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  1. "You're spot on about not doing PP on a laptop. I would just use a laptop to download the RAW images and save a second copy on a portable HD"


    Same here! Only use my laptop for keywording and research, but never for post-processing.






    Same here. I use a MacBook air 11" for traveling, uploading images to a 1tb usb drive. From there I sort out which files I want, keyword and sometimes apply grads if I need to balance out land / sky. But, i never try to do anything with colour balance etc until I get it on a large monitor and fine tuning etc. 



    Duncan. Just had a quick look at your work. Not sure if it's a concern or not but should you really have that credit card there with all the detail visible? Just wondering if someone could easily start charging your card!!!


    Naaa... they'll be lucky..... it's an old one  :D The back all faded and rubbed off so I had to get a replacement! But good point though!!

    I always alter the details on these sort of images just in case.





    Very good idea.... next time it might be an active card!! Will make a mental not to not do it again! Thanks

  3. I've had a few clean ISO 2000 - 3200 shots pass through. Shot with Fuji X Pro1. I prefer to keep under 3200 though and rarely need to exceed 2500, for stock that is.


    Edit, just looking at the linked shot....... if it was me, I wouldn't submit it. It looks like you can see noise and that's without looking at it at 100%. I wouldn't want to risk a 28 day sit out for one file.... but that's just me.




    As are you, Duncan (+1s and greenies to you both for your effort and positivism).  Some great words which are a morale boost for me at a difficult time!


    Just had a quick look at your images. I believe that when you first joined Alamy, your portfolio consisted of mainly outdoor adventure subjects: I see that it has now broadened considerably (without lessening in quality) and is clearly based upon a pathway to sales.  I admire your efforts and work-ethic (ditto Jeff).


    Well done - you have a fantastic-looking portfolio there which I am certain is seeing increasing sales.  If you are not knocking on Jeff's door within his timeline, (excepting for changes in economic/political/technological factors beyond our control, in the meantime) I shall be surprised!


    Cheers..... initially I concerned myself to much about how much I was earning at that point in time. I think to begin with you have to accept that you will earn very little (compared to a normal full time job) and that whats important is the % increases in revenue / zooms etc you are making each month.


    Your right, I was mainly an outdoor activity / landscape shooter but I wanted to get into studio work etc. I bought various bits of kit and learned how to use them (and still learning) and feel like it was meant to be. I love setting up shots, the prep, lighting etc... great fun. I used to have to wait until the weekends to enjoy my photography, now I find just as much if not more please from making the every day objects look good..... or try to anyway :D I used to shy away from strobes and flashes, now I love using them.


    If i'm honest, provided my bills are paid each month I would be quite happy working every waking hour (photography that is). I guess that's because I don't see it as work, I'm doing what I love and people are paying me money for it...... whats not to love about that  B)  everyday is a sunny day in studio Izel.... there's always something to shoot!


    One for Mr... (96,779to answer?

    You've bloody shorted me, you have.

    (& given me some not mine, have you?!)

    This is what it is:  Images:97020


    As to starting from scratch in 2013 --> future full time stock shooter income;

    yes, if one has all the factors it takes + persistence, this scenario can be real:

    (am only familiar with nonexclusive unreleased RM occasionally licensed commercially, too)

    2014: $3000 net (mostly "gets it" but still learning)

    2015: $8000 net (nearing total comprehension, knows limitations)

    2016: $15000 net (persistence like a locomotive)

    2017: $25000 net (takes camera everywhere but in shower)

    2018: $35000 net (starts giving priority to personal preferences, e.g., travel)

    2019,2020, etc.: may continue to rise if workaholic, or level off if prioritizing "enjoyment"


    notes: 2014-2018: average 40hrs work weeks = shooting/processing/keywording 

    And there will be future stock superstars rising much faster...


    Inspiration to us all Jeff.


    I was made redundant in March and decided to build my portfolios with the view if making it a full time job in the future. I had about 1k images then. I knew it was coming so I made sure all debts were cleared and bought all the kit I needed etc. I have 4k images here now with another 2.5k in a processing queue and just started building separate micro portfolio that's doing rather well. Aiming for about 1000 new images per month split between the 2 portfolios, probably 60% 40% split in favour of Alamy. 


    I have to admit I'm loving the work, the learning and get a real buzz from it. I've come to accept that it is not a question of if but when it provides a full time income. If I'm not shooting, I'm processing, If I'm not processing I'm keywording and once that's done it's onto research and analysis to identify the next target. I'm lucky in that the better half is also into climbing, mountain biking and traveling etc otherwise I would be in trouble :-)


    I think the most important thing is to be fully focused on what you want, identify your weaknesses and then learn how to overcome them... if you don't know something, buy a book on it or search the net. Believe there is nothing you cannot do without the right research and preparation and most of all....... love what you do, everything you do.... yes, even keywording :blink: 

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    Ed, i did the same like you. I switched from Canon 50d to Sony Nex 6 and i am verry happy. I feel like i make more images because of his flexibility :)

    Yep, same here. I take far more pictures with my mirrorless cameras than I ever did with DSLR's. Don't really know why, it just happens that way.

    Me also, hardly used the 5DII since buying NEX 6. . May sell Canon gear to fund the 16-70 Zeiss zoom.  Await reviews with interest!


    Just for reference, I sold my 5dmkii about a month back for £1,150 on ebay with 16k actuations. They are still selling like hotcakes on there at the moment so if you do decide to sell, you should get a reasonable bit for it.

  7. Out of all the existing Sony NEX marks which do you, who use them, think is the best and why?


    Of the Sony proposed NEX marks (incl FF) which do you think you would purchase for stock work?


    What are/would be your lenses of choice for use with the mark you would buy?




    With the arrival of the 16-70 Zeiss lens, I would say a Nex 7 pared with that lens would / should be good (should get some good deals soon if the new version comes out). Nice range and I would expect the IQ of the lens to be very good.


    The FF Nex is likely to be at least £2.5-£3k and not sure about the availability of lenses, there size and weight etc.... Either way, quite a bit of money before buying lenses and other kit to complete a system.... deep pockets would be required I think.

  8. Alamy's model of billing is serious outdated. In today's e-world, all transactions should be instantaneous. Why can't we make clients pay as they "check out"? Alamy has a very generous refund policy as far as we can tell. To allow clients download pictures (and start to use them), then send out invoice, and wait for weeks even months, sometimes never, is just simply preposterous. As others pointed out, we don't get sweet deal like this anywhere else in today's world. We got charged interest if we don't pay on time.


    I agree, i'm ok with the 30 days invoice time, even 90 at extreme but they should be logged on the system straightaway as being a sale. Not, ooo I'll use this one, wait 3-6 months to report it then an additional 3 months to pay.


    It makes it very difficult to get started with Alamy and makes using other agencies with faster / more accurate billing systems more appealing, especially when you are starting out.

  9. I'm only on one microsite as well as Alamy. I earn on micro about what I earn on Alamy. But my micro site has 10% of the number of images on Alamy. I target my micro shots for micro, and my Alamy shots for Alamy. What's the big deal? They are different markets. It's not about micro sites selling licenses for peanuts, or about Alamy prices going down south, it's all about the overall return on investment, mainly in time.


    I'm happy with my lot, at the moment at least.




    Exactly. The stuff I send to micros has next to £0 cost to produce when compared to travel shots. It doesn't mean I won't do travel, it just means I combine it with other things / events to keep costs down.

  10. Again I blame Microstock for this. Their disrespectful ethos driving down the cost of work knowing that there are so many people willing to do anything to get their work sold for buttons. Just so they can turn to peers and say 


    "I'm on Shutterstock/iStockphoto" 


    As if its some fashion trend or club. 


    I'm on Shutterstock / Istock and a couple of others. I shoot specifically for them and upload them here to, as a cover all bases approach. A lot of my Alamy stuff I wouldn't dream of putting on Micro, i.e. the more unusual hard to replicate stuff. It's not worth it and not the right shop window for it.


    Until this month I had 100 images with micros and they return $110 a month (last 3 months) and increasing. Last month I received $300 here and took £150 of that. Nothing yet this month. So I earn more money from a portfolio that is only 2.5% of the size of the one here at Alamy. No surprise that I have uploaded an additional 250 images to the Micros this month.


    Would i stop uploading here, not a chance! Will I look at developing the Micro side further, without a doubt.


    I believe in not having all my eggs in one basket and that there is more than one type of customer. Would the person who wants a cheap cut-out come here more or would they go to a micro. Some may but the most probably won't. You will get some cross over but there are 1,000,000's of customers who potentially use Micros that wouldn't dream to use Alamy and a lot of the main customers here are getting such big discounts, they don't feel compelled to look elsewhere. There will be some that do, but the money lost on these sales is more than made up through the 100's / 1000's of sales per month at a Micro.


    In my opinion, in comes down to research. Understand what is selling at each shop and provide them with the goods that are popular to their customers. Move with technology and not against it as it will still happen even if you don't agree or like it.

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  11. Paulette,


    I have no need for one of these as the LCD is visible in whatever light comes.     One day all LCD's will be like this....


    Concerned about possible damage, I did buy a Sony PCK-LM12 screen protector, but soon took it off as it was so reflective it made the screen as usless as on any ordinary camera.


    I picked up the anti reflective screen protector for the RX100, it has a matte finish. Remains easy to see in bright light while protecting the screen.

  12. Nothing has taught me more about the mechanics of digital photography than the QC processes of Alamy and Getty. They're a resounding reminder that there's room for improvement. In fact, it's QC that can step out and remind me of how complacent I'm becoming.


    Indeed, I'm greatful that they think my work is worth examining that closely.


    I agree, it made me revisit my workflow and as a result, the way I manage images and assess what is acceptable has improved greatly, along with my technique so as to avoid having to  "rescue" files during processing. I just bin the ones that seem questionable.

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  13. To be honest I think you need more than a few test shots. I have used my Fuji daily for 3 month and my opinion is still developing. The slow AF/shutter lag has been a growing irritation and it made my appreciate my dslr. That said I am still happy with it for travel and all day use, my shoulders are happier too. Like others my first impression was "WOW" there is something special (not sure what - more micro  detail?) about the images from Fuji X, I now sort of understand what people mean with Leica images.


    I don't understand the comments about lack of RAW conversion options. I use Capture 1 in the main but also have Lightroom (4.4), both make a good fist of conversion. I have never used the supplied SilkyPix as the Fuji just dropped into my existing workflow. PhotoMechanic also handle the raw files and creates jpegs ok (without having adjustment capability). That is on Windows and Mac, and on Mac only I am also aware of Iridient which seems to be well regarded for Fuji RAF files. Surely that is enough choice?


    Another very happy Fuji X user here. I have the X Pro1 and the X-E1 with most lenses. Lens quality is extremely good.


    As Martin says, can't understand the comment about Raw conversion. I've had no issues at all with C1 pro and I've tested Iridient Developer which produces very high detailed images but doesn't have the bells and whistles C1 has. LR has a bit of catching up to these two in terms of Raw conversion though.... imho.

  14. Anyone else noticed an increase of images being searched by the reference number without being zoomed?


    If this is due to the increase in size of the images while "mouse over", this could also be happening a lot for other searches and possibly impacting on CTR rate. As it stands my main Pseud is still on 1.04 but are we missing out on rank juice due to a change in the way buyers look for images?!?! Or, has Alamy monitored / factored this in already perhaps? Anyway, just thinking aloud and wondered if others had spotted a similar pattern.


  15. Don't worry. I uploaded some images on 29th July which went straight to 23hrs. "Good!" I thought.


    When they had not been QCd by the 6th August I thought I was in line for a fail. "Damn!" I thought


    Fortunately they passed QC on the 8th August. "Hooray!"


    That is the longest I have waited for a pass, they are usually through in two days.




    It's an horrible feeling..... waiting, not knowing...... then they pass and it's a massive sigh of relief. Especially when you know they are normally done within x amount of time!


    I guess Alamy are a victim of there own success, they are normally so good and fast at turning things around you sort of expect it all the time..... *a nod of acknowledgement to the QC team*

  16. I don't believe it, no sooner have the my last 2 batches cleared the 24hour queue and my next 100+ batch drops in! This is becoming really frustrating.... 3rd one this week  :angry:


    Edit, just to say... same thing as last time. Started off in the 23hour queue then decided to move on over to the 24hour one. Is this happening to anyone else at the moment?

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