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  1. hello it may be necessary to go a little further in retouching, especially in architectural images. I took a random image and quickly made corrections. in the keywords there is canal, and swans .... why, best regards
  2. hello I would like to upload images from live news but I can't find the folder or deposit my images! see my screenshot In ftp it's the same I don't see a folder live news! a solution ?
  3. hi in the key words and in the title, the names of cities, countries, it is better to put them with a capital letter or not ?? thanks
  4. hello can we put in the key words the same words as in the title ?? or it's not right or not allowed ? thanks
  5. thanks all for your answer, and thank you Niels Quist for the solution of not seeing the two sets of images failed ( with only an image in each with the with noise
  6. hello how to erase the images that are refused to the quality control and why when a single image has noise for example it is the whole serie which is refused ? thanks for your answer
  7. Hi thank you for all these very interesting answers. I will perhaps try to put only keywords that have a direct relationship with the image even if there will be fewer. And forget that damn green bar!
  8. hello it takes more than 42 keywords to get the good discoverabiliy! this is really important because it is sometimes very difficult on some images ?? is the title more important ?? thanks for sharing your experience
  9. Hi all how to put the caption on a photo editioral? should it put the date of shooting or not? city and country first or last? what is the correct wording ?? thanks a lot for your help
  10. hello images of landscapes with advertising inscriptions like an hotel or brand names must put them in the section editioral ?? thanks
  11. hello hello For the transfer FTP I do not see the folder Archive stock (for all reportage and archival images) to drop my photo. only live news, stock and vector. I use transmit or Viper on Mac thanks for help
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