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  1. Put your dick away John, seriously trying to clutch at straws and have digs Does it look like it's at it's roost ?, it's on my shed wall where I placed it during it's re-release into the wild after having been rescued by myself under the BCT
  2. That shows a remarkable lack of understanding Jill, the criteria aren't not applied to any form of measurement and are indeed therefore subjective Also, other agencies will penalise someone who submits a high volume of material that is rejected, this will in some cases also affect the photographer grading and search results as well as potentially get him/her banned or blocked
  3. Hmmm let's see, that's a great idea, post my material for inspection to a hostile audience many of whom are clearly fanboys who cannot tolerate any criticsim of the Gods who brain washed them into doing all the work for them, perhaps not It's all academic really as I requested to close the account yesterday anyway, I'm confident in my ability as a photographer and do sell plenty of my images in print Here's another thing that Alamy aren't good at... account closure, why on Earth should it take 45 days ?, maybe they like to hang on to images for as long as possible ?, who knows but 45 days
  4. Yes, Shutterstock do check them individually but I take your point on board, however for me Alamy sucks quite frankly and their approach does not suit me one bit "Focusing" is that a polite way of saying "punitive"
  5. Nonsense, of course the criteria is subjective as they are not measurable criteria, perhaps someone else ought to do some fact checking before shouting their mouth off, you act like a fanboy for God's sake, it's clear that Alamy adopt this approach as a punitive measure, not very business like at all really
  6. Total nonsense Geof The images uploaded were indeed checked and not just by myself but by 4 other agencies where they were checked and accepted and in some cases sold too (OK, one of those agencies is fairly lax but the others aren't) And if Alamy makes far more money than I do why on Earth would anyone think they should do less work for it Also, you imply that they don't check all images, that's wrong and you should know that, rejections are inevitable as the criteria is subjective, put the anyone's images in front of 10 different photographers and you'll get 10 different responses so t
  7. Shutterstock, there's one for you If I submit a batch of many images and one doesn't meet their (subjective) criteria they do not reject the entire batch, just the one they don't approve of As for rejection reason, sorry but most of the criteria is applied subjectively, it's very easy to tell this as I have tested that fact with numerous agencies by simply re-submitting a failed image with no changed whatsoever, also Alamy have rejected images that were accepted by all other stock agencies they were uploaded to I don't mind the odd rejection, it's just annoying that they reject a whole b
  8. Why on Earth do Alamy reject an entire batch if just one of the uploaded images fails QC ? That means I have to re-upload and submit all images from scratch Ridiculous method, makes the workload far to great to be worthwhile continuing wit Alamy or upload one at a time which again makes it just not worthwhile
  9. Yes, except they keep it up for sale for 6 months, that sucks, can't understand why they do that ?
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