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  1. I quoted James so those were not my words, but what I think he means is that the real value for customers come from the subscriptions, 30 images a day for $150/month or whatever. However, this is for quite basic usages, mainly for digital....max 72 dpi and 1200px, etc. For one-off Extended Licenses for merchandising and large-scale reproductions, the cost can be quite substantial and over and above what one may pay on Alamy, generally speaking. Need to see on a case-by-case basis. The subs are the backbone of the business model and what differentiates between a "microstock" agency and one that is not. Such stock agencies which don't offer subs should not be considered microstock.
  2. We must be careful when advising newbies on what they should or shouldn't do. I feel that much of the evidence presented above in regards to the reason why someone may not be getting as many sales here if they have duplicated in micros are worded as if they were "facts" when they are just opinions. Not meaning to boast but few have done as much research as I have into this matter and I have seen little evidence of buyers searching elsewhere. I'm of the opinion that it's a complex issue and price differentiation is only one factor which perhaps isn't even the biggest factor when deciding where to shop for same/similar images. As Alamy's own James Allsworth quoted on my blog: All swans are white, the Earth is flat and micro duplication affects Alamy sales....those are dogmatic arguments. If someone can present me clear facts that duplication directly affects sales here I'm all ears. Link to blog post and interview with James here.
  3. 4 for $124, slightly disappointing but 38 zooms in Sept so there must be some unreported sales somewhere there
  4. These guys in the 100k club seem to be doing alright and not by luck...but by sheer hard work & dedication. Loads of money depends on contributors' individual circumstances. I'd be happy with at least $3k/month net income from all agencies + private client work & other photography-related gigs.
  5. I agree. 2,000 images, unless they are of a very very specific niche, just won't cut it anymore. Even though quality is of course super important, I think quantity is even more important...as well as variety. If Marb had 20,000 images and was whining of no sales I'd take him seriously but 2,000 come on...work harder and smarter!! I see you also complaining daily at the Shutterstock forum's pathetic "doom and gloom" thread. So I think the issue is more to do with your own approach to this business than factors related global diminishing returns. ----- Loads of money to be made boys and girls but as always "the cream rises to the top"
  6. Nah, giving up is for the weak. I'm joining the $100k club one day and buying myself a Ferrari engraved "Alamy" on the side.
  7. Further to the above about finding new and profitable ideas, I've recently published a blog post on using Google Trends and Wikipedia Analytics to analyse what may be trending or perhaps "un-trending". Using the available data I analysed the following terms to : Alt-Right Antifa Brazil corruption (Lava Jato) Brexit Hipster Iran war Metoo Opioid Addiction Overtourism / Over-tourism / Mass-tourism Plastic in the Ocean Refugee Crisis Trade Tariffs Transgender Hope you'll find it useful and can draw some profitable concepts. I'm curious to know, other than AoA, if contributors use such analytics to come up with potentially profitable concepts.
  8. Ian Fleming's original Casino Royale in Estoril, Portugal
  9. It's tough going here and takes a while, but you'll be well-rewarded for higher fees (on average) than the micros. Good luck!
  10. I'll kick this off with a photo-shoot I did with my dad riding a bike overlooking Praia do Guincho, Portugal. What's your favourite for the month?
  11. I don't mean to be cynical but getting excited over a zoom?...
  12. Save the planet Heatwave in Portugal, thermometer showing 40 degrees in Cascais, Portugal Festas do Mar in Cascais, Portugal
  13. I work like a professional and earn like an amateur
  14. Ciao Lorenza, You have really well-executed images of the beautiful region of where you live (Trento). I would suspect that the reason why you're having such few sales is that there's not so many buyers looking for such specific images. Keep in mind that many of the Alamy buyers are UK-based editorials. Perhaps they'll feature the nearby Dolomites. The wine stuff is good for generic microstock type images and I'm sure they sell regularly should you be duplicating. I would suggest going for and searching for a more specialist Italian agency for Italian buyers. Buona fortuna!
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