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  1. I would suggest a medium level of healthy saturation, not nuclear.
  2. Hi Carlos and welcome! I see you're going for the saturated look, which I tend to do as well, but it seems that you've pushed it too far on your images. I find that stock is less art and more science and that you need to appeal to as broad number of buyers as possible...in your case, some will love it, but most will hate it. Also, some of your crops/angles are unconventional and perhaps too artistic. Sticking to lens corrected with lots of copy space and PEOPLE in the frame is the best way to go about it. Since this is a predominately editorial agency, I find that commercial images have less value, so if you're shooting a public place, might as well include people. Didn't look at keywords but the captions look OK. Anybody else want to have a go? Good luck Alex
  3. How does US copyright law (even if there's merit in such a ridiculous accusation) apply in the UK?
  4. Visited an old Portuguese Lighthouse in Sesimbra and met the lighthouse keeper!
  5. You give me 6 months and I'd double your earnings but you'll have to sell your soul...
  6. ^^ The most significant benefit of going down the RF route, in my opinion, is the flexibility that comes with being able to duplicate such material at other stock agencies. That should make up for any lost revenue from missed out multiple RM licenses and the rare but not impossible exclusive ones on here. A contentious red arrow point, surely.
  7. Surfing spot in Munich, Germany. How do you say dude in German?
  8. I used to try to think of some logic here or there and just realised it's probably a waste of time/effort. I've decided to put everything but the live news stuff as RF editorial/commercial and be happy. Probably not a huge difference anymore with RM, it's all some sort of hybrid mutant micro-glorified license anyway.
  9. Since you asked, I would suggest to put (almost) all everywhere and RF.
  10. Got lost (in a good way) in the narrow streets of Tarragona, Catalonia, Spain
  11. https://www.instagram.com/arotenbergphotography/ @arotenbergphotography
  12. You've got 1866 images. I'll probably upload that many in the next 3 months! Lots going on all the time, if not in Marlbourough then perhaps Bath, Swindon, Bristol, Newbury etc....gogogo!! I'm probably hitting about average due to my own laziness in the beginning with crap images and spamming keywords...only recently have I got this train back on track.
  13. I just came back from France-Spain-Portugal adventure road-trip over 6 days. 1000 images 60 videos (mainly timelapses) I'll probably keep 2/3s, I'm more selective when I'm shooting and liberal when submitting (who knows if a buyer will like something that at first looks useless). Should take me about a week to go through everything, 3-4 hours a day. Helped that I worked on a few dozen throughout the holiday. I decided to keep this one
  14. No worries. Keep going, Marb. It's a long game, I think I'll be pulling in regular sales by 2020! Thank you.
  15. Close to breaking the $1k mark with 48 sales so far this year. This game is easy! not.
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