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  1. Well, that's it.... I can't login at all on 4 computers, iPad and laptops. I guess I'll just have to sit here and wait for the wind to change before I can login.
  2. What they don't appreciate is some browsers are very inefficient on the Mac. Chrome, for example, has a tendency to send too many wake-up requests. Far exceeding the 150 per/sec max. Normally this isn't an issue when using software that has a lower CPU/Ram requirements, however, Final Cut Pro x needs as much of it as possible when working in 4k. If google (and X-Rite) happen to go into a Wake-Up frenzy when you're processing a 4k file then bang (most of the time)...... the beach ball of death appears and you lose complete control of your Mac and have to force a shutdown. This happens all the time with a top spec dual graphics card MacBook Pro. I no longer have chrome installed and will never install it on my work computers with FCP X. So, the lazy response of, use a different piece of software as we can't be bothered to fix the problem, is not an option for me. Clearing cookies (for separate reasons) often caused the "Never ending Catcha cycle" to begin in my experience. A professional company should have no problem in providing a HTML5 compliant website. I have zero problems with Captcha on every other website..... just here.
  3. This morning I could login, this afternoon I couldn't..... then it logged me out of both forums and my alamy.... I've been allowed to login to the forums again but still no go for My Alamy ...... for the love of god Alamy, sort it out.... or, employ someone who knows how to fix it!!! This is a daily routine and it's becoming tiring... I hope to god customers are not having the same problems!
  4. +1 ...Yeah.... I started here and built a port here first before building a micro port as well. Two different markets that do well on two different styes of imagery. How long does it take for an image to sell, depends on when that person needs it!
  5. 100%. Never submit RF stuff from Micros as RM here, big no no. Besides, Alamy tend to provide a hybrid license agreement and you can get just as good fees for RF as RM. While I have a large batch of stuff to send here which is elsewhere, I do have an itch to get out for a while and shoot stuff solely for here.... I keep promising myself that ;-)
  6. I take and sell a lot of imagery on Micro, I do upload them here as well and they do sell here as well for nice amounts. BUT, I upload micro content here as a "Catch All". If micro content sells here, great if not, no problem. It's selling where it was intended to sell and at the price I expect it to sell at (small and large sales). Quite happily live off the income that I make there. However, I also have a lot of images just here, editorial work and it is a different style to micro stuff. To be honest, I enjoy shooting for Alamy (editorial) without micro in mind and I have neglected it for a while..... dare I say, I'm missing shooting it as well :-) It's a different mindset from staged shoots etc for the micro market. More relaxed and even engaging.... more "Photography" and less design/staged. Anyway.... upload you micro stuff here but don't expect it to sell the same way. There will be those that see it here and go elsewhere to buy, others will just buy it here. What you need to do is shoot for Alamy to see improved sales. Look at what sells here and take those findings out with you and upload what you shoot yo Alamy only. Work around a 2 port mentality, them and us..... or us and them You can have both but they are very much different!!
  7. Well, looking at the Colour and 100% crop on a retina screen and I'd say they're slightly soft. So, as high pixel density screens have a tendency to make things look sharper than they actually are (such as Apple's Retina screen), then I'd say this would look SoLD on a standard screen. A lot of people process and work with Retina, 4k or 5k screens these days that are between 21-27" in size. Effectively it crams more pixels into a smaller area making you think an image is sharper than it actually is. For this reason I have a separate monitor that is 2560x1440 at 27inch which gives you the right pixel density to be able to judge sharpness. Not saying that this is what's happened here but it is something to be aware of!
  8. Not limited to Chrome, Safari for me... I've had to download Firefox to use if I want to login to Alamy.... don't use it for anything else. Another annoying thing. When you're viewing the Forums and want to return to the Main Alamy site, you used to be able to click on the Alamy logo at the top (radical I know) and it would take you there. Now, it just takes you to the main forum screen..... the same as clicking on "Forum Home". They seem to be introducing more bugs than ever. I dread to think how many new clients (or even existing ones) have just given in with the login screens when creating / accessing their accounts!
  9. Still happening here as well. Safari just won't work with Alamy's application of CAPTCHA. And it is just an Alamy thing, other agencies use CAPTCHA and I can login just fine their but not here. If clients are experiencing the same thing (verify to login to account), they may just go elsewhere.
  10. +1. I used to love using my Fuji cameras but it was a constant fight to control the patterns. I used C1 and it was recognised as one of the best to use as it gave better control over sharpening and NR. In the end, I decided to compare it to an old A7r with one of their 16-35. The Fuji gear was up for sale not long after that. In the end I settled with a Sony A7rii. For general stock and everyday camera I use an Olympus OMD EM1 mkii with a Pro 12-100 lens. No problems with detail or NR anymore. Also have the 12-40 & 100-400 and they all provide excellent results It's not just excess sharpening. Fuji (even with the X-T2 & Pro2) carry out a lot of NR in camera that can't be fully turned off in software. They acknowledge this and gave a little extra in the menu to tone it down a touch but, still not switch it off entirely. Take excessive NR, smoothing (apparently this is favoured in Japan etc) and add sharp lenses with additional sharpening in software and it can be a recipe for disaster. The ones it effected most were landscape shooters. I did have Pro1, XT1 (two of) and an XE1 with 23,35,56,60, 10-22, 16-55 & 55-140. The 55-140 was there best lens by far. But once I seen the light (detail) of other sensors it wasn't enough to keep me. If anyone was looking for a great one lens stock solution at the moment, I'd recommend the Olympus OMD EM1 mkii with the 12-100 (24-200 ff). Being able to handhold for up to 4 secs (1-2 at 100mm) means I can take shots in dark cathedrals and still not be over iso 500. I mainly use my Sony gear for studio or landscape work but I prefer the ergonomics and shear speed of the Em1 mkii. It is also the first camera that not only handles weather but can take a dunking and a real beating and still survive... comfortably.
  11. The only thing I have running is an Ad blocker but, that's not new and this just started to happen this afternoon and had been working ok this morning and prev days etc. Just Safari that's affected at the moment, FireFox seemed to be working ok.
  12. Just spotted this after I posted about the same issue. It's just flat out refusing to progress past the verification.
  13. It seems they've added a new verification system...... that's not working! Just goes round and round and round asking the same questions but never logs you in! I swear down, if I have to click on another box with a sign or a vehicle I think I'll........ go for a pint :-) Edit Ok, it seems to be an issue logging in with Safari, Firefox works ok. Definitely some compatibility issues that need to be address by the web developing team.
  14. Most importantly to me is pride. I'm a good photographer, it's about the only thing in my life I am confident about, and I deserve to be paid more than a few pence. I refuse to give my hard work and talent away for peanuts. If you're ONLY in it for the money and don't care what you actually get paid per photo, maybe Microstock is better. One decent sale on Alamy could get you the same as 1000 on Microstock. I know which I'd prefer. Geoff. ?!? Err yeah, pride don't pay the bills At the end of the day, this is the day job and the first and most important thing to think about is whether it is paying it's way. I have 2 ports, one that is here and one that is there..... the here includes ones that are there but not the other way round. There makes me a lot more money than here. I'd need to earn over 6k p/m here to be close (excl distributor sales). Alamy is still worth it though, normally make a few hundred a month here but I look to sell the right work in the right shop so I can pay the bills, feed the family and keep a roof over my head. I'd strongly recommend keeping an open mind with regards to new technology, agencies and marketing techniques otherwise it's easy to be left behind. Of course, if you don't need the money or it's just some extra pocket money then fair enough. The music industry still sells cd's, mp3 files and vinyl, but that isn't the future. Subscription is where it's at and is taking off very quickly. If an artist or recording studio ignored this then it could prove costly. I'd imagine the cost per track on this business model will be a lot lower but, they'll be reaching many more people who wouldn't have listened to there material if it wasn't for the subscription model. I'd love it to still be all based on vinyl sales etc but while its making a bit of a comeback, it isn't where the big money is now and it will never return to it's peak. It's glory days are over and the world we live in now is changing a lot faster than it used to. Personally, I still buy some CDs but I listen to far more CD Hi-Def stuff via Tidal these days and found a load of bands I'd never been aware of before. With regards to the OP..... yeah, this month has started off poor
  15. I agree, however, in this instance I would only give my id to an acting police officer. I think the main issue of concern is that the initial person did not make it clear that they were not an "Official Police Officer". I know from past experience and being advised by the police afterwards that it is illegal to impersonate a police officer... or as in this case (and my experience) not make it clear they're not a police officer. It also turned out (the person who stopped me) didn't have the power to do that either. The police actually took the guys details so this could be brought to their attention..... as well as their superiors!.
  16. If you can get to the Metrocentre, the lads there will get one out of the box or untether one. I often go there as they'll order in stuff to let me try it before buying it. From memory, they have quite a few Sony camera's and lenses in store. Edit .... Might be an idea to say "Jessops" at the metrocentre
  17. The difference in IBIS between the A6300 and A7rii was noticeable and definitely a nice to have... but, is it worth paying more than double?!? (compared to A6500) I don't think so. Touch screen and bigger buffer are the other two main differences and the touch screen isn't the best implementation apparently. Even though I really do like IBIS, I'd struggle to justify that increase, the A6300 @ £700 looks like a bargain and it's a nice camera that has very good AF. Pop that EVF up to the 120 refresh rate and it looks stunning. Solid build to it, I don't think you could go far wrong with it.
  18. Thanks for the heads up.... yes, it's definitely up from last year! Very nice indeed
  19. One of the older 21.5's would be ideal (last ones before they stopped been up-gradable, i.e. not the really skinny ones). Easy to change memory and, not to hard to change hard drives. Just need a suction cup to remove the front glass. I've got one that I upgraded to 24gb and installed an SSD drive to replace the standard one and it is a fast machine for photography.... not enough for 4k video but more than enough for A7rii stills.
  20. Pre-ordered the EM1 mkii with the 12-100 to act as the speed option for a two camera setup. The A7rii is the hi res low light element. Looking forward to using for stills and footage!
  21. I'd imagine it will work just fine, it's just that you can't tweak the output. When using Advanced settings, it states D65 white balance is the recommended so easy mode will use that.... it will either use 120 cd/m2 brightness or, native brightness of the screen. In either event, you'll be able to alter this from the monitor itself. And.... most importantly, it will be better than not having it at all, it will colour balance your screen which is what you want
  22. That's interesting. Given that the ColorMunki display has access to the advanced mode, I wonder what the difference is between the X-Rite ColorMunki Display (£139 on Amazon) and the X-Rite i1 Display Pro (£199 on Amazon) is? The hardware looks very similar. Wex UK is cheaper, £119 for the ColorMunki Display.
  23. Just checked out the features of the Smile compared to their ColorMunki Display (which I have, just over £100). The main issue I noticed is the lack of advanced mode (with the software included). ColorMunki Smile offers Easy Mode only but ColorMunki Display gives Easy & Advanced. The advanced allows you to set the screen brightness & white point i.e. D55 or D65 etc. Advanced allows you to check for screen flare and gives you ambient light monitor as well. The main thing I like is having control over the brightness and colour point and also being able to tell it to colour match another monitor, handy when using a system with 2 or monitors. If you don't need or want the additional controls, I'd imagine easy mode in ColorMunki Smile will be the same as ColorMunki Display.
  24. Depends on your ISP speed and hard drive installed. 30 minutes or so for me, 200+mb download and SSD drive but it will vary drastically depending on network speed and hard drives installed. Incidentally, I've been running El Cap on my main Mac Pro and Sierra on my Macbook Pro and there've been no problems at all with Sierra.... Adobe CC, Capture One, Photo Mechanic, FCP X, Motion 5 etc etc.
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