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  1. Since you asked, I would suggest to put (almost) all everywhere and RF.
  2. Got lost (in a good way) in the narrow streets of Tarragona, Catalonia, Spain
  3. https://www.instagram.com/arotenbergphotography/ @arotenbergphotography
  4. You've got 1866 images. I'll probably upload that many in the next 3 months! Lots going on all the time, if not in Marlbourough then perhaps Bath, Swindon, Bristol, Newbury etc....gogogo!! I'm probably hitting about average due to my own laziness in the beginning with crap images and spamming keywords...only recently have I got this train back on track.
  5. I just came back from France-Spain-Portugal adventure road-trip over 6 days. 1000 images 60 videos (mainly timelapses) I'll probably keep 2/3s, I'm more selective when I'm shooting and liberal when submitting (who knows if a buyer will like something that at first looks useless). Should take me about a week to go through everything, 3-4 hours a day. Helped that I worked on a few dozen throughout the holiday. I decided to keep this one
  6. No worries. Keep going, Marb. It's a long game, I think I'll be pulling in regular sales by 2020! Thank you.
  7. Close to breaking the $1k mark with 48 sales so far this year. This game is easy! not.
  8. As above, also used by National Geographic - https://www.nationalgeographic.com/travel/lists/places-to-go-latin-america/ Enough royalties to buy me one of those wooden canoes and sail down the Amazon again
  9. Milano Pride 2018. Fun photoshoot. Published a blog post/tutorial about my experiences on that day - link to post is here.
  10. Maybe you got some sales and will only be reported soon. I've spotted 4 of my images sold, which are yet to be reported, and some were zoomed.
  11. 1) Inhotim, Minas Gerais, Brazil 2) Floresta da Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 3) Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  12. Old thread alert, I know. I just had a personal use license sale which is a bit suspect. I mean why would someone use this image as a wall print (strictest definition of Personal Use)? Country: WorldwideUsage: Personal useMedia: Non-commercial, one time, personal/home use90 MB4894 x 6425 pixels 5 MB compressedStart: 07 June 2018End: 07 June 2023 Very suspicious stuff, any thoughts?
  13. Thanks for including my shot of The Swan ('De Zwaan')
  14. 11 for $264, best month ever on here. After a lot of hard work looks like it's all finally paying off...
  15. Small RM sale, nevertheless I really like this shot as it tells a nice story
  16. 6 for $62 blah --- update 2 popped in this morning for combined $70, so now total 8 for $132 which is a bit more respectful
  17. Rather a million times be in your situation lol I'm still confident for me on average for every 4.5 zooms I have a sale. Is this consistent with most people on here?
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