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  1. I remember the help I received in the beginning of my Alamy journey and appreciate it. I did take many on board and have had some success since. 


    More specifically, I have 663 Rights-Managed exclusive images on here...some have been here for 4 years. They've made me about $300 net. I would define that as "underperforming". My net return on micros is an average of $1/image/year but much larger volumes. Anyway, only have myself to blame for being naive thinking that somehow being exclusive and RM had some sort of benefit. I've heard mixed things about Getty RM as well...and now that collection is being overlooked for the RF in the search engines (just a rumour...someone please confirm). 


    I suppose I'm just frustrated and had to recently go back into full-time (non-photography) related work to make ends meet. This is after some 3-years of intensive part-time photography and then some video work. Anyway, this isn't my blog so won't elaborate, but I expected better returns after devoting so much time and energy. Anyway...


    Seems like the wider industry is going through a transition period, generally to the detriment of contributors. Having more success with videos, pushing more in that direction. 


    Nobody is paid to help newbies but wouldn't it make sense if some of us were? Can't we suggest a newbie part of the forum? Put together courses in return for remuneration? Just brainstorming. Loads of knowledge here and willing people, as well as newbies wanting answers. Put those together and there's opportunities...

  2. On 05/10/2019 at 16:58, geogphotos said:

    I do think that these monthly 'How was the month' threads work best if people just post accurate sales information to share. You can then have a look through their pics and draw any conclusion you want. In my case you'd probably see that I am doing a lot of obscure stuff which are not likely money-spinners.


    We seem to have gone off all over the place in this thread and I'm not exactly sure why I am being chosen for public scrutiny.


    But just to point out one false assumption made above by Brasilnut. I am not Alamy exclusive. I made the decision to 'do something about it 'back in 2012. So I get another pot of money from another major agency each month. Between those two pots and my non-stock income I get by and can sustain myself quite happily if not luxuriously.


    And I certainly would not expect anybody new to stock to want to learn anything at all from me. I am not a professional photographer, just a former geography teacher with a camera who enjoys stock photography, only does RM and has no interest in microstock.




    Appreciate the reply. I'm sure you have lots of knowledge to share on the industry. 


    I picked on you because you are "Mr. RM" :) and RM seems to be dying, so would like to have your thoughts on the sustainability of this model. Others as well. Perhaps not the thread for it but why not as it's directly relevant to earnings. 


    I've recently looked back on my RM-exclusive images on here and suffice to say that they have VASTLY UNDER-PERFORMED.

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  3. 21 hours ago, dustydingo said:


    Seriously, if I was a newbie and wasn't doing absolutely brilliantly as far as licenses for my images go, I'd be very wary of letting anyone know if I thought someone was going to question the viability of my "business model" on a public forum and ask what I was going to do about it. 


    Just me of course, but to me that is way beyond the pale when it comes to how one would treat a newbie who was "trying to find a way forward".


    YOMV of course, and that's fine.




    I would have loved to have received some constructive feedback when I was starting out. Would have saved me 100s of hours and much frustration. 

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  4. 11 hours ago, geogphotos said:

    People already seem quite guarded about revealing information. I would hope that those willing to share aren't going to be targeted or made to feel uncomfortable for doing so. 


    Having had what I consider a 'worrying' month I don't really need somebody rubbing my nose in it.




    Hi Ian,


    My intention is/was not to be passive aggressive or rub my nose on your "extremely worrying" month. This is a sensitive issue, of course and I have to tread carefully.


    I don't want to come across as a complete jackass, and have all intentions to make this a constructive comment / question to generate a thoughtful discussion. Many newbies are reading here and trying to find a way forward. The whole stock game is changing and we need to be proactive to find solutions. 


    In brief:


    - You have 65,694 images, of which I presume that most are exclusive on here. 


    - Some rough calculations means that supposing you make $500 net a month on those images (let's say Sept was a blip), this would equal $6,000/year or just under 10cents/image/year. 


    Questions (feel free to tell me to fk off at any moment, it's fine, but would be interesting to have others' thoughts on this):


    - How is this a sustainable business model to earn 10cents/image on exclusive images?

    - If it's "extremely worrying", what steps would you take to mitigate?


    On my port I earned only $80 net from 11,212 images. A poor month but supposing I earn $150/net x 12, that's still $1800 or aprox 15cents/image/year, but fortunately 95% of my collection on here is non-exclusive. 15 cents/image/year is unsustainable imo. 



    It is not customary to make comments when people report their sales. It is an open exchange of information not an opportunity for discussion.


    Why not? Seems silly, imo, in an open forum to prevent others' from commenting (within reason) on their sales. Collaboration is more effective than competition, after all, it's a huge industry and there are endless opportunities in a market that's constantly changing to meet buyers' needs. 

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  5. On 10/09/2019 at 15:27, andremichel said:


    I do occasionally read your blog and find it entertaining. At times it feels more like "The Rose tinted guide to microstock photography" but maybe that is more of a reflection of how I currently see this industry. You certainly have amazing enthusiasm and work very hard for modest returns.


    Thanks! I try to spice things up with the "Turd Agency of the Month Awards". 


    Alamy has so far escaped this coveted club....


    Agree about the modest returns 😕 I'm cautiously optimistic on the 4K video sales.  

  6. 18 hours ago, Kathy deWitt said:

    I too had a refund yesterday for an FT usage which I found being used.  I suspect it will be reinstated on Monday with a different date or higher fee?  I found the use using Google Image thing and have a screen grab.  


    Yes, perhaps I was a bit premature to criticise (especially publicly on Twitter), but you know what I feel like so many of these agencies are taking the piss. Canva, Getty and SS come to mind. 


    Won't get into details here on shady dealing, as well as I look at Alamy in a much more positive light, but we must hold all agencies accountable and encourage others to also publicly call out bad behaviour. 


    Will comment if/when the sale is re-instated. 

  7. 6 hours ago, dustydingo said:

    I do however think you have misapplied James' advice regarding your (rightly from what you've shown) identified as premium images--if not exclusive at Alamy then I'd be looking at exclusive at other what I consider "premium" agencies. A rejection from Stocksy is hardly what one should consider a final and universally accepted arbitration after all :)




    Post is 1 year old. 


    Stocksy, in hindsight, wasn't / isn't a good fit for me...I'm not a lifestyle photographer and probably never will be. I do travel, so decided to dedicate my "premium" images to Robert Harding and having some success. RH have a large collection on Alamy, so think it's OK to mention them on here with no fear of censorship. 


    I think we're moving towards more of a "death of RM" than "midstock vs microstock". I see no more benefits in having images as RM/exclusive for the most part and I'm sure that many buyers feel the same way in terms of wanting a more simplified way of sourcing. 


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  8. 9 hours ago, John Mitchell said:


    Sorry, I had you confused with Mr. Brasilnut. His website is very good. Because of it, I now have a much better understanding of the enemy. I've even fed the MS monster some images to see what all the fuss is about.  So far, I've made almost enough for a celebratory cup of coffee. 😏


    It's human nature to be fearful of what we don't understand! Glad we're having this discussion. RM old-timers on here used to be very dismissive of microstock and entertained no such open discussion, even referring to such agencies as "cancer".  

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