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  1. I've noticed views and zooms have been down. Search positions for key images etc seem to be normal, still high up and don't seem too have changed much.
  2. As you say, some lenses are very similar but there are some where there is a big difference. One that I use is the Sony 12-24 f/4 G.... Canon's equivalent is the 11-24 f/4 but that is a lot bigger in size, bit more money and is more than twice the weight.... Nikon, not sure they have an equivalent, closest being 14-24 f/2.8 which is about 400g heavier and not as wide, has an extra stop and is cheaper. I shoot a lot at 12 so I would miss that. Often wide angle lenses on mirrorless tend to be lighter than but once you get to mid/telephoto lenses etc, the weights are very similar. Canon have just followed Sony's lead with the design of their 400 f/2.8 and now matched the weight. One of the big benefits for me in terms of mirrorless (any mirrorless) is the reduction in camera height/bulk. When carrying dual cameras with a clip system on backpack straps, the lower height means the centre of gravity is closer to your body and the cameras are more comfortable to carry and don't swing around. DSLRs are just not even a consideration. The Canon used to have a life of it's own, the height just took it too far away from the body and, also meant the lens was further away as well. Just no way I'd carry one let alone two. There are a load of other benefits that keep me away from returning to DSLRs but that one is significant.... picked a Canon up the other day and while I liked the OVF, I also missed having all the features of the EVF. For the way I work, DSLRs have no benefits for me anymore... could never go back. The Nikon 850 is an incredible camera though and if I was purely working in the studio all the time, it would be an option but not as a dual camera/lens walk around or out in the mountains camera... just too much extra weight and bulk for my type use. It is great to have these choices though!
  3. That would be the best thing. You need to be able to test the camera and adapter to see how it works with existing lenses. If it works great and they feel like native lenses then this would be a excellent option. As you say, it's best to wait until non ambassador reviews are out and not just those who were paid to go to an event etc. Between the Canon and Nikon mirrorless options (discounting Sony for now), I like the look of the Nikon more. By the time they get to 2nd & 3rd versions they could offer great competition to the Sony Mirrorless systems.
  4. I'm not sure you can say why someone wants a camera or what they're thinking. That's like applying your own preferences/thoughts to someone else. To be fair, It seems to be a sensible approach. If they've never used this Sony mirrorless camera before, even if they do like all the features/specs on paper, they can never be 100% about whether it will suit them or not. The Nikon cameras as a second body is a safety net, just in case. After using the new camera for a while they can then sell the rest of the Nikon gear if they're happy with the new purchase. Camera gear is a personal journey, a path in which most walk before finding the right solution for them. There are a lot of people who have to much emotion about the brand they use.... like it's their local football team. Keeping an open mind to all manufacturers and trying different systems is a great experience and means you find out first hand whether something is right or wrong for you. Yes it costs money to buy and sell gear but ultimately, it's a small price to pay to find the system that truly works best for you and not just that it got XYorZ in which ever review. For me, I started with Canon 5dmkii, then Sony Nex, then Fuji X-Pro, X-T1 and X-E1 before moving back to Sony A7rii. I paired this up with an Olympus OMD EM1 mk2 for a while but just preferred the ergonomics and performance of the Sony cameras so I sold the Olympus and now have 2 A7riii's with a selection of G and GM lenses. I spent a bit of money over the years but as this is my full time job it was worth the time and effort. Now, for the last 12 months I've never thought of changing as I know I have the right system for me.
  5. Sales etc have been popping up but so far this month 1 zoom ..... normally would have a rolling count of 30-50.
  6. Zooms have dropped severally here as well..... not sure if it's a reporting problem or whether they've lost some key account clients. Seems to be a lot of people experiencing the same problems!
  7. No problem. I may take a pic to show how it looks the next time I'm out. This has sort of been perfected over years and driven by laziness.... errr.... desire to not stop each time I want the camera/s and of course, it has the added benefit of keeping the better half happy as I no longer keep stopping
  8. No worries.... I use a Osprey Stratos 36.... 2013 model. I'm not sure if the newer versions have exactly the same pockets. Here's a youtube review of it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2pfMDe8_yDo I use 2 Peak Designs capture clips, one each strap to carry a a7riii 24-105 and a 2nd A7riii with either the 12-24 or the 100-400. This works well as it balances the weight in the backpack and makes it very comfortable to carry. Two cameras also balance the side to side weight. The straps are strong/wide enough to easy support the clip system. You can buy small water proof covers to go with the clip system so everything can be left in place, even if it is chucking it down. I prefer to have cameras to hand and never have them inside the pack. It can look a little OTT but it's comfortable and easy to use. I regularly do 12-15 mile walks with both cameras and 100-400 and never have neck ache etc. There is a large pocket on the back of the backpack, separate from the main compartment which is excellent for additional lenses. there are 2-3 netted pockets inside and plenty of space to add an additional top (that also acts as protection for lenses). The main compartment is used purely for waterproofs and drinks etc. The two hipped pockets comfortably take mobile phones, batteries and keys etc. Side netted pockets are great for mini tripods/filters. On the left strap there is an elasticated strap that is supposed to be used for walking sticks. However, it's the perfect size and position to hold long lenses in position while the camera is attached to a capture clip. It means when you lean forward, even with the 100-400, the lens stays in place and doesn't swing out from the body. Of course, there are a load of other pockets as well but these are the key things from a photographic point of view. I never use a bag designed for cameras in the mountains because... well, they're designed with cameras in mind and don't excel in carrying weight comfortably in the mountains.... or providing the space needed for all your outdoor gear. I've lost count how many bags I've tried before settling on Osprey.... also use a 70L pack of theirs when wild camping on the summits... still with the same camera gear etc. The Osprey bags tend to be a little heavier, not much, than others but their weight distribution system is excellent and it is this that lets you carry more without feeling it as much. The best thing is to go in to a shop and check them out for size and fit. Hope this helps :-)
  9. I would imagine the A7iii is similar to the A7riii that I use. The weather sealing is actually quite good.... except, the issue it does have is poor protection on the battery door. Seems a little crazy given the sealing in the rest of the camera is very good... a bit of a Duh, moment! Avoid standing the camera in puddles or allowing water to settle around this area and you should be ok. That said, no matter how well sealed a camera is, it's best to place cover of some sort over them if sitting out in heavy rain for any period of time. No warranty will cover for water damage and I've had cameras that are supposed to have excellent sealing and they did let in moisture which damaged lenses. Never had any issues with overheating in 4k with the A7riii.... might be set up a little different to the A7iii.... or, you've been unlucky. If it overheats quite quickly, it may be worth getting in touch with Sony for a checkup while it's under warranty.... just in case. The A7rii I used to shoot with was fine in 30c sunshine for shooting off and on for a good hour.
  10. Sounds promising. I'm with NatWest and their banking app is really good so hopefully they do just as a good a job with the Tax/Accounts app!
  11. I've seen a few that are £24 per annual submission. I don't mind that, tax deductible of course. That said, we have a min of two years and during that time I'd imagine there will be a load more software options appearing.... after they've Beta tested it on people with £85k+
  12. At the moment it seems it only refers to companies with turnover of £85k. They'll not extend it to incomes below that until the system has proven itself to work with April 2020 being set as the earliest point it would be introduced. Looking at the software requirements, it seems like a good money generation scheme for accountants / software developers to charge clients regular fees for something they would otherwise be perfectly capable of managing themselves. "The government will not widen the scope of Making Tax Digital beyond VAT before the system has been shown to work, and not before April 2020 at the earliest. This will ensure that there is time to test the system fully and for digital record keeping to become more widespread. The changes mean that the smallest businesses and landlords will be able to move to keeping digital records for tax at a pace that is right for them." https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/making-tax-digital-changing-the-scope-and-pace-technical-note/making-tax-digital-for-business
  13. Full time stock shooter. I had the opportunity to take a nice redundancy package from working as a Risk Analyst for a bank back in Feb 2013 aged 42. Decided to give it a go shooting stock full time, less stress and more freedom. Never looked back. Naturally there are days that make you curse but, when I walk the dog first thing in the morning and see people getting on the bus to go to work.... yeah, wouldn't swap it!
  14. Same here, I always carry two cameras when I'm out, especially in the mountains etc. One with the 12-24 and the other with 24-105. I also use identical cameras as different ones tend to irritate me when the settings, buttons or functions are different
  15. I have the 24-105 and it is an excellent lens. I use it as a walkabout lens but also if I need something with a bit of flexibility in the studio... it handles it all very well indeed!
  16. Agree. The law is being introduced to help Copyright owners not destroy them. I wouldn't get too worked up until the new regs are reviewed by legal bods who can work it all out. From initial glances, it could be a good thing but I'll reserve judgment until the experts are let loose on the details.
  17. All the new G & GM lenses are designed for the mirrorless systems. The GM are also designed to handle very high MP cameras as well.
  18. +1 I use the 24-105 on a a7riii and with the 42mb gives me the reach of approx 150mm + but in a smaller and lighter package. The 100-400gm gives extremely thin DoF but thankfully the focus tracking is spot on.
  19. Sony FE 100-400 GM. If you had it and used it you would know. It is without doubt the best long zoom lens I've ever used. It's sharp from wide open across the frame at all FL's and is very fast to focus. Shooting action is a breeze with it and it tracks very well. It also has superb micro contrast and has lovely OOF rendering. It is one lens I'd buy in a heartbeat again if I had too. My main goto lenses are the FE 12-24 G f/4, FE 24-105G f/4 & the 100-400GM. I save the primes for working in the studio now and the zooms for high quality convenience. As for OP. Save your money on the Sony FE 70-200 f/2.8 and go for the A6500 and pair it with the 70-200 f/4 . It has IBIS and will help with stabilise all lenses inc which ever long lens you go for. The 70-200 F/4 is a very capable as well and unless you're shooting a lot in low light, the constant f/4 will be more than enough. It's also a lot lighter to carry around. (duh, misread and thought you said a6000 :-) and you've bought the f/2.8 ....I need new glasses I think )
  20. I've used the 15 on a flight but it\'s a bit more of a squeeze. Still using Sierra on the Laptop as there are a couple of apps I need that won't run on High Sierra. The Mac Pro 2013 is on Hi Sierra now (last couple of weeks). Tried a couple of times before that but had some significant issues with it. Seems more stable now. Hopefully there will be fewer issues with the next version.
  21. Excellent.... I'll be running my 2015 15" for a while yet but I think it will be replaced by a 13" given it's not my main working computer! At one point, I did have a 11" MacBook Air.... really light and powerful for it's size!
  22. The Sony version is exactly the same as the Capture One Pro full version. I transferred to the Sony one after C1 Pro 10 (all cameras) when I sold the Olympus camera to fund a 2nd Sony and now use C1 Pro 11 Sony version. Because they are working with Sony, most of their main features all work with them. I use the tethering a lot, I don't think it's available to all Sony Cameras but it is for a lot of the newer cameras. Tethered without live view means you can control the camera from the laptop and the image is transferred to the laptop directly and not on the camera. Live view gives you the extra benefit of being able to see any changes to the scene on the laptop. ILCE-A7III Yes Yes Pro Only: Tether support and Live View ILCE-A7 Yes Yes Pro Only: Tether support ILCE-A7II Yes Yes Pro Only: Tether support and Live View ILCE-A7R Yes Yes Pro Only: Tether support ILCE-A7R II Yes Yes Pro Only: Tether support and Live View ILCE-A7R III Yes Yes Pro Only: Tether support and Live View ILCE-A7S Yes Yes Pro Only: Tether support and Live View ILCE-A7S II Yes Yes Pro Only: Tether support and Live View ILCE-A9 Yes Yes Pro Only: Tether support and Live View SLT-A99II Yes Yes Pro Only: Tether support SLT-A99 Yes Yes Pro Only: Tether support SLT-A77 II Yes Yes Pro Only: Tether support and Live View a6500 Yes Yes Pro Only: Tether support a6300 Yes Yes Pro Only: Tether support a6000 Yes Yes Pro Only: Tether support a5100 Yes Yes Pro Only: Tether support a5000 Yes Yes Pro Only: Tether support
  23. It works really well. There are a lot of controls to manage NR. I tend to turn it down a lot when at base ISO as the Sony sensors are very clean. I can quite easily process images at ISO 6400 (a7riii), maybe a little more and still sell them. Just need to make sure you over expose a little when at higher ISO and then dial back to make the shadows cleaner. If your coming from LR, it will take a little getting used to but they do have a load of video tutorials! CA is managed well. They are very quick to get lens profiles out (made by Phase One) and don't just rely on Sony's manufacture profiles. Also, the diffraction correction is very affective. I guess a lot will depend on lenses used as well though. The good thing is, for the $79 for the Sony.... plus another 10% off if you pickup a discount code from Sony Alpha Rumours, it's yours and if you don't upgrade camera or lenses, then it's good for 2-3 years really. They normally update the current version to work with the new OS before the new version of C1 Pro is released. Best thing to do is try it out for free for a month. You have a choice of using Catalogue or Sessions (mini catalogues). I prefer Sessions, easier to manage.
  24. I dropped Adobe CC in favour of Affinity Photo & Affinity Designer. I already had Capture One Pro both 10 (all cameras) and 11 for Sony only. Paid for not on sub. Affinity apps are great as you pay £49 (or £32 when there's a discount ;-) and all updates are free!!! For Mac users it's great. Stick on 2tb iCloud and you have a workflow that's available on all computers (synced) so you can go from one computer to another and the updated files are there for you. Affinity is geared up to work with iCloud and Capture One sessions work excellent on it too! Only there software I use is FCP X & Motion 5.
  25. Some decent sales at the beginning of the month and two are C & D.... in fact, looking back over the last couple of months or so and I was surprised at how many were D.... a lot!
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