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  1. When a customer gets my asset physically by purchasing/downloading it from Alamy's platform, but never pays for it (and Alamy subsequently writes that off), it's a loss for me, no matter how you frame it, because there were certain time/money/efforts etc. invested in that asset but it was eventually given away for free. Normally a service/agency/shop will have it covered by itself and either reimburse the amount to the seller (contributor in this case) or try to alleviate it somehow in a different way (think of Amazon or other similar platforms), in which case it's a 100% loss for that shop and a 0% loss/risk for me. But if Alamy has nothing to give to me if they never catch a customer, then this is 50%/50% risk. After all, it's not a direct sale by myself to a final customer somewhere in the street, in which case I bear the full risk; it's Alamy who is authorized, for a fee, to sell my asset. That's how I see it. Of course, it's my mistake that I didn't read the contributor contract very carefully nor investigated that on forums prior to subscribing to the service, so no one to blame except myself. But the way the business is organized here seems to be wrong to me. Also from a microstock perspective, because no matter how low the subscription-based fees they have (a notional "33 cents"), Alamy also doesn't always sell my assets for double or triple digit amounts, and the sales are much more seldom. So in the end, the financial gain of the two platforms may be the same, with the only difference that the other platforms pay you no matter what. Indeed, probably the best way to look at it, thanks.
  2. With due respect, Article 12.3 of the contributor agreement, and in fact, the whole article 12, does not specify what you have mentioned, i.e. that Alamy pays out only once it received the payment from the customer (and provided other conditions are met such as minimum cleared amount of 50 USD). It only specifies that the agency pays at after 30 days provided the threshold is met and in which currency. I still don't have a relevant provision. For risk sharing, I guess that's a specific feature of Alamy, since I haven't come across with anything similar with other agencies. Is this possible only for a distributor sales channel under Additional revenue options section of the Dashboard? Exactly what I did before posting here and exactly what they replied (chasing the client). Quite demotivating, I must admit. Not only the sales are very rare and not always for a price as much higher as on microstocks, but you also may end up being hand-cuffed by the end-customer willingness to pay.
  3. Hello all, A bit new to this kind of situation, seeking your knowledge. I have a number of sales that aren't cleared since several months, i.e. well beyond the 45-day notional deadline (one of the sale has been made five months ago and still uncleared). Alamy support informed me that this is because they haven't received a payment from the ultimate customer and that their "credit control team actively chasing the client". My question is: does it mean that Alamy won’t clear my sale (and make the payout, if the minimum threshold has been reached) for as long as it doesn't receive the payment from its client? If yes, then this means that the agency shifts the risk of client’s non-payment to the contributor, correct? I wonder if there's a provision in contributor's agreement with Alamy that would allow this..
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