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  1. ... or go for a subscription now. [f/x ducks and waits for the crockery to fly!]


    Haha.... yeah. Capture One Offered subscription but it's not really worth it if you already own the pro version already.... the upgrade cost is about the same or a little less than the 8 euros a month subscription. 


    Edit, I also prefer to continue using the software even if I decide not to continue upgrading.

  2. I've had a few of those disappointing $5.79 "dollar store" leases. OTOH, a $250 book sale (non-distributor) showed up yesterday brightening up an otherwise gloomy month. So, hey, you never know...

    Very true. I've had one of those smaller ones this month but I've also had a couple of reasonable size ones as well.


    That doesn't mean I feel the small ones are acceptable (especially the Newspaper Scheme ones) but there are quite a few larger ones around to ease the pain of the smaller ones!

  3. Martin, have you considered using Sessions in C1? All image processing would be held in the session and once complete you can then add a session to a catalogue. This means (from what I understand) that all the changes are kept in session but you have the benefits of the catalogue when it comes to searching / organising. The catalogue then doesn't need to store all the data for the image processing which I think slows the whole thing down.


    I personally haven't had a single problem with C1 but I do use Sessions 100% of the time. I find it more stable, faster and easier to move portions around. The amount of landscape work I do I couldn't afford to move to LR, just to much detail lost and the WC affect can be bad at times.


    Personally, I think the problem with C1 is when you use Catalogue for everything (and that is LR's strength). On that basis, play with Sessions to see if you can make it work for you.... it is basically mini catalogues that can be grouped together in a catalogue later if need be.


    Edit. I'm currently using C1 Pro 8.1. I was involved with both the 8 and 8.1 Betas and using Sessions was very stable even during that time. I just think they haven't really mastered the Catalogue thin yet and leaving the image processing details in Sessions seems to work well. I guess that has been around from the beginning for them, catalogues were only introduced in V7 I think.

  4. With regards to Mobile Phone Cameras, How about the Sony Xperia Z3?


    "The Sony Xperia Z3 was announced in September 2014 as the follow-up to the Z2. It features a 20.7 million pixel 1/2.3 inch EXMOR RS sensor with a 25mm (equivalent) G lens" - Camera Review


    It is waterproof, can be submerged up to a metre depth for 30 minutes... so rain etc is no problem. It has a dedicated shutter release button as well, half press etc. Stick on this case and you have a nice rugged piece of protection that does not make the phone feel bulky. The phone comes with a decent screen protector.


    Is it better than an iPhone? No idea, never used the latest iPhone but it does seem to be very capable.


    Edit - 


    Oh, and one of the main reasons I originally bought this camera (other than remote play on a PS4), it has the 1st TRUE 2 day battery in it that I've experienced. Previously I had the Samsung Note 2. This and most other phones I've had in the past I've had to root to get near this but this does it without switching stuff off. It also has a stamina option to make it last longer, although I've never felt the need to switch this on.

  5. Very interesting video. He's got more guts than I have, lol!  I am worried that this is a "found" or "stolen" camera, because I can't seem to see that it comes with anything!


    So...if there is no manual, no battery, no charger...what do I do?  Will the charger for the XT-1 work?  Battery the same?  Anyplace I can get a manual to hold in my hand, not a downloadable one?


    I hope it isn't a camera that somebody broke into someone's house or car and took.  I get very upset when I see that stuff on TV.  I'll let you know what comes with it.  If anything does!


    Don't worry about something you can't say for certain happened. You have bought the item in good faith. It's more like they are trying to pull a fast one selling on an opened box that is missing gear (returned item etc)


    As for the battery charger, it is completely different from the one used by the X-T1. I picked up a spare battery but you could pick up the one including charger if the camera doesn't come with one. 

  6. It should eventually be part of the X100S surely.... as you suggest, I doubt it will arrive on a Pro1 firmware. Found the quote below so there is a chance!


    It has nice contrast with a slightly desaturated look. I've set shadow tone to +1, NR to -2.


    "In addition there's a new Classic Chrome Film Simulation mode and 1/32,000th sec electronic shutter that are new to the series. An update to bring such features to both the X100 and X100S models hasn't been confirmed - but we wouldn't entirely rule out the possibility."

  7. Hi Duncan


    Thanks for the info.  Can you tell me if the X100T comes with a lens hood.  I had one on the original X100 but can't recall if it came with it or if I bought it separately. I suspect it was the latter.  I really feel more comfortable when using a lens hood.



    Hi Pearl


    No, it didn't come with a hood but I bought one of the JJC ones that also includes the lens filter thread. It fits perfectly and less than £15. If I'm out and about I pop it on but when moving from a-b I just pop the lens cover on! Fits nicely in my pocket that way.


    Edit. The JJC hood comes in Black and Silver.

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  8. Ahhh! I did not see that about the disabled flash with electronic shutter.  The close focus sounds good as does flash sync at 1/4000th.


    Beginning to like the sound of the X100T more and more.  May be better to spend £1000 on this camera rather than putting it towards the 50-140 lens. I really do not know where this lens would fit in with my existing set up but the X100T would go in nicely.


    Thanks Duncan.




    I like the sound of the 50-140 and the image quality etc is superb but I couldn't justify buying it for my landscape use due to the weight. I attach both X-T1's to each strap on my backpack when I'm out, normally the 10-24 and the 55-200 via a Capture Clip system by Peak Design.


    This means I have no mucking around changing lenses and both cameras are instantly available. The weight is transferred nicely to the straps with no pull at all. I don't think that would be the same with the 50-140 as that is about 1kg on it's own. I could be wrong but it would be getting close to a full DSLR again.


    The X100T, it's a nice handy camera and offers a little extra in features that the X-T1 doesn't have. It's like adding a lens to the collection rather than a replacement camera. If you later add the wide angle and telephoto adapters, you would have an ultra lightweight travel system to add to your main studio/client system while maintaining image IQ consistency. Same sensor as the X-T1.

  9. Duncan I am not wanting to take anything away from your euphoria with the new camera but cannot understand why you would want the X100T when, with the new mk3 firmware update on the X-T1 giving silent and high speed shutter with flash, you would not use said X-T1 with 35mm (equiv) lens on that body.


    Don't get me wrong I hope you enjoy your new acquisition and am slightly envious myself. It just looks right for street photography too.


    Happy Christmas.




    Yeah, that firmware was a good one but what the X-T1 cannot do still is take high speed shots with flash sync. When you use the electronic shutter on the X-T1 all flash is disabled.


    With the x100T, I don't have to set it to electronic shutter, just use the leaf shutter and I can set it to 1/4000s and it will sync with studio flashes. I can also get very close to the subject matter as well, 10cm. As I find that I do more and more studio stuff, this is probably the biggest plus point. I'd been looking out for one of these purely for this reason since the x100s was released


    The other plus point is I can pop this cam in my pocket and I was intending to use it as a personal/ play camera when taking the X-T1 with the 23mm lens was a little bulky/ hassle to carry. Going out for meals with the family etc


    My main work cameras will continue to be the two X-T1's and the X100T will add the extra high speed sync facility that those cams cannot offer.


    Using for street / stealthy shoots is also a very good perk... it is really compact.


    When I've played around with it more I will jot a few notes about it. At the moment, the buttons feel like how the X-T1 should have been like. They are easy to use and find even with gloves.


    Merry Christmas one and all.....  :)



    One explanation could be % of sales to UK Books and Magazines I suppose. Are your sales mainly in that market or not?

    Also.... did alamy submit for all your sales from year 1 with alamy or just 2013 because Dacs pay out for all your sales from all years. That may be a question to ask of Alamy.

    Mine are from accumulative sales from 2008. Also others you have quoted may have got accumulative sales from many many years back. Don't forget that they may have claims for photos licenced via other agencies. How long have you been making sales with alamy?


    Hi Kevin,


    I'm with Alamy since 25 Aug 2009. An explanation - as you suggested - could be that indeed those who contacted DACS directly, also claimed images licenced via other agengies.

    Anyway, I just contacted MS about this.


    Edit to add: from another British agency I received last year £185 (my 50% share of £370 or about $ 470) with ................ only 4500 images on-line.

    Seems a bit weird:

    • Alamy with                    30,000 images on-line   >> DACS payment $293
    • other UK agency with     4,500 images on-line   >> DACS payment $470







    Yes, this is true. I claimed for direct sales as well as others from other agencies and not just sales from Alamy.... It sounds like a logical explanation and I'm sure MS will be able to clarify.

  11. Also noticed my DACS' payment in my Alamy Account Balance: $ 146.64  :o 

    So DACS' payment to Alamy should have been  $ 293.28. Isn't that a bit low with 30,000+ images (all RM) and several sales per day? I'm asking because it seems VERY low compared to what others received with far lesser stock.


    A little comparison:


    Me (Important note: those are $ which Alamy was paid by DACS)

    •  $ 293.28 with 30,000 images (that's about £ 230)

    Others (Important note: those are £ AND form submitted directly to DACS):

    • £62 for about 12 uses
    • £345 with 8,000 images (that's about $ 539)
    • £271 with 10,000 images (that's more than I have with 1/3 amount of stock)
    • £259 with 6,700 images

    ........?  :huh:  :huh:   :huh:





    Humm yeah, seems a little on the light side. I think that £259 was mine at the end ($404).


    edit. Ask Alamy to provide a copy of the application?!? I can't think  of any reason why they wouldn't provide it, I'm sure they'd be happy to help/explain.

  12. Do Alamy take 50%? If they do, they'd have to find significantly more to warrant losing 50% of the claim you do know about. If it's unlikely to make up the 50% then to me it isn't worth bothering with. It could end up being as beneficial as be driving 50 miles to find a garage that sold petrol 1p cheaper. If they don't then I could see why it would be worth going via Alamy.


    As it happens, I keep a spread sheet of images spotted throughout the year with publication and image details as well as the page it was one etc. Makes it easier when DACs claim time comes around!


     No tweaks or fancy high speed radio transmitters etc, just the £25 YN560-TX and the £48 Yongnuo 560III with it's built in receiver.


    £25 was a good price for the YN560-TX, I recently purchased one from Amazon for £33 and thought that was good. Still waiting for my 560-III to arrive from China, hoping it all works with my Fuji XE-1 !



    I got my YN560-TX from ebay.... it was about £10 less than Amazon at the time. It'll work well with the X-E1.

  14. Ok, treated myself to the new Fuji X100T.... mainly wanted a good carry around camera that was small, 35mm, light and had the same sensor as the T1's. But, I was also interested in the silent operation with extremely high flash sync rates. 10cm min focus distance as well.


    I've just finished playing around with the Yongnuo YN560-TX transmitter / Controller with a couple of the Yongnuo 560III flashes and can confirm these will sync right up to 1/4000s. No tweaks or fancy high speed radio transmitters etc, just the £25 YN560-TX and the £48 Yongnuo 560III with it's built in receiver. I can see I'm going to have fun with this camera  :)

  15. I threw out the mouse about 10 years ago and only used Wacoms since then. Takes 2-3 days to get used to. Good thing is that nobody in the family will mess with my computers cause they don't "like" the pen.


    Right now I use the Intuous 4 Small. Used to have a bigger one (Intuous 3 Medium?), but then you have to move your arm around so much - smaller is better. 



    Using the Intuos 4 Medium at the moment and used various other ones over the last 10+ years. If you use PS for serious photo editing, a tablet is a must have option. The level of control is far greater.

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    An alternative option to a fully SSD drive it to use a hybrid drive. I'm using Seagate 750GB Momentus Hybrid Drives.They use a combination of a large HDD and a small SSD in a single package. The drive "learns" what programs/data you access regularly and keeps those on SSD for speedy access, the rest is kept in HDD. I've been using a couple of these for over a year now with no problems at all. They give a very effective trade-off between cost/capacity and speed. Windows boots very quickly, and my frequently used programs (Photoshop and LR4) open in snap. I'm delighted with them.


    I use a 750GB Momentus as my boot drive and what you say is true. However I have serious concerns about their reliability. My first one went back and was replaced under warranty and a year later I have spent the last two days battling with the second apparently failing - I finally managed to get my PC to run for long enough to get the back up completed. I am hoping it will last long enough into tomorrow to be able to clone it onto a full SSD (480GB Samsung) that is on its way to me.


    That should at least make my PC very responsive!



    It will. I bought a few Samsung 840 Evo's to convert iMacs and use in high speed external USB bays. They're great.

  17. Hi David


    There's really nothing wrong with the brand names. I think that the monitor may be the only area worth worrying about from the point of view of colour calibration and whether you want 1 or 2 monitors.  Also watch out for the components but really nowadays, it's more a matter of your 3D games, rather than photo editing.


    On the memory front, you're way over the top. The question is more a matter of 8 or 16GB, I only have 8 in the laptop I'm using and have had no problems with massive panoramic Photoshop images.


    Looking at the HDD - yes, an SDD improves performance dramatically but you can always have a second HDD with much larger capacity and move your images off there and potentially into a NAS for backup/archive purposes, so 256GB is ample.


    Best of luck,






    I converted an iMac to SSD from HDD but kept the original HDD to store large seldom accessed files. It's hardly used really as I rely on 2 NAS systems and the 250gb SSD drive has been more that enough.


    The SSD performance is extremely good and will potentially make a bigger difference when compared to adding RAM when using one for the OS and software. Especially when comparing 24gb Ram to 32gb.

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