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  1. DPI resolution is irrelevant for web presentation. That being said, I always use 72 for web use anyway, as that makes life harder for photo thieves intending to print it. As for LR settings for export to Alamy, I don't mess with image size but I send the photos in 300 DPI and maximum quality. I add light sharpening as I shoot in camera with everything in neutral and I use sRGB as color space because this is the most compatible color space with a varied number of internet browsers, plus it's also very close to CMYK used by most professional/commercial printing and the convertion to
  2. Do I need to use hyphenation? For example, is ok to use just Red Necked Tanager or do I need to also put Red-necked Tanager? Thanks!
  3. I also use the D800. Love it, the higher resolution really makes a positive difference, IMO, both for overall quality and for cropping. But, like said, I wish for higher FPS some times.
  4. Like already said, you are undermining your own business by selling the same pictures on microstock sites for cents. Believe me, buyers will look there first before going to Alamy.
  5. It's at the right upper corner, besides "All Submissions". There will be "Images: 7488". This number also shows here on your forum profile.
  6. Thank you! Yeah I'll just stick with RM. Never liked the idea of RF anyway.
  7. Thank you! Yes I do forget to use plurals. Need to go through my images to improve the keywording
  8. Hi, first post here. Not sure if it's very positive but I'm getting better results every year, despite my small number of images, which is finally getting me a bit more interested in stock photography. Thing is, my type of photography is not much typical "stock" I imagine, and I only work with Rights Managed. Perhaps I should change to Royalty Free for the more common images? Not sure though... My earnings so far this year are $1.137 gross.
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