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  1. Well I think I have done a mistake cos I posted about 30  images on the 13th and a few yesterday not been passed by QC yet... :(  So I am waiting to keyword them but it looks like it might be a while before I can do that...If they have not passed its the first time in over 100 images that have not passed since returning to the site .. My big mistakes were made in 2007 .. so I gave it up for a few years as I didn't have the time to look in to the whys and wherefores  of the site...so now I do have the time I have been taking my time and not rushing everything like a bull in a china shop.. :P .. 

      cheers   Barbara 


    Still time for them to go through..... when you first start uploading they can take a few days to a week. This drops over time as your QC rate improves etc.




    OMG  no wonder you all have 1000s of images in your portfolios  I will not be doing that many at all... I was thinking of doing about 50 per week .. that's if I manage to get out and get some new shots ...Thanks guys for taking the time to comment... :)

     Cheers  B 


    Don't forget that some of us are full-time stock shooters. I almost work 7/7, shooting, travelling, keywording and doing business. It's far from being on holiday everyday - like many undeservedly think -_-





    Very true.... although I do like the ability to have music rocking out while on a mad keywording session........ neighbours think there is some house party going on at the moment  :ph34r:

    For me, it's opera, a few cups of cappuccino and view on my garden bird feeder (for a little distraction and to force my eyes to focus further than 50cm once in a while :wacko: )



    Philippe (keywording for the moment)


    I told myself I cannot have my lunch until I finish the first 100..... feeling hungry..... still got 20..... arrrrrrggggghhhhhhhh got to push on!!!  :D


    OMG  no wonder you all have 1000s of images in your portfolios  I will not be doing that many at all... I was thinking of doing about 50 per week .. that's if I manage to get out and get some new shots ...Thanks guys for taking the time to comment... :)

     Cheers  B 


    Don't forget that some of us are full-time stock shooters. I almost work 7/7, shooting, travelling, keywording and doing business. It's far from being on holiday everyday - like many undeservedly think -_-





    Very true.... although I do like the ability to have music rocking out while on a mad keywording session........ neighbours think there is some house party going on at the moment  :ph34r:

  4. I am presently on the naughty step and am annoyed not at QC but with myself for making such a stupid mistake. Having corrected verticals on a layer and checking the layer for faults I flattened the image instead of deleting the offending layers underneath. Lesson learnt the hard way. Customers have the right to expect what they are paying good money for to be of professional quality.


    "annoyed not at QC but with myself for making such a stupid mistake" It's exactly that feeling / response that helps you focus on making the changes needed to help avoid it happening again.... I know that's how I felt. It forces you to reassess how you do things and add QC checks into your workflow to help spot the gaffs..... because we all make gaffs at times!

  5. I don't know how you all do it, I really don't: it's the keywording that kills me.  Even though my first language is English, I frequently wind up doing as much research as Philippe, so how he manages I just don't know!  Ditto Duncan, I've watched the size of your port expand logarithmically - and not just for the sake of volume - well taken, edited and keyworded, too.  270 keyworded in a day? Cripes, pass the ginger beer!  That'd take me a month!  I guess I'll always be in the catch-up queue <sigh> :( .


    Haha..... I start my day at about 6:30 - 7am and aim for about 150 by midday then it's all down hill  :D


    I use a well practiced mix of coffee & loud music..... lately it has been Guns & Roses but equally it could be the Prodigy!! I find I can get through loads of Keywording that way  :P


    It does help that I know a lot of the mountains in the pics but I also have have all the maps to hand...... and there is also Google of course. Group images into categories and type up generic keywords that would fit each 50+ batch, copy and apply to all then work your way through adding and deleting where appropriate.


    I do all my keywording in Capture One as it allows me to place keywords in a specific order. First few essential, next Main. It also means the same keywords can be used for any other agency. It lightroom, I had to do it once for The rest and once for Alamy.... got sick of that  :wacko:

  6. All depends what I have been working on. Specific studio stuff, maybe 50-100. But, if I have travel, outdoor and landscape shots, It can be a lot more. The most in one go was about 400.


    Jut finishing a batch of 270 (edited down from about 1260 shots) that I will keyword tomorrow and upload over the weekend. But next week it could be a batch of 30..... all depends on what I fancy doing  :D

  7. I very recently sold this - it went for a respectable $55.00 -

    B7WDF8 Chickens Dentdale

    OK so it's only one sale (second sale in 2 weeks with just over 1,300 up) but, having read a few sad/downbeat stories about sales on here (and I confess I wrote one or two back in the day) it just shows that anything will sell!! I know we all need to keep an eye on what seems to satisfy the market but I shot this, very randomly, whilst out walking in Dentdale a few years back.


    My take is that if the quality is there, submit and be damned.




    For sure. I was sat waiting for my dinner while at a restaurant in Lima.... fiddling with the camera I took a picture of an empty table next to me..... was zoomed on reference number so could turn into a sale..... you never know, it may pay for the meal  :D

  8. Morning all


    This weekend, I have to make a journey back to the UK for family reasons. Whilst I'm there I'm aiming to get some stock photography in.


    How are the trees doing with colour? Are there still any leaves? 


    Looking at Brecon Beacons; Dartmoor and Exmoor as possibles. Maybe up into the Lakes!


    A couple of weeks ago had an amazing few days on Skye followed by three non-stop days of rain in the Lakes which is why I am considering a fleeting journey there.






    Just back from Torridon (Sat 9th Nov) and the reds in the mountains look fantastic with patches of green yellow mixed with snow on the summits..... was a great trip.... even with the rain. Everyday there were rainbows..... dozens, nice changeable weather, great for photography and walking. In the process of stitching together some large Panos  :)


    $20 sounds too much for a Mail Online usage Duncan, might have been in that or another paper perhaps. Going rate for inline around $6


    Thanks for this Bryan, confused me a little as they paid me $20 last month for this image.... looks like a second use as the licence definitely says Sept :-)


    That's what I thought but found it on the DM affiliated website back then. Seems like a print plus online. License was...


    Country: United Kingdom

    Usage: Editorial

    Media: Newspaper - national

    Print run: up to 2 million

    Placement: Inside and online

    Image Size: 1/4 page

    Start: 01 September 2013

    End: 02 September 2013

    One use in a single editorial or advertorial article used within print and /or web versions, with re-use of the article in other titles or web versions within the same newspaper group. Digital use includes archive rights for the lifetime of the article.

  10. Guys, I appreciate your feedback. My image creating process is not that fast. I dont shoot like a machine gun. I shoot more creative then editorial. Adding another 2500 images to get sales, is going to take me at least 3 years. Thats a long time to see a return, and will it be worth it? I am really on the fence here. I could add another 500 and see how it goes. I just wonder why my images stopped selling as of July and why my CTR has dropped to 0


    I guess it is just as possible that next month you can end up with a glut of zooms etc. With a smaller portfolio the peaks and troughs will be more obvious. 


    While the vol of images you're able to produce is lower and with the success you are having with the micros, keep that as your main priority and add images here when the opportunity presents itself. Split your time 70/30 or 80/20 between the two ports and don't worry about sales here to much, they will come once your port size has increased in size and variety. At the same time the port that is bringing in the most money will be growing faster and more likely to allow you to spend more time building up both ports quicker in the future. 


    Think of the images here as cash for a rainy day, you're not expecting to use it or benefit from it now or the near future but later on once you have saved enough  ;)

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    Best advice I can give: upload till you reach 3000 images and THEN look back to see if they sell.

    Uploading a handful (yep, 488 is not even a drop in Alamy's ocean) of images and waiting to see which way the wind blows, is the worst you can do. Remember new contributors start with a medium rank. If after a while (dunno how long it lasts) - you don't get any sales - you get pushed further down the line. The way you do it now (AND many others with limited stock), will only frustrate you. Don't forget that other contributors aren't sitting still. They add loads of new material burying you under even deeper if they have a successful CTR. And what do you do? You just sit there watching how your ship sinks deeper and deeper and deeper and deeper ....
    Pull yourself together :angry:, grab that camera and get out shooting a great diversity of subjects. Take your time to add well thought over captions and keywords and submit to different non-exclusive agencies spreading your changes and keeping you motivated.
    Cheers and good luck,


    2nd this. Started uploading May 2012 and reached about 1200 by Mar 2013. Since then added another 3,500 and it's only really been the last couple of months that I'm seeing a better flow of sales. Including the creative account (that I closed when they changed things...added the creative button thing), I've had about 32 sales, not many under $30 and a few nice text book sales. Hopefully this will continue to increase.


    Before I started working seriously on a Micro port in Aug, I was uploading about 6-800 a month (from March this year) but now this has dropped to about 400p/m as I split time on the two ports. The stats I keep clearly show increase of sales came in about 3 months after my surge towards the 3k mark, just hoping it continues... I would like to have about 8k images by next Mar.

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  12. surely it would be ridiculous to post the same images on Alamy and one of the micro sites? Its one thing blaming the sites in question for the demise of the industry but the full responsibility doesn't stop there, the people who supply them are also responsible.


    Correct. I submit to micros but I shoot specific images for them. I do also upload them here as a catch all but I do not submit my main images to the micros, that wouldn't make sense. 


    I have a specific type of image that I send to them that don't seem to do really well here but do over there. Anything that is unusual, hard to get, not easily replicated stays as RM and comes here or my other RM agencies. It's better to think of them as two separate and different portfolios, one for one type of customer, and one for another. You wouldn't find a pair of Versace jeans in Poundland.... and if you do, you are likely to take back the pair from the designer shop for a refund and buy a few pairs at a £1 a go :-)

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  13. 6 Sales for $350, zooms held steady with a high of 45 and a low of 24 now at 33. Quite a lot are searches on ref number so looking quite good overall. Would prefer higher $'s but would settle for consistent numbers of sales.... hopefully I am seeing the benefits from the large increase in port size and activity from 3-4 months back. Although new files dropped a little this month, 400 new images.


    Just going to keep head down and push on. 

  14. An email from iStock made it's way to my inbox tonight and is just another example of the problems plaguing the stock industry.


    It starts off as follows...



    Lower prices


    Sometimes change is good. 50% of our imagery costs 50% less than it used to – like an amazing sale that doesn't end. Plus, our customers save 25% on average when they buy with credits. That's 100% fantastic.

    At times like this I'm glad I'm not a contributor to iStock. It's all rather depressing isn't it?

    Didn't this originally happen a while back now? Quite sure they announced that end of June beginning of July. They are just advertising changes that have already taken place.

  15. I have 64 in the hand picked "Creative"....... but no e-aai



    It gets curiouser and curiouser.


    I haven't received any email but have 18 images categorised as creative!


    Clearly nobody loves them.



    Yeah, same here.


    I have 64 hand picked ones in creative, not sure of how many on individual keyword searches, but don't seem to have received the email. The volume of Creative shots doesn't seem to have increased since the last re-rank and since then I have added a load of other shots that could be considered (uploaded since then)..... and are selling at other RM agencies as commercial. I think they need to refresh / check a little more often otherwise their competitors get first dabs  :D

  16. Wait until your internal HD starts shown signs of failing, then open up the iMac and replace the disk drive with an SSD. That will be in about five years or so… 


    The replacement SSD has completely revived my 2006 vintage 20-inch iMac. I may never buy that coveted 27-inch…sigh...




    Spooky.... the hard drive of my 2007 imac gave up in 2012!! 


    The SSD in the macbook air is really impressive so I would imagine the imac would be really responsive with one. They seem to be coming down in price a little more now..... by the time my Mid 2011 model needs a refresh they will probably be quite affordable!!!

  17. I use the Visible Dust range of sensor cleaners including the wet clean pads and anti static brushes. Never a problem after many years of use. A few drops on the pads, wipe one each way and usually all clean. Currently using a Canon 5D MK11.


    Yeah, i use the Visible Dust Arctic Butterfly..... I use that first and hen the swab with Eclipse cleaner. I've had the arctic butterfly for a few years now and it is excellent.


    Mobile Phone - Probably less likely to think they would be be to sell their images, after all, it's just a mobile phone!


    That is, until Facebook works out that you've got a mobile phone and starts showering you with ads to "make money selling photos from your mobile".





    Grrrrrrr Facebook...... we'll pull the plug on them now before they do  :P


    There will of course be plenty of shots to take that can't be taken with an iPhone..... and, always the distinct likelihood that fashion moves on and mobile image style fades away. It equally may not..... I must consult the crystal ball!! 


    The RAM from Crucial is not just about being less expensive than Apple RAM, although it obviously is. It's worth remembering it's also guaranteed for life. I sent some RAM back to Crucial about a year ago that had been in the MacPro for a few years and two sticks failed. They replaced them in an instant.


    The thing about the 27 inch screen size is true. But in my case I am currently sitting in front of an Apple Cinema Display at 30 inches, so 27 inch will seem quite small in comparison. I will be selling the 30 inch in the future I expect.


    The iMac thing is more about having it all in one now these things have become much more powerful. Incidentally, the new forthcoming MacPro, which is not very big at all looks crazy powerful but I can't afford one of those and would probably never use it anywhere near to it's full potential.


    I have the iMac in its box in front of me and I guess I'm going to have to open and check right now in case there is another issue.    :huh:


    Another 1+ for Crucial memory. I've upgraded all of my iMacs in the past with their memory and it has been top notch, both in terms of performance and their customer service. In fact, I now I could replace two 2mb blocks with 8's..... I may run their app on it to make sure..... could give it an extra boost!!

  20. There is also the mindset of the person contributing. If they only do it for beer money..... just maybe...... hopefully  :)


    DSLR - I've got this camera and I might as well see if I can make money from it.

    Mobile Phone - Probably less likely to think they would be be to sell their images, after all, it's just a mobile phone!


    It's also very true to say the variety of shots (style) will be limited by a mobile phone and, while simple shots are in fashion today, it doesn't mean they will be in a couple of years time!

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