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  1. The three lenses I mentioned above where Fuji X 10-24, 18-135 and now the 55-200.


    When I was using Canon I had to return a couple of their zoom L lenses for adjustment too.


    When i switched to Fuji (partly because of the good reports of their lenses) I thought I might be finished with having to return lenses for adjustment.


    How wrong I was.


    Is it me just being too critical of IQ from these lenses?




    If they ain't right you should get them sorted, no issue. I think you've been more than a little unlucky. I have, or had, most lenses available from fuji and never had a fault with any. To be honest, I think you're the first person I've heard say they'd had experienced problems... sounds like real bad luck.

  2. I always have been told that microstock = micro pricing/ income. Were they all wrong?


    And no, I don't love micros, I hate them in a fact, that's why I closed over 15 micro accounts... I just honestly hope Alamy won't do wrong decisions soon...


    If you were to take the average port here and try and sell the images at a micro you would get little to no income. That's not saying the images here are poor (although, there are a few if ones :) ) It's just a different customer base that requires a different product. They also edit their libraries to keep the images to the level they want or style they are interested in.


    To supply Alamy and Micros you really need to have two different ports. The Alamy one stays with Alamy (or other RM libraries) and the Micro one can be shared with both. 


    I'd rather not get rid of either.... Although Alamy is coming close because of the low net income p/month (<$500) from here compared to the Micros.


    I'm hoping Alamy sorts themselves out as I enjoy taking imagery for them and it's easy to get images to them (all be it time consuming... different keyword system etc). They just need to increase the $ and volume coming in otherwise the % they contribute each month will drop to a point that it won't be cost effective to supply them. At that point I'd have to remove my port.

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  3. The lenses won't work on any other camera as far as I'm aware. Something to do with the Aperture control. You can turn the aperture dial on the lens but other cameras cannot read / understand the commands from the lens. It could be a bit like a fly by wire type of system controlling the aperture. Someone with more tech knowledge on these things maybe able to explain it better. 


    As already mentioned, all the settings can be seen on the extra large EVF.... just pick and choose which ones to display in the EVF. That said, you have to go with what you feel comfortable with because that camera will always be the best one for you.


    I think you missed my point - I think we actually agree. I need, want, to get away from generic stock. It is a mass market where the retailer is the only one that makes real money, through aggregation. Suppliers of commodity products always get squeezed. My point about diversificataion was about finding that specialised niche that both interests me and where my enthusiasm can show through. As I have said in the past, a very small niche would be ideal as I am not looking to get rich, just make enough to live comfortably.  A small niche can be more personal and hopefully less attractive to all and sundry so face less competition.


    The big challenge, as always, is finding the route to market; it is almost certainly not the Alamy, G, C et al.

    Oh Ok Martin I see. Sorry mate!  well I think you're on the right track. Problem is that if stock is a full-time thing, there are two micros that you really need to be with, they are selling big time, all the time and you know it's a matter of trying to earn as much as possible,





    Hmmm, I wonder who those could be  ;)  :D


    Not that I doubt the EPUK story but we only have a partial story. From what I read there was a hint of dissembling in what the infringer said to the Alamy salesman. The wool may have been pulled over his eyes somewhat.

    QED. The photographer did indeed tell half the story.



    From the details provided, it would be fair to say that they did act correctly in the end (Alamy).


    What would be useful is when they receive a request for a retrospective licence for an image that was not sourced from Alamy originally, they should contact the photographer first to make sure it is okay to proceed. There can't be many of these instances and an email to a photographer asking whether they were in the process of legal proceedings or whether they were happy for Alamy to proceed would be a good option.

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  6. Would it be fair to say that less physical content is being bought in the forms of books, magazines, papers and the like? Thus meaning less companies needing to get such a license and then having a knock on effect down the line? We're always going to be at the thin end of the wedge. We're just a part of a bigger process and time will come when costs over savings will mean less quality stock content is used or the price of it gets lower and lower. Wait, that's happening now...


    I can't wait for the day we start to see things get cheaper for us to buy. A business reward/payback scheme. Been a tog for 10-20 years? cool there's a nice discount on stuff across the specturm of services you use. 



    You are correct that more digital content is being created these days but, there could be an argument that someone linking, copying and pasting is similar to photocopying the article from a hardcopy. Someone takes a pic with there camera of your work and posts it on facebook.... in affect, copying your work for there reference/archive .


    I would love to think we would end up with cheaper gear but it is unlikely to happen. If we're lucky, the price will stay the same and we get more features/functions  ;)

  7. On 2/17/15 I wrote to memberservices with questions in regard to the contract and never received a response.

    I just got the canned email,"

    "Thanks for emailing us; we’ll get back to you as soon as we can."


    Has anyone received a response for their queries in regard to the contract?


    Should I just resend the email again? They usually do respond for other things I've emailed about.




    In fairness, yes. They replied quite quickly. They said,


    "We will be writing an open letter to EPUK soon in reply to the points raised or will be updating our blog with necessary clarifications"


    Hopefully the reason for the delay in response is due to running the contract past a legal team to ensure whatever changes are made are clear, concise and of course, Legal  :D

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    Read the epuk article. Not a good deal for anyone. Be sure to read the many comments as well.




    I have read it and followed the thread. I disagree with epuk's interpretation of a number of the clauses.



    This in itself would suggest the wording needs to be changed to something that can only mean one thing.


    There should be no possibility that a contract could be interpreted in one or more different ways otherwise no one will know where they stand and the only people to win will be lawyers who have to fight it out in the courts if a challenge from either party is made. Hopefully, we will hear from Alamy and the answer to the problem will be a reworded, clear and concise contract that deals with the issues raised.

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  9. Please excuse my simple question.


    Therefore, if Alamy goes after an infringer, who then pays for a license for the picture they used/stole before,

    we and Alamy then get paid ?


    ..... and waste any money time spent on the solicitor / legal representative chasing the infringer. An infringer should not be rewarded with a low cost license as a result of trying to defraud the photographer, they should be paying the full mark up price plus expenses otherwise where is the deterrent to not do it again?


    Besides, if the image was not acquired from Alamy, they shouldn't be getting involved in helping the person try to cover it up with a retrospective license without consulting the photographer first. Could you imagine if our courts worked that way? Someone nicks a £1000 laptop and is then asked to pay the shop £500 by the courts! No account taken for their expenses bringing them to justice or the cost of the item!

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  10. Walk Magazine spring 2015

    E7JJ30 Alan Novelli Kinder Scout p 10

    CT34HW Izel Photography Hiker crossing stile over Hadrian’s Wall p 25

    ADWC1J Redsnapper Walkers on Precipice Walk p 28

    E3NHEX Nik Taylor Iffley Lock p 37

    BET4A0 Nature Photographers Ltd Hambleden Weir p 38

    B47J3P Peter Chisholm Sandwood Bay Cape Wrath p 38           

    B4NB93 Peter Packer Tarr Steps Exmoor p 40

    CT9FY1 Izel Photography Allen Banks walk p 41

    E6JNHK Peter T Lovatt Worm’s Head Gower p 43

    BC706D Alick Cotterill Walkers behind a waterfall p 43

    D086P8 Malcolm Schuyl Avocet p 49

    CTMBKT Nature Photographers Ltd Sea Purslane p 51

    B390F0 grough.co.uk Hubberholme Yorkshire Dales p 71

    DT01AY John Husband Embsay Railway p 71

    D7YTCP John Morrison Castle Crag p 98


    For DACS 9771752729013


    I had 3 in there as well and they were invoiced on 20th Feb but I thought people might like to know where their images went.




    Thanks Pearl.... one of mine was invoiced on the 20th but oddly, still waiting on the other! Thanks for the heads-up

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    I doubt the 'retrospective licence' would save the infringer in court, after all the correspondence would have given them away and they shared it with the photographer.

    But it is of concern that Alamy co-operated with him when it was clear what he was trying to do.

    Of course the damages for a Farcebook use would be quite modest.


    True, but as you say, it's their willingness to try and help someone to do this even when it was clear what they were doing. That to me just feels wrong, I thought Alamy were better than that.



    This highly inappropriate behaviour seems to suggest that Alamy has lost its way somewhat as far as its representation of its contributors interests are concerned. In fact doesn't it drag Alamy into being a complicit party to infringement and at risk of litigation themselves? Just a thought.


    Has anyone had any feedback from Alamy on this matter?



    Nothing. No idea whether it's being looked into or not... or... whether they are hoping for it to blow over! You'd need a legal bod to decide whether they were complicit in trying to cover up an infringement or not. From a business point of view, it's damaging to their reputation!

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  12. I doubt the 'retrospective licence' would save the infringer in court, after all the correspondence would have given them away and they shared it with the photographer.

    But it is of concern that Alamy co-operated with him when it was clear what he was trying to do.

    Of course the damages for a Farcebook use would be quite modest.


    True, but as you say, it's their willingness to try and help someone to do this even when it was clear what they were doing. That to me just feels wrong, I thought Alamy were better than that.

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    I need a simple internet service that has high upload speeds. Currently I use talk talk which manages about 800Mbs upload speed . It is cheap and reliable but  do others have higher speeds ...without going to fibre ?

    Surely you mean 800kbs? The fastest DOWLOAD speed I know of is 152Mbs on Virgin fibre. I suspect you won't get much better without going to fibre or 4G - a software developer colleagues gets 16-20Mbs on his phone and similar on the 4G wifi hub on his boat, his home. That is on a substantial EE data contract. I get arroun 8Mbs on my EE 4G phone and 12-15Mbs on my Virigin, BT fibre in my area is about the same.


    Just for reference Virigin quote upload speeds of around 10% of max download speed - I suspect that will be about the norm/best? for non-fibre.



    I currently use Virgin Media, the 152Mbs service. You get 12Mbs upload and that is rather nice..... extremely fast. Before that I was on 4Mbs upload and that was fairly good as well!


    I rarely have any problems with VM internet so if it is an option, it's worth considering. They have good deals on the 30-60Mbs  service.

  14. Laptop + Monitor is a good way to go for portability plus home/office setup. 


    Try and not skimp to much on the laptop. If you can, go for a laptop with SSD, min 8gb of Ram with a quadcore chip. The SSD will make a big difference in terms of performance, more so than chip size.


    I'm using a BenQ 27 2560x1440 monitor as a 2nd screen for my iMac or main screen for my MacBook Pro. It's a nice screen, matt not gloss finish. If you want to keep price down further, they also do a good 1920x1080 version at half the price!

  15. Do I really need Adobe CC if I have Lightroom 5+ & Photoshop CS 6?


    My annual renewal is coming up.  Is there anything in Adobe CC that I don't have already with the above programs I already have?


    I really detest monthly subscription fees on my cards.




    No  :)


    Photoshop is a massively overpowered tool for pure RAW/Photo processing, especially when you consider LR can do 99% of stuff you need. So unless you use a lot of image manipulation or 3d rendering then I would say you'd safely get by with CS6 for some time to come.


    Of course, Adobe at some point may stop updating CS6 for new OS's which would force us to sign up to CC or, look for an alternative. I'd rather look for the alternative than go subscription though!

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    Hmm. Cheapest storage? :huh: Maybe shoot less?

    I like your lateral thinking Eddo, a genuine cheap solution, but I'm already pretty well up to speed with the delete key, and I don't store TIFFs or PS files.


    It looks like cheap and secure are incompatible, it comes down to your degree of risk aversion, and the real value of your files. Playing on the side, as I do with photography, it doesn't make too much sense to spend lots of pennies, although I would hate to lose my relatively few personal shots of friends and family. Maybe a return to printed media for them would be the cheapest solution.



    Prints + Fire = gone forever!


    As I said above, for long term storage/backup use SSD drives. They have minimal chance of technical failure and have literally 1000's of times of 100% total re-write capacity and are dropping in price all the time. As an extra perk, they are extremely fast.


    Forgot to say in the previous message, use Inateck drive enclosure for SSD for max speed. Enclosure serial code is FEU3NS-1E. Great value, solid build and you can open up easily and slide in and out any number of SSD drives etc.

  17.  It might be a good idea to protect it. Big thing on the news recently where hackers were getting into the cloud services that people use while at work to watch inside their homes.The hackers were posting and streaming everyone's videos.Why? They said to show people what can happen when you don't use a password for these cloud storage services.




    That also applies to the big Cloud Services. They represent an attractive target to hackers looking to make a name for themselves!


    As well as being potential targets for hackers, they also can be cut off from users via DDoS attacks that will prevent all users from accessing the servers. Sony PS servers were down for nearly a week and have been subject to many other attacks since then.


    Personally I wouldn't rely on cloud services as a backup. Basically someone else has your data on a big internet hard drive that can be seen/targeted by any hacker who could sell on any material gained. Also, don't expect these companies to tell you if they've been breached as it would ruin their business.


    From a risk management perspective, you've surrendered control of your most valuable asset to a third party and you don't have any say on how they manage or protect the data.


    Line One.

    USB / Compter harddrives synced to NAS.


    Line Two

    NAS drives. 1 main drive plus a 2nd that takes a backup of the first. Ideally in two separate locations. NAS drives set to RAID1 ideally for speed or RAID5 for max space.


    Line Three

    Copy of data on a SSD drives in a fireproof safe.


    That is the ideal way but on the cheap, use USB SSD drives (can get for less than £100) as backup for RAW & Jpgs while using normal USB drives as your working drives etc. Keep the SSD drives in a small fireproof safe bolted to an external wall.



    From what I have read about LR6 I think I will stick with LR5. Just as I seem to be sticking with Mavericks and not taking up Yosemite. For the time being anyway.




    I don't use LR and I've only updated the laptop to Yosemite.... I want to make sure the WIFI issues have been resolved properly before updating my main work computer!



    Not sure if they have resolved email problems yet either.


    Agree with Linda's comments above.


    In my opinion Yosemite is still in BETA stage with quite a few users having to carry out "workarounds".


    Sorry! Diverting from topic.





    Yeah.... email does not work properly, very poor. No chance I'm updating my main computer to Yosemite until they get it sorted!

  19. From what I have read about LR6 I think I will stick with LR5. Just as I seem to be sticking with Mavericks and not taking up Yosemite. For the time being anyway.




    I don't use LR and I've only updated the laptop to Yosemite.... I want to make sure the WIFI issues have been resolved properly before updating my main work computer!

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