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  1. Thanks for the welcome guys.


    4 hours ago, GS-Images said:

    Welcome to the forum.


    There's a lot of good advice in these forums and I'm sure you'll find answers to the questions you have. It's always worth spending a few hours reading recent topics as you'll learn a lot that way.


    Don't worry too much about there being a lot of travel photos here. That's just the way it goes with most subjects, there is a lot of competition. Just concentrate on uploading your best images, and never underestimate the importance of good captions and tags. Accurate captions and tags are vital, and if you do a good job you'll often see your images high up in results, despite the numbers available from others.


    Good luck,



    1. Im busy at reading the forum and taking mental notes.

    2. Is that a general comment or do see that mine need improvement? 


  2. Hello everyone. 

    Im new to the forum but have been on Alamy for about 6 months now and have slowly uploaded 900 photos, but with zero sales and only 7 zooms so far.

    Ive joined the forum to try and understand Alamy better and to see if i am even heading in the right direction!!

    I have come in to Alamy with open eyes and understand its a slow start here and that it is considered that travel photography is over saturated, but after nearly 4 years of world travel its all I've got and I've got a lot!! Im back home now and the plan is to get whats good up on line.


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