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  1. Oh I so hope you are right. I have the Nex 7 and I know they are due a replacement very soon.... I am hoping that it will be available before I head over to the Peruvian Andes for a 3 week climbing holiday... with plenty of photography. If it does, I'll be getting one along with the 50mm 1.8 I think! Edit... just took a look at Sony Alpha Rumours and nothing there either.... :-(
  2. Well I suppose that's encouraging- four years in with regular sales I'm lower than that, so there's the flaw in bhz. Very true, not fool proof at all and not everyone takes part either. Seem to be averaging 3 sales a month at the moment with two thirds of my port being uploaded in the last 6 months so no complaints.... just got to keep working at it.
  3. After being stationary on page 18 since joining last May I've finally moved.... thankfully in a positive direction! One of my Main pseudos is now top third of page 8. Still plenty of work to do Can't check my others pseudos due to being a numpty... I forgot to make sure a BHZ image was included in them after a reshuffle of images between primary and secondary collections ... I'll check in a couple of days time!!
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