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  1. I am wondering if others that are in US can help me. I filled out DACS paperwork and now to not get the double taxation there is another form. This is the HM revenue form and after printing and filling it out I am instructed by it to send it to the Internal Revenue Office in US. This requires me to pay a flat fee of 85 USD and will take 45 days for them to certify that I am, in fact, a resident of the US. Crazy. Is this your experience as well. Thus, as an example, if I were to get 400 USD via DACS and paid 20% of it to the UK it would still be less than the fee of 85 USD to simply say I live in the US which has never been in question. This is senseless. By the way, the time I spend on the form which is nearly 20 pages is not included in my ire or estimation. If you have a different calculation or information I would be very interested. Thanks
  2. Espalier or espaliered fruit tree. I think the specific and characteristic shape of the espalier is more imporant than the type of fruit. Agree with others, I cannot tell type. one can espalier many kinds of plants. Cheers, Sharon
  3. It is my understanding (correct or no) that besides the issues of model releases that photo buyers want to know if it is an image with or without people. This might be a shortcut way to discern if an image has what is being sought. It is also my understanding that images with people sell more often than ones without-- more lifestyle related. I wonder if that is really true. Best Sharon
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