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  1. Yes, perhaps I was a bit premature to criticise (especially publicly on Twitter), but you know what I feel like so many of these agencies are taking the piss. Canva, Getty and SS come to mind. Won't get into details here on shady dealing, as well as I look at Alamy in a much more positive light, but we must hold all agencies accountable and encourage others to also publicly call out bad behaviour. Will comment if/when the sale is re-instated.
  2. Just had a refund, which is no big deal, but the pic has obviously been published! wtf! https://www.ft.com/content/be8052f8-6db8-11e9-a9a5-351eeaef6d84 Santa Lucia station, Venice © Alamy
  3. Been trying for 6 weeks (following up once a week) to get some straights answers for some suspicious PU licenses...
  4. Having a nightmare time lately chasing very very very suspicious PU licenses of beggars on street, etc Anyway, as much as I would like to opt out, Alamy has indicated that you may only opt out when licensing as RM which is pretty much no go for me since I’m duplicating most images everywhere. Frustrating.
  5. Post is 1 year old. Stocksy, in hindsight, wasn't / isn't a good fit for me...I'm not a lifestyle photographer and probably never will be. I do travel, so decided to dedicate my "premium" images to Robert Harding and having some success. RH have a large collection on Alamy, so think it's OK to mention them on here with no fear of censorship. I think we're moving towards more of a "death of RM" than "midstock vs microstock". I see no more benefits in having images as RM/exclusive for the most part and I'm sure that many buyers feel the same way in terms of wanting a more simplified way of sourcing.
  6. It's human nature to be fearful of what we don't understand! Glad we're having this discussion. RM old-timers on here used to be very dismissive of microstock and entertained no such open discussion, even referring to such agencies as "cancer".
  7. I did the research, interviewed James and published the blog post - thanks for the mention. This article is already a few months old and would like to do publish a follow-up. There is certainly much to discuss and obviously interested parties. I'm increasingly convinced that buyers do not search around that much. The evidence I have is that, even though fees at Alamy are on average 10x higher than what I receive from micros...the same image can, has and will be licensed on Alamy for 10x less than on micros on certain situations - this defies any logic but I have many examples. This strongly suggests that there are many others factors at play than merely pricing points, as discussed. . I would like to also analyse the correlation between zooms here and sales there on same day / following days. Last time round, I found almost no links. Yea yea, not all zooms are recorded and stuff but I have to work with the data available. To be continued....
  8. 10 sales for $400 gross. BME Now if only Alamy could sort out their PU license mess I'd love them even more...
  9. Oh I updated my username. Here it is: https://www.instagram.com/brutallyhonest_alex/
  10. https://www.instagram.com/brutallyhonest_alex/
  11. Just had a low 3-figure sale pop in this morning on here despite the image being widely available on 14 other agencies....for as little as 2cents. Do Alamy buyers shop around...most don't and won't for many reasons and some have nothing to do with price points. I tried to answer this crucial question on a blog post.
  12. The strict definition (at least for me) of a micro site is one that offers a subscription service. Alamy appeared to be heading in that direction, not sure what happened to that plan.
  13. From a quick look at your port, I believe that your isolated illustrative editorials of products would do OK on there. Probably only earn a subs though but they do add up. Also the more general touristy type UK shots, especially in sunny weather.
  14. 8 item(s) totalling $167.13 At this stage in the game, a complete failure. fml.
  15. Martini, shaken not stirred at "Spy Bar" in Hotel Palacio, Estoril, Portugal. Drinking hole of Ian Fleming and other WWII spies.
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