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  1. Indeed! Although this is in the extreme low, I've read about some contributors earning on the extreme high $300+ here and then renewals of RM licenses, yummy yummy. Not sure what the average should be for RPD or RPI on here, nor what my expectations should be, I'll have to research more. From my other thread it's clear that I need to step up my game. In Microstockland (or stock photography stage IV cancer as some call it), it's much lower revenues but higher volumes of downloads...RPI/year of $2 should be about average for a good portfolio (3k+ images over 2 years), but this figure is dropping year-on-year. I'd be interested to know this metric here but doubt most contributors would be so forthcoming.
  2. Those are microstock prices! ugh, I've had a few of those on here...but it's fine as long as the average is substantially more.
  3. In light of my recent inspiration which has led to keyword perspiration, I've dug through my archives to upload these series of images of a school sponsored by an NGO in a Rio favela. Do you think they would be interesting for buyers, considering it's now too dangerous to go up that favela? I think the one with the little girl is quite powerful, especially due to what's written on her arm. I'm surprised I never uploaded these to begin with, perhaps didn't feel comfortable as its kids and didn't have the consent of the guardian but then again it's editorials. I have many more of Rio which sometimes seem like non-stories but depending on the way I caption and keyword could be interesting for buyers (like homeless people, street vendors.) I've put them as RM but any merit as RF? (I think not but open to ideas) Ok now tear me apart
  4. I sure hope it won't turn into a Microstock site! But, last rumour I heard is that Alamy is dishing out subscription packages for Private Use licenses.....................what makes you think that they won't for normal licenses? Perhaps this is the wrong place to discuss this but would be interesting to hear your thoughts. Lastly, I'm a bit of a joker as you have probably gathered so don't take me too seriously, I come in peace
  5. I cannot name the agency but probably won't take very long to find out who with a search on google. In any case, this agency does also submit to Alamy so indirectly I'm submitting my best work to Alamy but it doesn't show up in my portfolio. As for the fine art stuff, I don't think it would do so well here anyway. Anyway, fine art is really subjective so what I think is interesting someone may think is junk. Stock tends to be more objective.
  6. You guys sure are tough! These agencies request exclusivity (RM). Out of curiosity, do most of you only submit to Alamy? Ernst, Your images have inspired me. I'm digging through some images I took when I visited a favela in Rio about 2 years ago which I'll be submitting to Alamy.
  7. I must say you have some powerful images of India, Ethiopia, Madagascar. Great stuff! My best work isn't on Alamy, it's with boutique agencies (both fine art and travel).
  8. Welcome to Alamy, the most microstock of the midstocks
  9. I've seen the light Although I do have very generic images (mainly isolated stuff) that would make for good Microstock material. This thread has been a real wake up call on how lazy I've been with my keywording and captions and I thank you guys for pointing it out. Now i'll have to spend the next 30 hours going thorough the captions + keywords which is fine if it will lead to more downloads. Also nice tips about making images a bit more vibrant...there was a period about a year ago that I was experimenting with some VSCO filters and some results were less than desired. Most importantly, the subject matter needs to be relevant to buyers...I'll be spending more time in the UK in the coming months and will think about which types of images will have the greatest prospect of success - perhaps themes related to : Brexit, security, protests, austerity and of course Alamy Live News on the weather
  10. What does that say about the buyers of such images? Ok. Noted and won't happen again. I wasn't contributing in 2004 but from the stories I heard it was a goldmine then, but I guess that goes for stock photography in general when there were less images floating around. No doubt that microstock is dead-end now but for the top 10% of contributors who make 80% of revenues. Even Yuri Ancurs, the world's most successful microstock photographer, saw the light in 2011/2012 and looked elsewhere.
  11. Great point. Lucky that I was going to visit friends and photography wasn't the main purpose although I did take so many pics! Flights to Ecuador from Europe are like 1k euros at least...crazy! Just disappointing that haven't had much success with the Ecuador images...yet (I was there over the new years). I only stayed in Quito and surrounding volcanoes. Staying in such high altitude (>3000 metres) for many days is really interesting!
  12. Don't have a cow just kidding. Ok, will do. I don't mind the negative comments, I find that in life 99% of all negativity isn't personal. Often people just want to dump their frustration on someone, I guess today was my turn. Some contributors hate Microstock and it's completely understandable. Some would go as far as call it a cancer haha
  13. That's correct, although that's been happening for a while and has picked up pace lately. Market share is dominated by the big players. Smaller players are struggling and probably won't be around soon or be bought out. Some interesting sites emerging specialising in mobile phone images which should grow. Some contributors are jumping ship but where to go? The boutique agencies most likely.
  14. Great info above - much appreciated. Yes, 13 +-3 images over 2 years is quite disappointing and only have myself to blame. If it means anything these are my stats...I'm still learning how to interpret them: Period : 01 Aug 2016 to 07 Aug 2017 Total views: 19241 Total zooms: 83 Total CTR : 0.43 Average CTR 0.43 Last month average CTR on Alamy: 0.57 I need to step up my game in Alamy by focusing on key concepts, keyword better and not mix microstock images with the stuff on Alamy. As for promoting my book, I can see that antagonised some people but it's a piece of research I'm proud of and the nature of the game is that I must use all avenues to promote (legally). It's more about the blog than the book though and a way for people to perhaps pick up on some pieces of wisdom I occasionally spew out with my articles (for example: Microstock isn't all evil) but most importantly I want to make friends and learn to improve. Photography can be lonely and it's always great to share this passion with people. Unlike some people, I don't consider fellow contributors as competitors, but instead as colleagues. Alex
  15. That's great advice, gazie mille. How about Alamy Live News? Have you ever had any sales from there...I submit to them regularly but never.
  16. I feel we're going round in circles From an earlier post: "I find that submitting to Microstock is like going to photography school to learn the ins and outs of the stock photo business - I certainly have learned a lot. If a new contributor ends up making a bit of money to pay for some photography trips and upgrade equipment then great. So it's get in, learn and then get out." I'll add the following: It's a strange angle I took but not for one moment did i 'sugarcoat' how tough the road would be, but I think most contributors by now know that's not a 'get rich quick scheme'!
  17. I think there's been a misunderstanding. I'm by no means promoting microstock a sustainable way to earn a living, on the contrary...it's become increasingly difficult, the biggest site that starts with an S has over 140 million images. If we were in 2004, then we'd all be foolish to not jumping on the Microstock bandwagon. 13 years on, the party is over. Alamy is one of the few "Microstock" agencies left...not technically microstock but not quite midtstock. It's a highly democratic agency, in a good way. The luddites comment is more about the general state of work that is being replaced by technology. The rise of the gig economy...the rise of automation....big changes are coming, good for some not good for others. Smartphone cameras as powerful as full-frame DSLRs in 10 years' time, very possible + available for $300. Interesting themes to explore visually and should be onto winners by showing these types of images commercially and editorially.
  18. Ah yes, Picniche. Very handy tool but according to the developer (which I have been in contact with), it's been unfortunately disabled for some years so I wouldn't trust the latest results. He's gone on to develop quite handy tools like (although it's for Micros only and I appreciate it won't appeal to many people on here): https://www.picworkflow.com/ Lately, I've been using a quite handy keywording tool which also gives the average $ of sales per keyword, so in a way it's like Picniche and it's 100% up to date: https://www.keyword.io/tool/stock-photo-research I wrote a review of it here on my blog - https://brutallyhonestmicrostock.com/2017/08/01/keywording-stock-images-with-help-from-keyword-io-tool/ Alex
  19. Aangenaam. I lived 3 years in Rotterdam. I love the Dutch directness, saves a lot of time! Ciao Kodak, piacere! I'm actually from Brazil but have made your lovely country my home. Thanks for looking at my portfolio and giving me this feedback, I will follow your advice! As for the tool, I really want to understand it and use it regularly. Such a pity about Ecuador, some of the warmest people I've ever met. We aren't talking about mathematics here so I don't think right or wrong applies, it's fine if you don't agree with my opinion. What I found is most transferable are the technical standards. If anything the technical standards are MUCH HIGHER in microstock than in Alamy (which seems accept pretty much anything), so with that one example I have learned a lot about how much make an image technically suitable for stock. Sure my architecture stuff isn't great as I need to work on straightening stuff but thanks to getting rejected over and over and over again at micros I've had to improve.
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