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  1. Can you recommend a monitor calibrator?
  2. You talk about a hardware calibrator for my monitor....??
  3. Would this software allow me to work with RAW photos?
  4. Thank you for the complements. That is encouraging. You are correct, I am not shooting RAW. I will look at doing that. I assume there are software packages that will allow me to work with these types of files? Any suggestions?
  5. I assume you are talking about doing that with some photo editing software...??
  6. Can you explain (briefly) what an editorial agency is?
  7. Sounds like to need to learn about brightening up my photos a bit. Thank you so much for the suggestions!
  8. Thank you for that. I appreciate the encouragement.
  9. I didn't want to start uploading a bunch of stuff if what I have is junk. Thanks though...
  10. New here and to photography in general. I've uploaded several of the photos I am happiest with. Can I get some honest (hopefully constructive) feedback on them? There are only 5 right now but I want to know if what I have might be of any interest to a potential buyer. Thank you all very much.
  11. So can too many tags hurt? I think most of mine are pretty relevant but a couple might be a bit of a streatch.
  12. <obligatory "I'm new to this" statement goes here> Can one have too many tags on a submission? I look at the top results for butterfly, for example, and I see maybe 10 tags for the image. I've got a picture of a butterfly and I'm racking my brain to find words to describe the silly thing. I've got some good words in there like the common name and the scientific name of the butterfly. Do I need to cool it and not try to hit my 50 tag limit?
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