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  1. Here's the official response from Alamy: "Our price calculator lists the 'shop front' pricing; this varies slightly from time to time depending on the territory, who a customer is and if they have their own pricing structure."


    So, basically, the prices you see opposite your images mean nothing.

  2. Thank you all for your response. I'm in the US and it says $19.99 for personal use opposite my images, which are both RM. One sale says Worldwide, but usage is partly in German, which could account for the price difference. The other says Worldwide and everything is in English, so I have no idea where the buyer is. It would be nice if Alamy would answer this question rather than us just speculating among ourselves. I emailed them both times, but received the coronavirus response that said ask the community on the forum.

  3. For the second time this month, one of my images has been licensed for personal use for $10.78, my share 50%. If it says right opposite the image where it's for sale that it's $19.99 for personal use, why is Alamy selling it for half that? Seems it would be better for both Alamy and me to sell it for the price it's advertised for.

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