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  1. The Live News button from my S app disappeared yesterday, I even re downloaded it but it was still gone, today it is back!
  2. Curious, I only have two exclusive images (I'm sure I have more that are only on Alamy but I am wary of the exclusive button) and these have both been recently zoomed. I never have many zooms, generally single figures but just thought a bit odd that they were zoomed, I was hoping they would be converted into sales.......
  3. Oops sorry for a new post, I didn’t see any other comments on the forum about this
  4. My Alamy measures hasn’t updated since feb 7th. I logged out etc and tried a difference browser. Has anyone else had this issue? Thanks
  5. I've just got mine to work - someone earlier suggested Chrome and that worked with the ipad
  6. Is there a trick that I am missing to uploading the cover photo. I am uploading from one in my Alamy portfolio, tried various different ones but I just get the three blue squares of doom........how long does it take to upload the cover photo?
  7. Thanks Sally, will definitely look at that video, only managed to watch the first few minutes but it caught my attention with the opening lines....do you hate keywording!
  8. Thank you Reimar, I haven’t seen that one before but looks exactly what I’m after and an ideal replacement for what I was used to
  9. Sorry, I know that there has been a lot of discussion around keywords recently, there was a post I was looking for and can't find it - keyword search engines. I did pick up keywordio from here but it seems to have stopped working. Was really useful to highlight words I wouldn't have thought of! Are there any other free easy alternatives? Many thanks
  10. I had one similar back in January, same wording and image size of 1 page etc, not found it yet - I keep trying with google images and alamy details in " " via google (found two images waiting to be credited for by using the " "
  11. Hi, after some advice - I have found one of my images in Birdwatching UK Feb 2018, published online 19 Jan 2018. The image did show as a zoom but no sale as yet. How long do people leave before generating a query with Alamy Thank you!
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