on High Sierra. The Mac Pro 2013 is on Hi Sierra now (last couple of weeks). Tried a couple of times before that but had some significant issues with it. Seems more stable now. Hopefully there will be fewer issues with the next version.

  5. On 06/05/2018 at 00:14, Ed Rooney said:

    I love it, Duncan. I could not have traveled with the 15", nor could I afford it. 


    Excellent.... I'll be running my 2015 15" for a while yet but I think it will be replaced by a 13" given it's not my main working computer! At one point, I did have a 11" MacBook Air.... really light and powerful for it's size!

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  6. 9 hours ago, John Mitchell said:


    Thanks, very useful information. I didn't know about the Alapha Rumours discount code either. If DxO  -- I'm using DxO Optics Pro Elite -- goes belly-up, I might migrate to Capture One. I tried the free "Express" version for Sony a couple of years and liked the interface. However, it is much too limited for anything serious. I'll check out the trial of Capture One 11.


    The Sony version is exactly the same as the Capture One Pro full version. I transferred to the Sony one after C1 Pro 10 (all cameras) when I sold the Olympus camera to fund a 2nd Sony and now use C1 Pro 11 Sony version. 


    Because they are working with Sony, most of their main features all work with them. I use the tethering a lot, I don't think it's available to all Sony Cameras but it is for a lot of the newer cameras. Tethered without live view means you can control the camera from the laptop and the image is transferred to the laptop directly and not on the camera. Live view gives you the extra benefit of being able to see any changes to the scene on the laptop.


    ILCE-A7III      Yes Yes Pro Only: Tether support and Live View
    ILCE-A7 Yes Yes Pro Only: Tether support
    ILCE-A7II Yes Yes Pro Only: Tether support and Live View
    ILCE-A7R Yes Yes Pro Only: Tether support
    ILCE-A7R II Yes Yes Pro Only: Tether support and Live View
    ILCE-A7R III Yes Yes Pro Only: Tether support and Live View
    ILCE-A7S Yes Yes Pro Only: Tether support and Live View
    ILCE-A7S II Yes Yes Pro Only: Tether support and Live View
    ILCE-A9 Yes Yes Pro Only: Tether support and Live View
    SLT-A99II Yes Yes Pro Only: Tether support
    SLT-A99 Yes Yes Pro Only: Tether support
    SLT-A77 II Yes Yes Pro Only: Tether support and Live View


    a6500 Yes Yes Pro Only: Tether support
    a6300 Yes Yes Pro Only: Tether support
    a6000 Yes Yes Pro Only: Tether support
    a5100 Yes Yes Pro Only: Tether support
    a5000 Yes Yes

    Pro Only: Tether support

  7. 4 hours ago, John Mitchell said:


    How do you like Capture One for Sony only? What kind of a job does it do on noise reduction and cleaning up CA?


    It works really well. There are a lot of controls to manage NR. I tend to turn it down a lot when at base ISO as the Sony sensors are very clean. I can quite easily process images at ISO 6400 (a7riii), maybe a little more and still sell them. Just need to make sure you over expose a little when at higher ISO and then dial back to make the shadows cleaner. If your coming from LR, it will take a little getting used to but they do have a load of video tutorials!


    CA is managed well. They are very quick to get lens profiles out (made by Phase One) and don't just rely on Sony's manufacture profiles. Also, the diffraction correction is very affective. I guess a lot will depend on lenses used as well though. 


    The good thing is, for the $79 for the Sony.... plus another 10% off if you pickup a discount code from Sony Alpha Rumours, it's yours and if you don't upgrade camera or lenses, then it's good for 2-3 years really. They normally update the current version to work with the new OS before the new version of C1 Pro is released.


    Best thing to do is try it out for free for a month. You have a choice of using Catalogue or Sessions (mini catalogues). I prefer Sessions, easier to manage.


  8. I dropped Adobe CC in favour of Affinity Photo & Affinity Designer. I already had Capture One Pro both 10 (all cameras) and 11 for Sony only. Paid for not on sub. Affinity apps are great as you pay £49 (or £32 when there's a discount ;-) and all updates are free!!! 


    For Mac users it's great. Stick on 2tb iCloud and you have a workflow that's available on all computers (synced) so you can go from one computer to another and the updated files are there for you. Affinity is geared up to work with iCloud and Capture One sessions work excellent on it too!


    Only there software I use is FCP X & Motion 5.

  9. On 18/04/2018 at 22:00, RedSnapper said:



    Basically, as with me, the older images play an important role. Since you  started in 2012 you won't have any of the A-C images anyway?



    Some decent sales at the beginning of the month and two are C & D.... in fact, looking back over the last couple of months or so and I was surprised at how many were D.... a lot!

  10. On 27/04/2018 at 14:42, Ed Rooney said:

    Here it is a free download from DxO:  https://nikcollection.dxo.com 


    Yes, things keep changing. I just got it working on my new MacBook Pro 13". It's kept in Photoshop CC. Viveza is the tool I've been using in NX2. There's nothing like it LR or PH. 


    Hope your enjoying that new laptop!!


    While I like the 15 (which I was using as my main computer when I bought it) I'd be tempted to stick with the 13 for the reduction in weight and bulk.... they're very light in compared to the 15 :-)

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  11. 1 hour ago, Ed Rooney said:

    Ahhh, thanks, Duncan.


    Your snaps of those lovely young lambs makes me want to be a vegetarian.  I eat meat these days only about 2 days a week.  But  I want to remain an omnivore, in case the world turns upside down. 




    Cheers... yeah, we don't eat much meat.... red meat virtually never. About once or twice a year..... chicken, turkey and fish aren't quite so lucky though :-) 

  12. 1 hour ago, Ed Rooney said:

    Ah so. Paid for . . . like they want money, Duncan?  Hmm.  I think I'll stick with with the same tools in my Capture NX2, which is still functioning, thank God.


    I think you've misunderstood. You register an interest in the paid version and they send you a link for the free one in an email. No money exchanges hand at all :D

  13. High Sierra has potential to be very good and.... quite unstable depending on the hardware.


    I was running 10.13.2 Beta 6 for a while on a 2015 dual graphics MacBook Pro and the current Mac Pro. On the Mac Pro it seems to run very well with Adobe CC, Capture One Pro 10, Affinity Photo, FCP X and Motion 5. The CS6 installer would not work however but, if the software was already installed when updating, it would work fine. Just didn't like the installer app.


    The MacBook Pro was a different storey though. Random reboots, beachballs and lag were common. The software (as with the MacPro) seemed to work, as in it loaded and ran ok but was subject to lag and beachballs and random intervals.


    After running the 10.13.2, as well as earlier versions for a couple of months, I've now returned to Sierra. I'm normally one of the 1st to run new OS X's but this time, I'll be waiting till end of 1st Q 2018 before trying it again, just a little too unstable at the moment. Its probably best to set it up on a bootable USB drive first to give it a good testing before disturbing your existing system. 


    That said, it has great potential. When the lag wasn't there it was very quick.... they just need to do some fine tuning!


    Edit. With regards to Nik Software. If you have problems, re-install it after removing the existing copy from the system. Just use the uninstall app that comes with the software. After that you shouldn't have any problems. When updating to High Sierra it can mess with an established installation but it does work if you re-install it.

  14. 1 hour ago, geogphotos said:

    It seems to me that not everybody understands the changes that have happened with DACS.


    Perhaps we will be rudely awakened in the coming week or so.


    Yes.... preparing for the worst :-(


    It does seem that agencies think it's theirs to claim and those dam pesky image creators keep trying to take it from them! They'll not be happy until they take it all in exchange for a credit and a pat on the back ;-)

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  15. Yeah.... although this bit doesn't sound quite as good.


    "Although DACS received the majority share of the monies available, you may notice a proportional decrease in your overall royalty payment. This is because the overall monies available this year to visual artists from the CLA has reduced from previous years. Also, other visual representative organisations were eligible for a share of the monies this year. However, every claimant is still guaranteed a minimum royalty of £25. "



  16. 25 minutes ago, geogphotos said:

    Long-in not working using Safari on Alamy main site. 


    I assume the same problem facing buyers? 


    This needs sorting out.:(


    Exactly. Staff responsible for buying pictures at companies also cannot JUST install a new browser to get around the problem. The companies IT department have to do it and often they won't as it does create extra work to maintain it company wide. The last place I worked at had an old version of Explorer and it took an age to get them to update it, never mind installing a new browser. Most end users don't have privileges set up to install so they can't go behind IT's back to do it either!!


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