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  1. On 2/7/2019 at 20:36, RedSnapper said:


    Thats one impressive collection!


    But how come all of your photos are marked as "This image could have imperfections as it’s either historical or reportage." ?

    As if everything has been first posted through the Live News, including a hand brush on a white back ground?


  2. 4 hours ago, Niels Quist said:


    Are you on Windows (10?) or Apple?

    If Windows try to click on the number of images to the left of your post to see your images and search for the image ID, right clicking on the image thumbnail without enlarging it should give you the choice. My setting is large thumbnails to get the right size, though . Otherwise, very strange. However, I cannot get the other suggested solution with the shift key to work on my Windows 10. 

    I tried on both windows at work (not sure what version) and my MacBook at home. Both Chrome and also even tried Safari! All the same. 

    1 hour ago, Sally said:

    There was a change a while ago. I cannot now select ‘Open Image in New tab’ on either my iMac or MacBook, only on the iPad, and that’s how I get images into a thread. 

    I’m glad it’s not only me then. 

  3. 4 hours ago, Niels Quist said:


    Don't exactly know for the girls - but this is one way for the boys: View the image as a customer would see it in a search. Mouse right click. Copy image URL. In forum click "Insert other media" - insert the URL. The "zooms" in the link text will create the smaller image. Change this to "comp" for the bigger image. It seems you only need to view the image in question correctly - as you probably know the procedure.




    Thats exactly what i used to do but it seems something has changed for me. Right Clicking only gives me a single option of 'Save Preview Image'


    4 hours ago, Katie said:

    For the girls, just hold down shift when you right-click on the image. It'll override Alamy's script on most platforms and give you the normal menu. Works for me on Windows.


    Unfortunately holding down shift produces no different results than above!!


    So anyway Ive sold this one, https://www.alamy.com/image-details-popup.asp?Imageid=6F815063-ED49-4681-B5DE-088E557D98F3


    For small $ but super happy to of taken it and one of the finally selling :) 


    Country: Worldwide
    Usage: Presentation or newsletters
    55 MB
    5524 x 3453 pixels 
    4 MB compressed
    Start: 14 September 2018
    End: 14 September 2023

  4. I have not long come back from 11 months (Sept 16 - Aug 17) back packing around Malaysia, Malaysia Borneo, Singapore, the Philippines and Indonesia, taken many domestic and international flights between them all (mostly Air Asia) and have some how managed to not once have my carry on camera bag weighed. I am aware it happens and maybe once ignored the staff and queue at set of scales. Ive also noticed they seem to target people with those small wheeled carry on's.

    I always wear the backpack with booth straps and try to look relaxed wearing it hoping to give the impression thats 'theres nothing to worry about here.'

    The camera bag is a Lowpro protactic 450 and the big bits in it are

    Nikon D750 plus battery grip.

    Nikon 80-200 lens

    Tamron 15-30mm lens

    Tokina 100mm macro

    Nikon 50mm lens

    13" Macbook pro

    2tb Lacie HD

    All in weighting on the plus side of 10kg.


    Don't quote me on this but i am sure i read some where that laptops can be removed and not weighted as part of your carry on bag.


    I know ive got away with it for years but don't worry its all going to bite me in the ass one day, Ive recently brought a Sigma 150-600mm sport. This thing needs it own hold luggage.

    So like I am now thinking, instead of travelling lighter upgrade to one of those Peli protective cases and put some of it / all of in the hold.


    How did you like Borneo btw? Where did you visit?


  5. 11 minutes ago, Vincent Lowe said:


    Well, he didn't actually use those terms - a bit of an exaggeration on my part...:)



    They address the issue of zoom lenses on their website.  Apparently, some of the latest Canon cameras allow two focus adjustment points and the camera interpolates the in-betweens.  But it's only a few Canon cameras at the moment and no Nikons.




    Thanks, both, for the feedback.



    Yes I saw that but I have a Nikon and using FoCal my 80-200mm has a negative setting at 80mm and positive at 200mm. Setting the adjustment half way between the 2 would be a slightly positive setting and I feel that would be counter productive to the 80mm focal length. Of course this is a problem with my lense and not the software and I do recommend it. Primes are dead easy :) 

  6. I’ve very recently purchased the pro version. Enjoying the technical side of stuff I thought the extra cost was worth it and I do recommend the program. 

    It certainly takes the guess work out of balancing a ruler at an angle and adjusting until your happy but it is still quite a process.

    I’m also a bit confused what to do with my either end of focal lengths of zooms being different setting. 

  7. 1 hour ago, losdemas said:

    Congrats on your first sale.


    Cynicism around the use of PU sales meant I had to take a quick look at Google Images. While I didn't find the use of your image, I did find another disturbing site. Avopix seems to have trawled the MS site where you also have this image and claims to be offering them free for use under Creative Commons. Read the CC statement at the bottom of this page:

    https://avopix.com/search/premium-photos/pump boat


    Thanks for pointing that out, at first glance that is disturbing, especially as 14 of the photos on that first page are mine, but click on them and they all link back to the MS site for purchase.  

  8. 2 hours ago, NYCat said:

    Don't give up on empty space. Sometimes the buyer wants a place to put their text. Personally, I've always rather liked compositions that have the main subject in a corner so I do it to please myself and then I put "copy space, copyspace" in the keywords.



    Yes I did know copy space is important and when i remember I do keyword it in.

  9. On 21/09/2017 at 15:11, Johnnie5 said:

    You can crop down to 3000 pixels on the long side which might make some of your images more attractive to buyers. 

    To give them a sharper look? 


    On 21/09/2017 at 15:11, Johnnie5 said:

    You also have a lot of foreground in some of your surfer shots, try doing crops of those.  

    Most of them are actually already cropped and i didn't want to push the quality too low. And my thinking the foreground shows the shallowness of the sea and danger to the surfers plus makes the photos less "just another surfer on another wave" but i guess that didn't work! lol.

  10. On 21/09/2017 at 16:06, Jill Morgan said:


    If you search "surfing indonesia" you will see just what the competition has.  Editors want powerful images, especially if its a travel article on places to surf, a surfing magazine about a specific country or place.  They are going to choose images with the most impact for their readers. Yours are too quiet.  Now, that is just my opinion, and I don't surf, so take it for what it is worth, but always check what other photographers have to offer.  No point in uploading images that won't be zoomed as this will continue to affect your CTR on Alamy.



    I did actually do a search check for these photos but for "desert point lombok" and there was only 2 photos at the time. Maybe this was too specific for that many photos. 

    Im learning and understand your point about not uploading images that wont be zoomed.

    Thanks for your feed back.

  11. 13 hours ago, Jill Morgan said:

    The surfing images are okay. The waves aren't really huge and they would be better if you had closeups of the surfer in the wave.



    Size doesn’t always count ;) the location is one of the worlds top surf locations and waves are of “the type I will most likely never see again.” 

    But I agree a bigger zoom would of helped. 

  12. Thanks for feedback guys. I do see a common theme from it, more themes! I was kind of aware of this and have started deleting photos a while ago but have the 6 month wait. 


    2 hours ago, GS-Images said:

    The shot posted above really is stunning. You do have some very good images in your port, so no problem there.


    I didn't see many similars when looking at the first few pages APART from ones of the sea! JGEEDA is an example. You have something like a whole page of those and they all look similar. I used to have quite a lot of images of waves at sea but was advised to remove them, which I did. You should too. Remove the tags and captions FIRST, then click the delete button.


    Remember to use tags to describe more than what you factually see. I only looked at tags and captions of a couple of your images and could see you're doing a fairly decent job.


    It's likely you've already had images used but the sales haven't shown up yet. Some customers take longer than the 3 months we're supposed to wait for them to report uses, and that doesn't seem to be an issue, strangely. It's completely wrong in my opinion but that's the way it is. Give it a few months and hopefully you'll get some show up.




    What does deleting the tags and captions first do? I’ve already deleted a fair few but just by deleting the photo!

  13. I would really appreciate a critique and some feed back of photos. Im coming up to nearly 6 months and 1000 photos on Alamy and I know its a waiting game on here but ive only had 8 Click zooms and no sales so far! Would that be considered normal?

    I can see and understand that my mostly South East Asia travel photos are quite different from what the regulars of this forum mostly submit but please fire away with your comments so hopefully i can improve. Must point out though the travel photos are already shot (i ran out of travel money and i am back in the UK now) and the 10k loosely ear marked for Alamy are slowly being worked through. 

  14. 23 hours ago, Allan Bell said:


    Pleased to hear you have already had a cull of similars. Heron, retriever, field of corn, yes too many similars as are the later beach scenes.


    If you have say three images of the same subject but taken from different angles, lighting and distances, then these are OK. But if all are taken from the same viewpoint with little difference then pick the best to keeping ditch the others.





    Thank you for the advice Allan, it is appreciated.

  15. 2 hours ago, Allan Bell said:

    Hello and welcome Philip,


    I had a quick look through some pages of your images and hope you don't mind me mentioning that, although you have some good images, you also have too many similars. Try to keep similars down to three at most as this will be adversely affecting sales and ranking. You will have started on a median rank and to rise up the ranking is the aim of the game.





    Thanks for the welcome and the honest feed back.


    I fully agree with you, I got a better understanding of how it works a few weeks ago and have had a cull of quite a lot of images but am having to wait the 180 days delete time now. 

    By similars  i take you mean the likes of the white heron,  golden retriever in the sea, field of corn and wild flowers etc etc. But what about the likes of the surfers, or Angkor Wat temples. All kind of different subjects but similar looking photos?


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