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  1. Sadly, not here. I remain at the two steps forward, one back position. Past payout etc but still a large amount waiting to be paid.
  2. Well, I'd made progress in the last week or so. An additional $50 cleared ($200+ still waiting) .... yay. Today, $31 disappeared from cleared funds, no additional refunds listed etc, just disappeared 😑 If the other agencies paid as fast as this I'd be out of business by now... thankfully they only represent <3%.. but, $200 would still be useful given the current climate. Yes I know this is how they roll but it doesn't make it any less frustrating. There is no way I could get away with this when paying other people.
  3. I've had a couple of sales this month, more refunds though (the duplicate purchase refunds Alamy advised of). Just seems Alamy has stopped chasing money owed. I know some business will be struggling.... just like the photographers who took the photographs for them to use. Edit... Not all agencies are hitting slowdown. There is one I use that returned a near BME last month and this month won't be far off either. I guess it depends on who your client base is etc.
  4. Not much movement here. $5 more received out of $200+
  5. I've had a few of those duplicate refunds this month... cleared balance is moving very slowly here as well. Still over $200 waiting for payment. Cleared balance did go up $1 the other day, first for a while.
  6. It could be good, it could be bad and only time will tell. But it is one of the few reasons I would not go exclusive.
  7. Haha... yeah, I have 8 years to think of a way to get out of it πŸ€”πŸ€£
  8. Just logged in and checked HRMC to see how many years I had... 26 full years + this year. Only another 8 needed out of 19. Does that mean by the time I'm 56 I can tell them to bog off with their NI payments πŸ˜‚
  9. Only just logging in for the first time for a while... such terrible news, condolences to Keith’s family!
  10. Haha... hell no. One for Hiking, One for Sunny and one for Cumbria UK. Then you stack them in any order and the first one stay at the top of the list. If I had one preset for Sunday Hiking UK.... I might use it once in a blue moon...hummm, another preset maybe πŸ˜‚
  11. It does offer cataloging and sessions. I tend to use sessions. This is basically a mini catalogue for one shoot. Once I finish work on those images I can move the session to a NAS drive for storage and backup. This frees up the faster working hard drives without disturbing files I haven't finished with. I think LR catalogue is faster though, hence... I also export jpgs of all finished files to a folder on a specific jpg external hard drive. The folder names match the names of the NAS/Backup folders. This is then imported into a LR (classic) catalogue with the files remaining in their original folders. I also back this up to a NAS & backup NAS. If I need to look for files or send them to different agencies, I search the LR db and go to the folder in which they are stored and upload them. I don't use LR to keyword at all as it will destroy the ordering of the keywords. This means I don't have to mess with originals much once I'm done with them, they are stored on NAS and a separate backup NAS copies the first one each week. The jpg hard drive gets the same treatment, effectively 3 copies. Once every 2-3 years when the NAS drives fill up, I buy 2 hard drives (4tb plus) and copy the contents of the NAS drive to one drive and mirror it to the 2nd hard drive. One is stored away and the other is kept on the shelf to hot swap in an external drive if I need access to them. Rotate drives once a year. Sounds complex but is easy enough when you get used to a routine. Protects against failure, fire and theft. I have a lot of work elsewhere that isn't here as well as a lot of illustration psd files and footage etc so quite a few TB's
  12. I use Capture One Pro. I used to use LR but they force alphabetical only which is no good. Quite ironic given their own agency requires keywords to be ranked πŸ˜‚ In C1 Pro, you can just drag and drop the keywords into a different order, or as I do, create sets of keywords that can be selected a list and stacked together. A bit like how you save a style but instead, I've created a categories and have lists for different situations. For instance, hiking in the Lake District I'd stack, Hiking, Landscape, Sunny Day, Cumbria UK. and in those lists would be all the keywords for those categories. It takes a while (over time) but now it speeds up the process.
  13. Thanks... I've reached out to contributor support to see if they can apply the changes. Effectively, nothings changed other than the addition of supertags. I used to use this method of batch changes to DBs when I worked at a bank... should be easy enough for them to do... and, it helps improve the performance of files in their library! Thanks again Edit. For those that are interested. The formula looks to copy everything from the left until it finds a "|". The substitute part of the formula looks to replace the "," with an "|" and the last part tells the formula how many instances of "," to allow before replacing it. In this instance you're telling it to replace the tenth "," with an "|". The minus 1 "-1" just makes sure you don't copy the "|" to the Supertags cell. =LEFT(D2,FIND(β€œ|",SUBSTITUTE(D2,",","|",10))-1)
  14. Harry... or anyone else who has done this before. Now that I have a completed csv file with all supertags etc, is there a way to upload it automatically or do you have to send it to contributor support?!? Cheers
  15. It turned out that I had approx 5k+ to apply supertags to so it would have taken a looooong time. You can download a csv file from Alamy image manager and this provides a table (bit like excel) of all your images, keywords and descriptions etc. Now, if you rank all your keywords before uploading, you know that the first ten are the most important keywords for that file so why not just copy the first 10 keywords and paste them into the supertags cell. Well, to do that without much labour, you can write a formula (like the one above) that looks at the keyword cell and is able to find the markers separating the keywords and then count up to 10 and display them in the cell. From there, you just have to drag it down the table and the cell will be copied to all those rows and in turn, it copies the 1st 10 keywords for each file into the cell. If you haven't used Excel much then it may be hard to get your head around. Edit. Of course, if you don't rank your keywords prior to uploading, then this wouldn't really be any good to you. I always rank keywords in Capture One so I only keyword each file once and then send it to all the agencies.
  16. Thanks Harry... Hadn't realised you could download the .csv file from Alamy. Anyone looking for a way to take the first 10 keywords, iuse the formula below. Make sure you've sorted the table so all the files with no Supertags are together. Paste the formula below into the first cell without supertags in but make sure you update it so all the references to "D2" match the row you are starting from, it should always be column D as that is where the keywords are. If the first row without supertags is row 103 then it would be =LEFT(D103,FIND(β€œ|",SUBSTITUTE(D103,",","|",10))-1) Once pasted into the first cell just drag down to the last row of the table. Formula if starting from the first row below the header. =LEFT(D2,FIND(β€œ|",SUBSTITUTE(D2,",","|",10))-1) Explanation: This will change the delimiter from a comma to a | allowing it to carry out a search of the keyword cell for the number of Supertags you need and avoiding nested IF statements... in this instance 10. If you want less just change the 10 in bold to whatever number you need. The formula assumes the first line is 2 in column D. Hours worth of pain resolved. Thanks again Harry Edit: I used this in "Numbers" that is used on a Mac instead of Excel but it should work in both.
  17. No, I'm just working my way through each batch (1000 each) and leaving the last file highlighted πŸ‘πŸ»
  18. That's what I thought... well, just another 2,900+ files to do 😭
  19. Is there a quick way to apply the first 10 keywords as Supertags?!?! Seams crazy to have to click each and every word in each and every file when the keywords are already ranked in order... I have a feeling I know the answer ☹️
  20. Seen the title of this thread and was instantly taken back to 1995-2000 when I was using a dial up connection to the internet... who's online... I'll be online for 30mins.. yeah same here... on tomorrow??!?! Yeah, I'll be playing counter strike for a bit πŸ˜‚ Non of this permanently connected stuff with 300mb sec fiber optics..... 24 - 48k modems before ADSL...ahh, the days the internet felt special... and very Bl**dy slow πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I can hear the sound now, the bleeps warbling and crackling... followed by a message that you've just lost connection!
  21. Report it. I had the same problem. Dropped by $23 from one day to the next! Thought I was imagining things! No refunds etc showing, just a drop in balance.
  22. RM Landscape image Country: Worldwide ; Usage: Editorial ; Media: Editorial website ; Print run: up to 2 million ; Placement: Inside and online ; Start: 03-February-2019 ; End: 03-February-2024 ; Additional Details: One use in a single editorial article used within the digital versions of a single publication. Digital usage includes archive rights for the lifetime of the article. All for single single digits licence fee, not enough to even get the hot water for the tea! Really Alamy!!! In this instance, microstock would have been better. Edit. And...the image is 7514 x 3243 px in size... round of applause to the genius who thought that was a good idea!
  23. I've contacted support as I've had no refresh in measures, cleared balance or (it would appear) sales since the 7th Feb. The last time I had a month with no sales would have been somewhere between 2010-13 so something doesn't seem quite right.
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