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  1. Thank you guys for all your input some really good information and some great points also no body was mean to me  :)


    Sorry for my delay in replying back to your posts I do appreciate you guys taking the time to read my post and reply as well, after all you could have spent your time looking at some nice photo's instead so I am grateful, I guess I have a long way to go before I would be up to the standard required but it does not put me off, learning a new skill would not be a bad thing and could be fun. 


    I don't for one minute think photography is easy to get into and agree with Chris C its definitely not as easy as taking a photo and off you go, in my own opinion taking the photo may be the easier part as there is a lot involved in processing your images and you need to have at least a basic understanding of it. His point also about the fact Alamy may make it seem as thought anyone can do it may be why many people become discouraged and annoy you good people, so maybe they could make it a bit more clear that they are more geared towards that market or skill set but having said that Alamy is a great site for the right people at a certain skill level.


    Thank you Orange Elephant for your advice and kind words, i think you may be right about the email some spam filters are notorious for deleting the wrong sometimes important emails. Jill and Martin thank you too, a course would be a great idea and understanding the business aspect would be a great advantage also the legal side of photography with model and property releases I would reckon many people have found themselves in hot water over some pictures they have taken and sold without the proper releases. 


    Thank you Geoff (GS images) that illustration was interesting and goes to show the vast differences in size, Thank you Space Cadet APS-C would require a Google search so your point is proven :)


    Well thanks again guys you are a great bunch, I have plenty to think about and things to look into, I think I'll keep my account for a day when I am better suited, equipped and skilled but the site looks like it would be a great resource especially the forums while I'm on that learning curve.


    Take Care All



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  2. Hi there folks,


    So I recently joined Alamy and was raring to get some photos up, I had looked through the guides and FAQ and was pretty sure my photos would be good enough to go up on the site.


    I made my first submission of my three best images and eagerly awaited an e-mail, none came. I seen on the site that QC were away on holidays so there might be a backlog, okay I said and waited.

    No email still so I signed into Alamy and discover my images were rejected but I got no email either way as I was supposed to which annoyed me. The first image failed as it was soft or lacking definition I am only an amateur so I don't really understand exactly what they mean and thought okay maybe try something better, anyway underneath it stated the camera was unsuitable and that's what grinds my gears, its a Olympus VG120 14 megapixels I done some research and with it having a 1/2.3'' sensor and being 14 megapixels I thought it was adequate. 


    So i find myself asking what to do am I just wasting my time because my camera will never be ''good'' enough and therefore should close my account?


    Any opinions or help welcome,  I don't mean it if my tone sounds off in this post I am just a little bit disheartened by it all was really getting a buzz because I honestly thought all was good and I bothered to do some research its just a bit overwhelming for an amateur with all the technicalities. I would add the image in question to my post only I don't know how.





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