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  1. Overthinking imo. Just focus on shooting quality in-demand content with excellent metadata.
  2. I believe that definition is incomplete. I would add that a microstock agency is one that offers a monthly/yearly subscription service. I believe Alamy rolled something out at certain regions but unless they do a complete implementation they won't strictly be a microstock agency. Also the fact they offer the option of RM leads me to conclude that they aren't MS....yet!
  3. You missed out financially big time, perhaps because of your pride or just bad advice (hindsight is a beautiful thing). Your 60,000 images a drop in the ocean...how could it possibly ever have a substantial impact to "kill of your newly joined profession"? That's illusions of grandeur! The fact is that you could have made $10,000s/year just from micros since 2002 when there were still huge gaps in the market. Not that you would try it out now...even if you came around to the "dark side", it's probably too late. Not that you wouldn't make a little bit...I'd estimate that some 10,000 of your images are "microstocky" such as PK8KR4 (without the logos) and those may earn you an additional $8,000 net a year with little impact on your Alamy sales. It's tougher now than a few years ago with most veteran contributors are experience falling average fees. Yes, race to the bottom comes to mind. Many micro contributors blame free sites like Unsplash and thieves that can remove watermarks...or even as far as revenues being capped and algos favouring some accounts and others. I think none of those are huge factors...the market is just simply oversaturated and even though the industry is growing at 5% a year, supply is growing at 50%. That's unsustainable. I believe that the new frontier is stock footage. Would be nice if Alamy introduced a licensing scheme for footage, but doesn't seem like it's going to happen. I went on a tangent here but I think it was important. Perhaps not the best thread but seems like almost everybody has reported their Nov earnings so not necessarily hijacking the thread.
  4. Blasphemy! I actually have more images on here by a good 1k and some very good ones exclusive and RM and I’m still earning between 1/4 and 1/3 on average of what I earn from my largest microstock agency. These are hard facts and difficult to ignore.
  5. Not quite a surge but I'll take it: $112 for this RM baby. Almost a year since uploaded and has finally sold...just shows this is such a long-term game.
  6. Graffiti about themes of nationality and justice overlooking Cantagalo favela in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil A street view of Corso Buenos Aires (Porta Venezia) in Milan, Italy Older woman inspects linen drying on ropes stretched outside her window, Venice, Veneto, Italy
  7. 9 for $207 gross...kinda gross as i'll cross 10k shortly
  8. 3 for me overnight but relatively small amounts, total $45 gross
  9. The pregnancy series has potential but fell flat on the post-processing. In fact, most images look like they were uploaded straight from the camera. On a side note, I admire someone who will upload 5k images for 16 years without earning anything. That's what I call optimism.
  10. 9,000 images since Sept 2016 so that's what like 360 a month average. I'm a stock photography machine fighting doom and gloom on a daily basis.
  11. I got 4 reds for stating a mathematically-correct equation!
  12. Excellent capture of the moment. I have a question. Would you consider a tighter crop in these situations? Do you think it would have more value than a wider angle?
  13. I take your point. Mine was an extreme example. Perhaps they're trying to tap into the small web-usage, repeat editorial market for those bulk buyers.
  14. Sometimes the fear is overblown. After all, 500 sales at $1 or 10 sales at $50 both = $500
  15. Meanwhile, I've visited 7 countries so far this year already and still trying to recover some of my costs lol Shooting locally is the way to go!
  16. Yeah, by all means go crazy on commercial shots. Less crazy on editorials.
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