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  1. As above, also used by National Geographic - https://www.nationalgeographic.com/travel/lists/places-to-go-latin-america/ Enough royalties to buy me one of those wooden canoes and sail down the Amazon again
  2. Milano Pride 2018. Fun photoshoot. Published a blog post/tutorial about my experiences on that day - link to post is here.
  3. Maybe you got some sales and will only be reported soon. I've spotted 4 of my images sold, which are yet to be reported, and some were zoomed.
  4. 1) Inhotim, Minas Gerais, Brazil 2) Floresta da Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 3) Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  5. Old thread alert, I know. I just had a personal use license sale which is a bit suspect. I mean why would someone use this image as a wall print (strictest definition of Personal Use)? Country: WorldwideUsage: Personal useMedia: Non-commercial, one time, personal/home use90 MB4894 x 6425 pixels 5 MB compressedStart: 07 June 2018End: 07 June 2023 Very suspicious stuff, any thoughts?
  6. Thanks for including my shot of The Swan ('De Zwaan')
  7. 11 for $264, best month ever on here. After a lot of hard work looks like it's all finally paying off...
  8. Small RM sale, nevertheless I really like this shot as it tells a nice story
  9. 6 for $62 blah --- update 2 popped in this morning for combined $70, so now total 8 for $132 which is a bit more respectful
  10. Rather a million times be in your situation lol I'm still confident for me on average for every 4.5 zooms I have a sale. Is this consistent with most people on here?
  11. Al Qadra cycling track, UAE. Sold a year after upload. That was a fun afternoon.
  12. Hey all, Out of curiosity, has anybody here come across situations when their model-released images were used in situations that may potentially cause the models potential embarrassment (in the best case scenario)? I've recently come across two of my pics which were licensed, not on here, which perhaps a model could take offence and wrote about it on my blog I realise that Alamy's clients are predominately editorial so would probably not apply, but for those that shoot commercial model-released, is it something that potentially worries you and do you notify the client that there's a small risk that the images may be used for "sensitive usage"? Is the small risk enough for some on here avoid commercial model-released altogether? I looked into Alamy's contributor contract and the wording is relatively wide: Unfortunately there's no such definition of what would be "defamatory" within the agreement. Best regards Alex
  13. My great news this month are encouraging stats: Total Views for Alexandre Rotenberg : 1,877 Total Zooms for Alexandre Rotenberg : 17 Average CTR for Alexandre Rotenberg : 1.12 However no sales...at least none have been recorded!
  14. $2 is a fortune compared to the 2cents I recently received from one of the big boy agencies...
  15. I had a funny episode the other day when I was shooting with a tripod near a shopping centre. The security guard told me that shooting with a tripod isn't allowed...ok fair enough as it was semi-private property, but then he said I could shoot without the tripod. Why not just ban "professional" photography altogether? Strange place.
  16. Thanks Justin for your comments and suggestions. 1/2 seconds sounds good. I was thinking that since for video it needs to be about 1/50 second then it should be more or less the same for stills in view of making a timelapse but that's not true. Also, yesterday I put on Aperture Priority and got some dreaded flickering so have to remember to always shoot in full manual. Anyway, it's OK for me to make these sort of mistakes in early days. I hope to get to your level in a few years + that D850 has really impressive dynamic range! I'm quite enjoying making these timelapses. Also people in Italy are quite open, as you know, and standing around for 30 mins, people ask me all sorts of questions on what I'm doing and give their own tips. It's like they know I'm a foreigner and proud that I'm taking such interest in their culture. Grazie mille, amico, Alex
  17. ^^^ Oh yes, but no means are those keywording software the end of the workflow. I use them as a starting point for the basic of words and build on them with my own more specific. Need to look out for irrelevant / spam type words that the software sometimes throws out and eliminate them. Another cool piece of software is Everypixel. Artificial intelligence keywording...best to just ignore the stuff about whether the image is awesome or not.
  18. Lots of people above have had much more success than me, but here's my 2cents anyway: Since Alamy is predominately an editorial-based agency, lots of the concepts you have here probably will never sell. Those include the more generic type of images, composites and even if model-released, as well as the backgrounds. No harm in having them here though...it's sort of a lottery ticket. I also have a passport series and even though they sell regularly on micros, on here they're just drifting. You have a nice series of shop-fronts, such as Carperight, TGI Friday's, Maplin, Costa, etc. and I imagine those are exactly the types of images that are licensed on here and feature heavily on the Guardian, Daily Mail, etc. Times move fast and who knows if one of those establishments will be wound up in the next few years. One tip is to have more people in the frame...since it's editorial anyway it's a plus. You're doing well. Keep submitting. I'm relatively new to Alamy as only been submitting regularly for 18 months or so and only recently have I seen an uptick in regular sales (although many very low amounts). Good luck p.s Liking the timber factory images, I imagine those will do well.
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