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  1. Photography and art

    Not so good with 'real' paints, I use Photoshop to 'paint' some of my photos....
  2. Asking for help with tags

    It's all I have and can't really afford (or have room for) anything else right now. unless some kind soul were willing to sponsor a new computer.... purely for the sake of integrity of photos mind you I might be able to hook up a separate screen though... eventually.
  3. Asking for help with tags

    Laptop I mostly did, but thought of more ... then I always forget to go back and put them in the file info.
  4. Asking for help with tags

    well, I have Photoshop CS6, but it was on the computer when my nephew gave it to me. CS6, Bridge, and Illustrator I think... haven't tried that one.
  5. Totally Wrong Information!

    I messed up when I did the info on some of my photos because I had others clicked without realizing it. It was pointed out to me and I fixed it all (at least I hope I got it all.) It's frustrating on both sides of it I'm sure, looking for a photo of a lizard, and you get a thistle in the mix . And things not showing up in the proper searches because you missed a click, and possibly a sale...
  6. Asking for help with tags

    This is the only place anyone has said my images are dark Can't seem to find where to calibrate my screen. I don't have lightroom. I can adjust the brightness, but it doesn't really tell me anything except that it's right in the middle.
  7. Asking for help with tags

    Thank you for the link. it's eastern grey tree frog.
  8. Asking for help with tags

    Thanks, I think they are fixed.
  9. Asking for help with tags

    Sorry, still getting used to how the image manager works. I must have still had the thistle image checked when I was working on the dragonfly one. Most of it is fixed. going to check up on the frog ID then see if anything else needs to be fixed.
  10. Asking for help with tags

    New here (and to stock) just wondering if anyone can help me with tags and captions? I don't have much up yet, so it shouldn't take long
  11. Hi from Wisconsin

    Was still looking them up having recently been told that elsewhere. Thank you.
  12. Hi from Wisconsin

    Yay, my first 3 are up
  13. Hi from Wisconsin

    East central... North of Port Washington south of Green Bay
  14. Hi from Wisconsin

    I have so much to learn...
  15. Hi from Wisconsin

    Thanks 'should' be able to see my initial 3 images. My dashboard says they are not on sale (right hand side), but they passed, and are "on sale with poor discoverability" Guess I'll have to work on that.