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  1. No, there's really no point. When I started on Alamy I was quite intimidated by the guide on QC, so I preferred to play safe and downsize almost everything. Now I choose the optimal size for each photo. I was wondering why my portfolio is doing so bad, but I see that 7mpx is not the problem. Maybe nowadays 7mpx is ok, but the photos will "age" faster, because the size of the sensors and the displays is increasing; sooner or later Alamy will set a higher minimum resolution. I love big panoramas, they give you the idea of still "being there". Maybe high resolution phot
  2. No problem, I understand your point. Simply, I didn't think those shots were so badly underexposed, because perhaps I don't have enough experience as a photographer. If I post them, I think they're ok. Could you link me a few photos which don't have a nice light? Joseph, I actually shoot with a Canon EOS 1300D at 18mpx, and then I often downsize to gain sharpness. I'm glad to hear that 7mpx is ok for most customers needs.
  3. Thank you all! 🙂 Your opinions are very useful to me. To resume, I should improve: Technical skills: distortion in panos, dof, sharpness, light and composition (not cutting subjects) Avoid keyword spamming and vary my portfolio, removing similar images. About light (too dark environments or sun flares): I like to challenge myself and shoot in difficult environments, but sometimes I can't judge correctly the result. Is publishing at 7mpx a big limit? I can see most of you have 18mpx or more photos.
  4. Thank you Doc, losdemas, Betty, Colblimp for the suggestion! 🙂 Indeed, until now I've always avoided photos with people because I can't afford models and I thought that an editorial license was too restrictive for buyers. But I'll change the strategy, then! 🙂
  5. Thank you for the advice. I really appreciate it! I can't pay for models in order to have model releases. Is it enough to have editorial photos with people? Or is this license too restrictive?
  6. I'm constantly reading about how to improve in photography, but sometimes it's hard to be self-critical. I use this setup: - I upload mainly 7mpx photos shot with a Canon EOS 1300D and a 18-55mm lens - I as software, use Canon DPP 4 for raw, Hugin for panoramas, Photomatix for hdr, Gimp for retouching. - I try always to have a 150 chars description and about 40 keywords These are my photos: https://www.alamy.com/search/imageresults.aspx?&xstx=0&userid={E2DD8EE7-FA83-4A8C-95DB-3A759BFC22C7}&name=Isacco+Mattia+Coccato&st=12 I would lik
  7. I sold 1 photo in March for 7$ gross. First sale since the last one in September 2018 😞
  8. Glad to see you finally found a place to live! :-) Being me too a foreigner living in Spain, I would like to suggest you BBVA as a bank account. They offer an online account without expenses at all. It should be opened online, because if you go to a BBVA physical bank they'll offer you some account with fees (at least, it was like this until 2 years ago, when I opened mine). They have cash machines everywhere in Spain, since they are the biggest bank together with Santander, which you might consider, too. Their website and app are amazing, I love them, much more than my Italian ban
  9. Sorry to hear you can't find an accommodation. When I came to live to Spain I used idealista.com , it was easy, but I live in Zaragoza, which is not a touristic destination. How long do you plan to stay? Is Sevilla the only option? If not, you might consider Cordoba. It shares the same Andalucia culture, it is well connected with Madrid and Sevilla through the high speed train (AVE), but less touristic. Also, other cities on the Mediterranean side, like Malaga, Valencia, Alicante, Murcia, might have better offer.
  10. Glad to see you speak Italian! :-) Beware, every people I met from foreign countries told me the same: you can't know Italian and Spanish at the same time ahah :-) Jokes apart, they're very similar, so my suggestion, if you don't want to end up with a mix of both of them, is to pay a lot of attention into distinguishing them while speaking. Good luck! :-)
  11. Hi Ed, thank you for your advice and for looking at my photos! I really appreciate advices. It was big mistake of mine... I put the caption to all the photos on my pc with a maximum of 250 characters, but Alamy only accepts 150 chars, so part of it was deleted. Now I'm correcting all the photos, but it takes a lot of time. Lesson learnd, for sure! :-)
  12. Hello everyone! I'm a 33 years old amateur photographer from Italy, even if now I live in Zaragoza, Spain, where I moved three years ago. I've been liking photography since when I was a teenager, mostly for my interests in nature, mountain hiking, travels and people's psychology. I have a basic Canon 1300D with the standard 18-55mm lens, and I love especially panoramas, which I stitch with Hugin... but it take a lot of time to make them! I've been reading around for a while about stock photography. I hope to earn some extra money and to be able learn from this community
  13. After one year reading "How was your..." I can finally contribute to it :-) In September I sold my first photo on Alamy, 30$ gross. Yeah!
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